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Options Bootcamp 66: Trading Calendar Spreads During Earnings

Options Drills: What is a calendar? How do we set them up for earnings? Strike/Month selection? Should we carry them through the event? When do we take off? Calendars vs. Diagonals? Mail Call: Fall in recruits and get your questions asked. With $VIX giving up the ghost - which products are you hoping will provide new sources of #Volatility for your #options trading? VIX Limbo: Last Month 40+% of you said $VIX wouldn't break 9 in 2017. But recent events have us asking again: How low...

Duration: 04:04:48

Options Bootcamp 65: Revisiting Delta, Butterfly Breakdown and Your Questions

Basic Training: Delta Revisited Delta Can Still be Your Friend Mail Call/Options Options Question of the week With $TSLA threatening $315 how are you leaning in your Options trades this month? Would you rather: Listener Questions and Comments:

Duration: 01:00:24

Options Bootcamp 64: Settlement Myths and Misconceptions

Basic Training: Today we are going into the depths of option settlement. A question that is often asked in Group Coaching is that of the various settlement issues. Many option traders limit their universe of option trading to two broad categories: Individual equities and ETFs trade until the close of market on the third Friday of each month for the monthly series contracts. These days there are more and more ETFs and equities that also have weekly settlements too. These contracts are of...

Duration: 00:59:14

Options Bootcamp 63: The Proper Way to Trade Covered Calls

Options 101: Our topic today was inspired by a listener question. Mail Call: Even more listener questions and comments

Duration: 03:54:29

Options Bootcamp 62: Selling Puts Revisited

Basic Training: Short Puts Revisited Want a complete overview of selling puts? Check out Options Boot Camp episode 4 from May 7, 2012. New study: "An Analysis of Index Option Writing with Monthly and Weekly Rollover," written by Oleg Bondarenko, professor of finance at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and sponsored by CBOE. It is.the first comprehensive study to examine strategy benchmark with traditional stock, bond indexes incorporating weeklys options. CBOE Russell study...

Duration: 00:49:27

Options Boot Camp 61: Earnings and Election Volatility, Day Trading Options and More

Options Questions of the Week: How do you prefer to trade options? 19% - Long premium 15% - Short premium 56% - I avoid earnings 10% - Other, explain below How many U.S. options exchanges do we need? 5% - 14 is perfect! 29% - The more the merrier 62% - Make it stop! 4% - Other, explain below Should options trade after hours? 53% - Heck Yes! 15% - Only in Major Names 15% - No, poor liquify 17% - No, other Question from Alfy - Is it possible to be a day trader using options, or do you gave...

Duration: 01:01:34

Options Bootcamp 60: Adding Weeklys to Your Income Strategy

Basic Training: Theta. A review of Theta and its impact on income trading. New Study: An analysis of index option writing with monthly and weekly rollover - First comprehensive study to examine strategy benchmark with traditional stock, bond indexes incorporating weeklys options. Mail Call: Listener questions and comments. Question from KDDiddy - I want to protect a stock position with puts at a strike 2% below market but there is not a strike there. I thought of dividing my purchase...

Duration: 00:55:20

Options Bootcamp 59; Going to the Dark Side with Second Order Greeks

Basic Trading: Second Order Greeks Question from Brian F. - My question is for Dan. I listened to the Boot Camp shows, and recently had a question about gamma. Imagine my surprise when I learned there are other secondary greeks and even tertiary greeks. What this? Are you holding some greeks up your sleeve Mr. Black hat? So my question is what are these greeks, but more importantly, who uses them and why? Does a retail mope like me need to know about these greeks? Question from Charlie C....

Duration: 00:57:09

Options Bootcamp 58: What the Heck Are Binary Options?

Options 101: Today we are joined by Dan Cook from Nadex. He walks us through the following: What is a binary option? How does the pricing workvs. standard options pricing? How do the ticks work? Is there a multiplier? Does the price represent the pure probability of an option expiring in-the-money? How does expiration work? What about the final minutes around expiration? What is the farthest out you can trade a binary on Nadex? The Greeks: Binaries vs. Standard options Which underlyings...

Duration: 00:59:00

Options Bootcamp 57: Mail Call Palooza

Mail Call: The drill instructors will take your questions now. Question from TennisGr8t - Can you give examples of managing positions using Greeks and is it a good strategy? Your show is awesome. Question from Pedro Indio - Discovered podcast within the last week and I am up to episode 8. I understand how overall market and industry direction might influence a stock direction. Is there something similar, regarding volatility that can be observed, where an overall sentiment might influence...

Duration: 02:52:54

Options Bootcamp 56: Options Trade Tags Demystified

Options Bootcamp 56: Options Trade Tags Demystified Basic Training: Today’s guest is Andrew Giovinazzi, of Option Pit, Option Block, and Options Oddities fame. Mark, Dan and Andrew discuss options trade tags, including: Regular Spread Block Trade Inter-market Sweep Combo Cancel SoldLast Price Variation Buy Write Mail Call: Listener questions and comments Question from Vegan - What oil products do airlines use to hedge their crude exposure? Question from Alan - Why is rolling a position so...

