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Job Flexibility, Impact of Smartphones, Stem Cells, and more - Episode #58

Each episode of Optimize Automate Outsource is aimed at helping you find the tools you need to be more effective in the things that matter to your life. This episode features articles, practices Ari and Nick are applying in their own lives, and a few services. Listen in to the conversation to hear how job flexibility/workplace flexibility is becoming more of a draw for talent, how the presence of your smartphone in the room can lead to cognitive limitations, how email can be used as a task...


A Virtual Mailbox Service, Robotic Furniture, Security Deposit Alternatives, and More - Episode #57

You may have heard of this concept before, but since so many applications and forms require you to provide a physical address, services have popped up that allow you to get a “virtual mailbox” that qualifies. Sounds a bit confusing, but it works. On this episode, Ari and Nick also discuss a new virtual mailbox service, robotic furniture that is very practical and space-saving, alternatives for security deposits for tenants and landlords, department-store-like kiosks that can be placed...


Predicting Successful Cancer Treatment, Using A.I. to Match Candidates to Companies, Find the Best Rideshare, and More - Episode #56

There are so many ways technology is making our lives better and one of the reasons Ari and Nick do these OAO episodes is to make you aware of what’s becoming available. On this episode, they highlight a new service that uses A.I. to predict successful cancer treatment for individual patients, another that uses A.I. to match job seekers with the best companies for them, apps that find you the best rideshare rate on-demand, and ways you can better assess potential candidates for team fit....


An Electricity Usage Monitor, On-Demand Parking Service, Free Radical Air Purification, and more - Episode #55

Most of us use much more electricity than we realize. In this episode of Optimize Automate Outsource, Ari shares his experience using a new electricity usage monitor and how its recommendations have cut his electricity bills significantly. Ari and Nick also speak about a new on-demand parking service, an air purification system that uses free radicals to clean the air, a kids meal delivery service, and more so make sure you set aside the time to find out about these new services and...


A Great Language App, Trello Card Relationships, On-demand Work for Healthcare, and more - Episode #54

This episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource has a wide variety of interesting apps and resources as usual, so listen up to hear Ari and Nick chat about a great language app Nick’s been using (it includes gamification), how you can create parent-child relationships between Trello cards using a new service, how healthcare professionals can become “on demand” workers, the automation of IPOs, robotic scanning of documents and more. Oh yeah, and Nick tells about his sponge roller water bottle...


On Demand Code Review Service, A Motivation & Confidence App, Automated Screenshots, and more - Episode #53

What if you developers out there could get qualified, accurate feedback about the software code you write, anytime you need it? It’s possible through a new on demand code review service from Pull Request. It will enable you to add another layer to your quality checks to ensure that the code you’re about to make live is right and works as it should. You can hear about how the service works and the benefits it will add to your workflow - along with Ari and Nick’s thoughts about it and a...


Custom Molded Earbuds, A Finance App for Couples, A Sales Email Analyzer, and More - Episode #52

Don’t you just HATE it when earbuds hurt your ears? Now there’s a better way. On this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource Ari tells about the new custom molded earbuds he received from Hello Ear. In short, he loves them. The company uses a picture of your ear to craft a set of earbuds for you that fit perfectly and feel good. Really, they feel good - no more pain when you listen to our podcast! Find out more about getting your own custom molded earbuds on this episode. When is the...


Jobs for Felons, Get Money Back from Airlines, and Discover Your Online Vulnerabilities - Episode #51

Ari is flying solo on this episode - Nick is once again out of the country, visiting one of the 17 time zones the Leverage team is spread across. But the resources Ari has to share are pretty interesting, nonetheless. He highlights a new service that is essentially an employment board that offers jobs for felons - the 70 million people who have been formerly incarcerated and find it difficult to get a job as a result. He’s also going to introduce you to a service that enables you to get...


Buy Time for Greater Happiness, New Noise Cancelling Tech, and Realistic Digital Art, and more - Episode #50

You’ve heard it said that money can’t buy you happiness - and that’s right. But it appears that money can buy time, which in turn can contribute to greater amounts of happiness. On this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource, Ari discusses an article that reveals that those who spend as little as $40 a week buying back the time it takes to do various tasks (picking up dry cleaning, cleaning the house, etc.) are finding their happiness levels rising. Why is that? Ari discusses it on this...


Clone Your Dog, The Hyperloop Is Approved, The Perfect Energy Bar, and More - Episode #49

For those who really love their pets and can’t imagine being without them, there is an amazing new technology you'll love. You can now pay to have your dog’s DNA collected so that in the event of the loss of your pet you can have a genetically identical clone of your pet created. Really, the technology to do it is here. Find out more about cloning your pet on this episode. If you’re searching for the perfect energy bar, look no further. Ari’s friend, Ben Greenfield, of Ben Greenfield...


