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Open Floor: SI's NBA Podcast

Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.

Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.

Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.
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Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.




First Month Contender Check, Wizards Thanksgiving Celebration, Kemba Walker Rising

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver celebrate Thanksgiving break with an extended episode before they go. First (2:00): After one month of games they check-in with various contenders around the league, debate what their ceilings will look like in May and June, and decide whose contender credentials are fraudulent. Topics include: The Bucks, Sixers, Warriors, Rockets, Nuggets, Blazers, Thunder, Jazz, and Raptors. Then (43:00): Checking in with the Celtics, revisiting Kyrie Irving...


That Clippers Locker Room, The Week in Warriors News, Kevin Durant’s Next Move

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver press pause on the rest of the league and spend an hour talking through the week in Warrior news. First Golliver recounts the scene at the end of Clippers-Warriors (1:00) and how much of that ending speaks to the broader cultural disconnect in Golden State. Then (20:00): What happened in the locker room, whether KD complaints are fair, the difference between Golden State management and Golden State players, a hypothetical choice between Draymond...


Giannis Blue Bubble Gang, Jimmy Butler to the Sixers, Early Celtics Concerns

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin their Jimmy Butler podcast with some on-scene reporting from the Clippers-Bucks game on Saturday. Then (13:00): Thoughts on the Butler trade, including why it made sense for Philly, whether Butler's behavior was as deplorable as it seems, how it affects Ben Simmons and his future in Philly, other offers Minnesota might have considered, and how much this raises the ceiling for the Sixers. Then (41:00): Does the East have more true Contenders...


Zion Williamson Brain Scramble, Granting Injury Immunity, Steph Curry's Place in History

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin by discussing Zion Williamson's NBA future, his viral past, player comparisons, and what the hell happened against Kentucky Tuesday night. From there: some quick thoughts on the Kyrie Irving-Jamal Murray kerfuffle (18:00). Then: who should be awarded injury immunity in 2019 (26:00), what Steph Curry's career could look like when all is said and done, how much better Damian Lillard has become, the difference between Houston's last two...


Would You Rather Wiz/Cavs/Wolves, Amended League Pass Rankings, Doncic Tension in Dallas

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin with an impromptu discussion of rampant dysfunction in Cleveland, Minnesota, and Washington that eventually becomes a game of would you rather, as they choose between whether to play for the Wizards, Wolves, or Cavs this year. Then (26:00): After the life-altering windfall that came with Giannis Inc. investment, they debate new investment opportunities, including De'Aaron Fox, Wendell Carter, and "Jaren". From there (40:00): Amendments to...


Too Early or Not Too Early, The Record-Breaking Warriors, Kings Kings KINGS

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin by discussing the latest updates in the neverending Jimmy Butler stand-off with the Wolves, and then discuss when it stops being too early to draw meaningful conclusions from the NBA regular season (9:00). Topics include: Writing off teams before Thanksgiving, the state of the Houston Rockets, fire tweets, whether saying the Lakers won't make the playoffs is a crazy take, and a disappointing first few weeks in Philadelphia. From there...


OK The Wizards Might Be Dead Now, Coach Bud Goes Electric, Goodbye Ty Lue

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin by addressing the shockingly dysfunctional elephant in the room: the 2019 Washington Wizards. Topics include: Otto Porter as a the scapegoat, John Wall hustle plays, Scott Brooks job security, Austin Rivers reality checks, blowing it up, and waiting on Dwight Howard to save the season. From there (27:00): the state of the Bucks this year, whether Coach Bud is really that good, and where the Giannis/Middleton duo ranks next to the rest of...


Thunder In Darkness, The Jimmy Butler Godfather Offer, Bulls Nation Checks In

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin with more exclusive reporting from Ben's new home at Staples Center. Then (12:30): the state of the Thunder after a rocky start in Oklahoma City, including questions about Russell Westbrook's health, Andre Roberson as the X-factor, Billy Donovan's job security, and whether Loose Lips Paul could make an appearance as the season unfolds. From there (31:00): Kevin Durant's window to dominate and the generational shift that might be unfolding...


Early LeBron in L.A. Symposium, Kawhi in Toronto, The Wizards Are Not Dead Yet

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin by talking about the scoring boom across the NBA through the first week of regular season action, and then, after ignoring them last week, they shift to the Lakers (4:00) after three losses to open the year. Topics include: The thrill of a Patty Mills game-winner, whether preaching patience is the easiest possible take, Lonzo vs. Rondo in the starting lineup, Luke Walton's rotations, LeBron's engagement, and how crazy this season has...


Opening Week Observations, Celtics and Sixers Status Updates, G-League Payment Plan

On today’s episode, before going to blockbuster Thursday night games (Wizards-Heat, Lakers-Blazers) Sharp and Golliver talk through the first two days of the NBA season. Topics include: the Bucks and the offense they always dreamed of, the Jason Kidd legacy, apologies to Malik Monk, salutations to the Hornets, the debut of the Raptors, a fantasy draft update, and a haunting KAT comparison. Then: the underwhelming first night of Rockets season (30:00), Carmelo concerns, and where Anthony...


