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Episode 14: In Reverse Dance Poem

Jon Satrom is our guest this week! Chicago (x2) in tha house! We talk about being punk rockers, dropping projectors and being deep in the hippie game. There are many things to buy when the invisible hand of disaster capitalism pays full retail price for your surplus gas masks. Internet Engineering Task Force... take notice! Taylor has created the haikulink transport protocol (Is port 575 taken?). Jon squeezes Taylor and Rob through a neural network and a whole bunch of like... awesome weird...

Duration: 01:07:08

Episode 13: Make a Flag

Violet Juno is our guest this week! Bay Area in tha house!!! We discuss working hard, pain, contant pain, and chronic pain. We miss talking about the chronic, somehow. Taylor injects symbols into the system and gets some really weird and great results. Well... We made it 12 episodes before Pepe entered the conversation. Violet grabs wind by the horns and unfurls the awesomeness. They also tip us off to some rad fabric and cool markers in the process. Rob tries to melt ICE in Los Angeles...

Duration: 01:16:20

Episode 12: Keys of Understanding

Artist and public school arts educator Arturo Romo is our guest this week! Northeast Los Angeles in tha house! We discuss public education, the joys of collaboration and creating life stability. Some people look like vegetables, and some vegetables looks like humans. Rob now wears a bike helmet and deploys as many icons as possible to preach the bike safety gospel. And he encourages you earn the "burn money" merit badge. Arturo moves the bones to shuffle and stack colonialism and...

Duration: 01:25:40

Episode 11: Uncertainty Generators

Erin O'Brien is our guest this week! Los Angeles (via Paris) in tha house! We talk about traveling, movies, pager codes and Operation Mincemeat! Rob has no idea what was said for 5 minutes of this podcast. Taylor's project "flies off the handle" and Erin and Rob go "WHOA!" at the same time! Erin concocts a very intriguing vessel that could definitely change how your day is going... no matter the orifice. Rob digs through 10 years of digital photos and runs over stuff with his truck. Check...

Duration: 01:20:39

Episode 10: Creating Problems

Erik Knutzen and Kelly Coyne of the Root Simple publishing empire are our guests this week! Los Angeles in tha house! We talk about targets, tape delay, adobe mud, knolling, sous-vide, puppies and the secrets contained in Lower Level 2. Rob is surrounded by tall people. Hello Macedonia! Thanks for Listening! Erik and Kelly concoct suborbital weed bombs. Yep. You read that right. Suborbital. Weed. Bombs. Taylor pushes us one step closer to the inevitable Internet of Poems. Rob gets inspired...

Duration: 01:33:41

Episode 9: Jigs

Matthew Steinke is our guest this week! Austin, Texas in tha house! Jigs is our topic! We cipher on Matt's forays into robotic music making, radio transmissions, terrariums, art objects and weird retail experiences. Taylor synthesizes CNC prototyping, mold-making, felting and leather-working to create something even cooler than a bespoke modernist CNC dog bowl. And you thought it wasn't possible! Matt wields shop vac, laser cutter and toaster oven while chasing the allure of bubbles, "ice...

Duration: 01:15:37

Episode 8: Crafting Security

Federico Tobon is our guest this week! We put the kraftwerk in Crafting Security! We talk LEGO, laser cutters, bubble wrap, metalworking, Enigma machines, crosscut sleds, fat pencils, Inkscape, hersheytext, the awesomeness of scissors and a whole lot more. You might want to bring a battering ram if you're at a dinner party with Taylor. Just sayin... Federico makes creating your next password the most fun and contemplative part of your day (mad props to xkcd). He also shares a way to...

Duration: 01:36:51

Episode 6: Whiteness

No guest this week! Just Taylor and Rob digging into whiteness... Whiteness. WHITENESS. We poke and prod woke suburbia, white fragility, guilt, walking the walk, confederate monuments, and complicated family stuff. We discuss creativity as more than the act of making things, but we did make things also. Taylor concocts an object to help him stay frosty while digging into fidget-inducing whiteness studies. Rob looks to interruptive technologies to help him navigate life in the smog of...

Duration: 01:20:43

Episode 5: “I Don’t Care, You Pick": Real, Recorded and Random Decision Making

Artist Hương Ngô joins us this week! Chicago in the house! We consider the cinematic grossness of windblown shopping bags to the face. Our helium shortage is real and Rob is wasting it being dreamy. There is a champion of rock, paper scissors... and a robot champion... Hương hurls a rock through "I would show more work by ________ but I just don't know any..." Taylor creates some high burrs with his orthogonal strategies. Ken Nordine and Brian Eno walk into a bar and say to the...

Duration: 01:23:20

Episode 2: DnD Dice

We welcome materials engineer Ian Doran as our first guest! Ian extolls the awesomeness of giant steam turbines and lost wax casting. He and Taylor share a few of their teenage adventures in idiocy and science. (Note: Don't put gasoline in a double boiler. Really... Don't do that.) Taylor explains knucklebones as an ancient method of random number generation and combines the old-school with the new-school. Ian brings the icosahedral heat! He tackled the bevel math that scared off Rob and...

Duration: 01:04:22