Text Analysis and Machine Learning Platform, A Cool Kids Go Kart, Outsourced Support, and more - Episode #48

Text analysis: What in the world is THAT? Let’s consider a use case: Imagine you have a blog or social media channel where your followers or clients interact with you regularly. Someone on your team is tasked to respond appropriately to those inquiries and comments. What if you could automate a classification of those comments and instantly redirect them to the right team member? You just skipped a step in the existing process. You just saved time and increased effectiveness. That’s what...


On-demand Online Legal Services, Always-On Communication, Free Encryption, and More - Episode #47

On this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource, Ari and Nick have another handful of apps and services to point out for your consideration. They cover a new free encryption service for website owners, an always-on communication device, a new “wait in line” service in New York, and a video-based daily catch-up app for teams. Oh, and don’t forget about the online legal services company, UpCounsel. You’ll find all of them on this episode of OAO. Online legal services that don’t cost you an...


A New Text Analysis Service, Leverage Coaching Certification, A Google Calendar Meeting Scheduler, and more - Episode #46

As they guys do on every episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource, this episode features them sharing a handful of resources they’ve come across that may help you increase your productivity and success. But before they get into the apps and services, Nick has an update on his recent trip to the team villa in St. Martin, why he went, and what the Leverage team hopes to use the property for in the months and years ahead. It’s a great perk for the team and they’re even trying out the AirBnB...


A Smart Duvet, Co-Working Spaces Add Daycare, Get Paid for Answering Email, and More - Episode #45

Every kid hates making their bed - OK, maybe not every kid, but most kids. Stop the hate - the smart duvet is here. It’s an automated blanket/comforter for your bed that not only makes the bed for you via an inflatable membrane, it also controls the temperature of the bed in two zones, one for your side, another for theirs. Nick was pretty impressed with this one, so he’s going to look into it. At the very least it could save you some time each morning. Just press the button on the...


Blood Analysis, Photo Touch-ups, On-demand Products, and Eye Tracking Software - Episode #44

To start off this episode, Ari and Nick chat about their experience with a new sponsor, InsideTracker, a service that provides blood analysis services for those who are interested in optimizing their health from a blood chemistry perspective. Ari and Nick chat about their results, the tweaks they’re making as a result, and why they think it’s helpful for most people to do blood analysis work regularly. If you’d like to try out InsideTracker, you can get 15% by using the link in the show...


Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation To Sync Mind and Body, A Universal Travel Adaptor, Get Money You’re Owed - Episode #43

Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS) has nearly 50 years of medical/neurological applications and scientifically-proven health benefits and on today’s episode of OAO, we discuss a new device - the Elf Emmit that has come on the scene to help you align your body with your mind. It sounds a bit odd and requires that you wear a funky headband with a cable running to your smartphone, but if it works, it’s really cool. Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation devices may be something you should...


Lessons Learned at the Leverage Team Retreat, Inexpensive Dumpsters, 360 Degree Cameras, and more - Episode #42

This episode of OAO is a bit different because we have some observations to share about the lessons we learned at our recent Leverage team retreat. It was great to be eyeball to eyeball with each other. We discovered many things that could make our relationships and workflow better. Now that we’re back we’re seeing great results, already. We hope the insights we learned can help you as you build your own optimized, automated, and outsourced empire. The power of being “in person” is huge....


Live A Magical Life, The 2-Hour Marathon Barrier, Olympic Swimming - Episode #41

Ari often refers to one of his favorite blogs, “Barking Up The Wrong Tree” and on this episode, he starts the show referring to an article there entitled “How to Make Life Magical,” and as you can tell my the title, it’s about how to live a magical life. But this particular list is all science-based, so it merits attention. In typical style, Ari and Nick’s banter is almost as interesting as the article itself - almost. Nike’s quest to break the 2-hour marathon barrier. Human performance is...


A Granular Time Tracker, Bone Broth K-Cups, and A Studio For Your Home - Episode #040

Welcome to this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource - as usual, we have some great apps and products for you to check out. One of the problems with time tracker apps is that they typically don’t allow you to differentiate the reasons behind your jaunts to Facebook, Youtube, etc. But now there’s one that has solved that problem. There’s a new app called Timing that enables you to categorize your activities according to projects you create so you can see how productive you've been and...


Process Automation, Call Center Slack Integration, An Immersive Noise Machine, and Shark Tank Prison Style - Episode #39

This episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource features yet another list of links for you to consider to help you do more with the life you have. One of the most important aspects of that for any business owner is the task of process automation and optimization - and you know why, right? There are hundreds of things happening in the average business that are process-oriented and as we often say, many of those can be automated. We found a software service that enables process automation on a...


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