30 Teams 30 Questions, Part II: Hawks Apologies, Celtics Adjustments, and The East Preview

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver continue their NBA preview by looking to the East. First (5:00): the Hawks and an official apology regarding Trae Young, the Celtics and their 2010 Heat adjustments, and D'Angelo Russell vs. Caris LeVert in Brooklyn. Then (30:00): the Hornets and the ghost of Donovan Mitchell, the Bulls in darkness, the Pistons and the Drummond dream, and the Pacers juggling Sabonis and Myles Turner. Then (55:00): Pat Riley and D-Wade hagiography, Bucks wing...


30 Teams 30 Questions, Part I: Jimmy and the Wolves, Lakers Predictions, and a West Preview

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by recapping the madness at Wednesday's Wolves practice, taking stock of the Jimmy Butler situation as of Wednesday night, and talking through the Wolves outlook from here. Then, in the first part of a two-part episode (blame Jimmy Butler), they jump into their NBA Preview. Topics include: The Mavericks and Dirk's twilight (31:00), the pace of the Pelicans (38:00), Jokic defense and buy or sell on the Nuggets (43:00), the Thunder and whether Bully...


Farewell Ryan McDonough, Dejounte Murray Depression, Kings Hope vs. Kings Reality

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin by discussing all things Phoenix Suns in the wake of Ryan McDonough's dismissal a week before the season. Topics include: Why this move could be a long-term win for McDonough, Robert Sarver's role in everything, the point guard mandate that allegedly started all this, and the All-Time McDonough roster. They (30:00): they talk through the Dejounte Murray injury and why it's so frustrating for the Spurs, whether the Raptors can win the East...


Reviewing the 2019 GM Survey, Calculated Reputation Tanking, Early Durant Murmurs

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin with two important announcements regarding upcoming events, and then they talk through the results from's annual GM survey (7:00). Topics include: Four GMs picking against the Warriors, whether GMs actually answer these surveys, whether players are sabotaging their own reputations as part of a long-term strategy (22:00), Markelle Fultz's jumper, Dejounte Murray's jumper, starting a franchise with Anthony Davis, whether Giannis needs...


Lakers First Impressions, Doncic vs. the Ducks, Obligatory Butler Trade Ideas

On today's podcast Sharp and Golliver catch up to talk through the state of the Lakers as the season begins. Topics include: the re-emergence of the internet's Lakers fans, their lack of dependable big men, worries about veterans and young players, the challenge for LeBron, and how many of this year's players will be around by the beginning of next season. From there (30:00) they move to a social media lecture from Golliver, as well as some quick thoughts after a weekend on Tobacco Road....


Butler and Thibs Watch, Giannis Inc. Board Meeting, AD Joins the Klutch Family

On today's show Sharp and Golliver check in with the latest reporting on the Jimmy Butler situation and talk through a few sides of the story as of Thursday afternoon. Topics include: why it's not crazy for the Wolves to wait on a trade, what they should be seeking from Miami and others, and why it could make sense to fire Thibodeau now. From there: Checking in with Golliver's favorite rookie Luka Doncic (27:00) and debating where he'd land if he were eligible for the top 100. Then: why it...


Assigning Blame in the Wolves Mess, Jimmy Butler's Trade Value, Media Day Mania

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin with a quick recap of Ben's tour through the deep south and weekend with Alabama football. Then (7:00): they catch up on the mess in Minnesota and decide who deserves the most blame for how things have played out thus far. From there (22:00): thinking through Jimmy Butler trade destinations, why the Lakers didn't make sense, why the Clippers may or may not make sense, and where this past week leaves the Wolves now that Karl-Towns has signed...


Top 100, 30-1: Middleton, Kyrie, Kawhi, Butler, Embiid, Durant, Steph, LeBron

On today’s show Sharp and Golliver are again joined by Sports Illustrated’s Rob Mahoney for part two of their journey through this 2019 ranking of the top 100 players in the NBA. Topics include Khris Middleton, Kyrie Irving vs. Damian Lillard, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid, Russell Westbrook vs. Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and LeBron James.


Top 100, 100-31: Lonzo, Carmelo, Dwight, Ingram, Favors, Tatum, Love

On today’s show Sharp and Golliver welcome Sports Illustrated’s Rob Mahoney to discuss the top 100 players in the NBA. In the first half of an accidental two-part episode, they talk through realistic projections for Lonzo Ball (5:00), Carmelo Anthony vs. Pau Gasol (15:00), Marcus Smart and Rajon Rondo (21:00), Dwight Howard (29:00), Brandon Ingram vs. Andrew Wiggins and Nic Batum (32:00), Aaron Gordon in Orlando (42:00), Derrick Favors (48:00), Jaylen Brown vs. Jayson Tatum vs. Donovan...


Handicapping the MVP Race, Breakout Season Candidates, Bi-Monthly Suns Update

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin by lamenting the state of the Michigan Wolverines before jumping into a discussion of the preseason MVP odds. Topics include: a thinner group of genuine contenders this year (5:00), the factors working against the Warriors (8:00), the Celtics and the return of Gordon Hayward (15:00), James Harden's regular seasons vs. the playoffs (23:00), the Sixers as the new Thunder (28:00), and Giannis and LeBron as the favorites (40:00). From there...