Duration: 00:59:09

Options Bootcamp 55: Going Naked in IRAs

Options Bootcamp 55: Going Naked in IRAs Basic Training: Using Options in an IRA Account. Can you trade options in a retirement account? What are the limitations? What strategies can you utilize? What are the benefits of writing covered straddle vs calls? What is a stock replacement strategy? When should someone consider this strategy? Using options as an investment tool. What are any other investment strategy? Mail Call: Listener questions and comments Question from Hector - Can I still...

Duration: 00:55:33

Options Bootcamp 54: The Great Theta Debate and More Listener Questions

Options Bootcamp 54: The Great Theta Debate and More Listener Questions Mail Call: Listener questions and comments Comment from Max_p24 - One of the best podcast for option trading. They have amazing Bootcamp for option beginners. Question from Brian Collamer - Back in October I sent this question and I see you ran with it in a couple of other shows: “You mentioned that when selling options the fastest theta decay occurs in the 45-30 day range. I thought that was only true for ATM options?...

Duration: 00:57:25

Options Bootcamp 53: Income Trade Adjustments

Options Bootcamp 53: Income Trade Adjustments Options 101: Income Trade Adjustments An overview of income trades: Covered call, short put, short straddle, etc. What do we mean by adjustments? When to or not to adjust? Previous episodes that will be helpful: Options Bootcamp 41: Advanced Adjustments & Options Bootcamp 40: Trade Adjustments. Basic adjustments, partial adjustments and adjusting into spreads. Mail Call: Listener questions and comments Comment from Dmitry Shesterin - @Options...

Duration: 00:51:37

Options Bootcamp 52: Looking Back at 2014 and Ahead to 2015

Options Bootcamp 52: Looking Back at 2014 and Ahead to 2015 Basic Training: 2014 Year-in-Review/2015 Preview What option strategies worked in 2014: put credit spreads, IV overpriced throughout the year, “Wheel of fun.” Things to learn from 2014 - Do not get married to a single strategy. Misperceptions of 2014 - VOL/VIX was cheap. Despite “low volatility” options volume was still very strong in 2014. Tempting to believe that OTM call buyer did well in this extended market. Fed tapering -...

Duration: 00:51:37

Options Bootcamp 50: Futures Options vs. Equity Options

Options Bootcamp 50: Futures Options vs. Equity Options Basic Training: Futures Options vs. Equity Options We’ve talked about how to use options to mitigate your portfolio risk, but many traders also rely on commodities diversification as a way to mitigate portfolio risk. Futures options strategies: All of the options strategies we’ve discussed on this program in the past are applicable to futures options as well with a few exceptions Covered call & protective puts both require underlying...

Duration: 00:47:31

Options Bootcamp 49: All Mail, All Day Long

Options Bootcamp 49: All Mail, All Day Long Mail Call: This episode is dedicated to our listeners. Question from Neil Filasco - What sets do you recommend to hedge my retirement accounts, in clouding my defined contribution plans? The pickings in these accounts are relatively slim and there are no options to speak of. As one of the newly enlightened options masses, I thank you for bringing me into the fold. Question from Chandra Bajpai - Hey Mark, I love the Radio show...I find myself...

Duration: 00:50:04

Options Bootcamp 51: Covered Strangles, Theta and Closing Spreads

Options Bootcamp 51: Covered Strangles, Theta and Closing Spreads Basic Training: Covered Strangles/Covered Combo What is it? Long stock, covered call, short put. Why do it? Collect more income than a standard covered call or short put. Why not to do it? Increased margin requirement, you will increase your stock position to the downside. Example: XYZ trading at $50. Option 1 - Sell covered front month 55 strike call for $1 - collect 2% income. Option 2 - Sell both front month 55 call and...

Duration: 00:45:54

Options Bootcamp 48: The Great Open Interest Conspiracy

Options Bootcamp 48: The Great Open Interest Conspiracy Mail Call: Your questions directed this episode. Question from Jason Kruse: Is there a Bootcamp episode that discusses OI and how it can affect expiration moves? I hear people talk about max pain and pinning like it’s a conspiracy. Would love to hear real info about how it works. Open Interest What is it? Why is it important? Why is it not important? Pin Risk What is it? How prevalent is it? When should you be concerned? Is there...

Duration: 00:42:25

Options Bootcamp 47: Protecting Profits

Options Bootcamp 47: Protecting Profits Basic Training: How to protect your profits. Easiest method: 1st buy a 2-3- month put ATM or slightly OTM put. Purchase an ATM put spread with the short leg at your break-even point. Easiest to do in a single stock or underlying. What to do if you have a broad equity portfolio? Its a little more complicated. Determine the effective beta of your portfolio an how many effective shares of that index you own. Rule of thumb - Expect to spend about 2% of...

Duration: 00:51:29

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