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Episode 27: Nudity

Megan Sterling and Meghann Sotille are our guests this week! Chicago in tha house! Nudity is our challenge this week! Artists work a lot of jobs. Motorcycle jewelry is a lot of skulls. Intaglio is pronounced "intalio." Huh! Rob makes a thing to make it rain. Megan Sterling (aka Sterling) and Meghann Sotille (aka Mego) joined forces for a really great printmaking meets metalworking collab! You gotta see their process photos over on http://projects.opposablepodcast.com. The photos really help...


Episode 26: Fermentation (and our 1 year birthday!)

Cedric Tai is our guest this week! Los Angeles in tha house! Fermentation is our challenge this week (and none of us brewed beer.) and it's our 1 year anniversary!!!! WOOP! WOOP! We talk about the power and energy of learning, cooking, Alejandro Jodorowsky and getting unstuck! Taylor creates CDC-JNCO! Cedric ummm... he ummm.... well... we're not sure. But Taylor and I are overwhelmed and stoked by it. Rob had a great conversation with Adam Rothstein of Transistor Beverages in Portland! And...


Ursula K. Le Guin

Molly Allis is our guest this week! Los Angeles in tha house! Ursula K. Le Guin is our challenge this week. We talk about style and the awesome power of Pee Wee's Playhouse, black holes and sneaker style. We also talked about Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which Rob has not yet seen. Rob read Le Guin's "Lathe of Heaven" and got a janky string drawing machine built. Molly read "Tales from Earthsea" and wrote an amazing song! Taylor also read "Lathe of Heaven" and got heaven on the lathe! Thanks to...


Dismantlefesto!: Undoing Things with Purpose

No guest this week, just Taylor and Rob holding down the fort. Very handy in case a strong wind comes along with its mind set on blowing the fort away. We talk about the art of redundancy. Rob believes no baseball cap should have that little rope in between the cap part and the brim. Rob is also wowed by Taylor's awesome Adobe Illustrator skillz! Taylor breaks down the cool differences between copperplate etching and woodblock printing techniques and he shares his 4 Horseman of the...


Click Training

Kelly Marie Martin is our guest this week! Greetings Kelly! Los Angeles in tha house! "Click training" is our challenge this episode! We talk about occult rocketry, racist christian cults, and Krazy Kat's gender fluidity. We also talk indie comics we have loved and bullets frozen in time. Kelly also shares her love for "My Favorite Thing is Monsters," the rewards of painting and the pleasures and struggles of being a musician. Taylor creates a really cool chunky talisman for staying...


Happy New Year! (no challenge)

We have no guest and no challenge this episode! We just wanted to say Happy New Year! We discuss the visibility of success and the invisibility of the work it takes to succeed. It also is so hard to measure the work it takes to do something when we only see the end result. Rob is trying to find ways to make other peoples work more motivating. He's also trying to be mindful of creativity when buying deodorant. Taylor is working to stay productive day-to-day and also strategizing to keep his...


Swallow the Frog: Tackle the important and uncomfortable in your creative practice.

Sara Schnadt is our guest this week! Los Angeles in the house! Sara, Taylor and Rob talk about tackling things we don't want to tackle. We also chat about collaborating with non-artists and merging the work-life with the art-life. Mirrors are pretty cool, even in the 21st Century. It seems Colonel Sanders had a proclivity for the pistols. We also fit Daredevil and Systems Engineering into the conversation... somehow! Taylor decides he should really get his archive situation in order before...


Time Based Improvisation

No guest this week! Taylor and Rob keeping it... real? real loose and jazzy, maybe. If you're interested in Ken Burns' very interesting hairstyle, the toothbrush mustache, protanopia and "the Amen break" you've come to the right podcast. We dive into creating and sequencing music with images, random number generation and software defined radios (SDRs). We also veer off into science fiction, topo maps, and lockpicking! Check out our project photos, videos and more at...



J Stephen Lee is our guest this week! Portland, Oregon in tha house! We chat about designcraft on really large screens and the craft of design as a distillation and specification process. We also talk about challenges of working with clients the advantages of being articulate about your decisions. And then we got on the topic of braided belts, the Heaven's Gate cult, BBS culture and the Starburst unit of measure... just so you know you're listening to the right podcast. Taylor investigates...


Episode 16: Arrow Through the Heart of Capitalism

Ranjit Bhatnagar is our guest this week! Brooklyn in the house! We talk about plastic made from blood (hemacite!), seeing faces in things (pareidolia! :-) ), the Church of the SubGenius, redaction, instrument making, and beaver pelts as currency. Rob tests the flight characteristics of paper and plastic. Ranjit isn't the Smiley Face killer... well... probably isn't. Taylor's project is fire (and electricity)! Mad props to The KLF. They burned a million quid. We didn't do that. Also, check...


Episode 12: Keys of Understanding

Artist and public school arts educator Arturo Romo is our guest this week! Northeast Los Angeles in tha house! We discuss public education, the joys of collaboration and creating life stability. Some people look like vegetables, and some vegetables looks like humans. Rob now wears a bike helmet and deploys as many icons as possible to preach the bike safety gospel. And he encourages you earn the "burn money" merit badge. Arturo moves the bones to shuffle and stack colonialism and...