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Sixth-month budget: A step into the future? Or 'Groundhog Day'?

The Illinois budget agreement hammered out on June 30 will allow state government to avoid outright collapse through the calendar year 2016, but it hardly fits the definition of what a real “budget” should be. Could this whole budget impasse business start again if lawmakers don't figure out a more long-term solution for the state's budget woes? It could end up being just like the movie "Groundhog Day."

Duration: 00:07:25

Who's painting a target on Illinois politicians' backs? Plus, the Trump effect in Illinois.

It’s only June and voice mail boxes across Illinois already are filling with robocalls from political candidates. The 2016 Illinois elections are shaping up to be a game played by a new set of rules thanks to the presence of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s large campaign fund and, possibly, Donald Trump at the top of the ticket for Republicans.

Duration: 00:13:17

Lots of activity at Illinois Statehouse, but will there be any progress?

There was a lot of action, though not nearly as much progress, in and around the Capitol in Springfield this week. The Senate passed a bill that would set up laws to govern daily fantasy sports, Gov. Bruce Rauner and the leaders of the General Assembly met together for the second time this year on the budget and unions put on a major show of force outside the Statehouse.

Duration: 00:11:23

Once again, the future of the Illinois income tax is a mystery

With less than eight weeks to go in FY 2016 -- a year in which Illinois never had an operating budget -- Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Illinois General Assembly still have not had a serious discussion about what will happen with Illinois income taxes as the state speeds toward ending the budget year with a deficit of $10 billion.

Duration: 00:06:01