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23 - Tom Missios - Restaurant Consultant From The Great White North

In this episode, we interview Tom Missios, a restaurant consultant specialing in helping his client's implement systems and controls, menu engineering and social media. We talk about Tom's career and what he is seeing happening with his clients. If you would like to check out Tom's website, go to erestaurantconsulting.ca/

Duration: 00:28:47

22 - Allison Housley - Owner Sputnik Denver

In this interview, we speak with Allison Housley, co-owner, of Sputnik Denver. Sputnik has been at the heart of the Denver music and art scene for over a decade. Learn more about Sputnik here: http://sputnikdenver.com/

Duration: 00:19:34

21 - Chef Keith Jones - Renaissance Man

This is an interview with Chef Keith Jones. Keith and I have known each other since 1994 when I worked with him at The Metropolitan Club in Englewood Colorado. This is a great interview with Keith who has done and continues to do a little of everything in the hospitality business. We touch on the importance of mentors and a lot of other great topics in the business. I think a lot of you will like this episode because Keith has as expanded his horizons out of the restaurants but stayed in...

Duration: 00:43:46

20 - Rob Siegal - Really Know Your Customers And What They Want

In this interview, we talk with Rob Siegal who owns Trajectory Insights, a consumer marketing and branding firm. He talks about how brands use this information to make more informed decisions and change themselves to stay relevant with their current and aspirational customers. http://www.trajectory-insights.com/ Trajectory Insights About Us: Trajectory Insights uses both data-driven quantitative and deep understanding qualitative research approaches to provide actionable growth strategies...

Duration: 00:52:05

19 - John Franke, Corp Chef, Building & Selling Restaurant Brands

In this episode, Tommy speaks with John Franke, Corporate Chef for Front Burner Restaurants. Front Burner Restaurants has gotten into the business of building restaurant brands, testing concepts, and then they look to sell those chains. They are currently the majority owners of the Twin Peaks chain. John talks about this new food hall that is going to open North of Dallas in the summer.

Duration: 01:05:31

18 - Ian Garlic Discusses Digital Marketing And Social Media For Restaurants

In this weeks interview, we speak with Ian Garlic, a digital marketing guru. We discuss his experience in restaurants, his dad set up the mass distribution of Gyro's from Greece back in the 70's and used to own a restaurant that had a live dolphin show in Wisconsin. We also speak extensively about social media and the strategy that is working best for restaurants right now. Ian had a few giveaways for the show: 1. Mobile Video Studio Equipment Guide: http://iangarlic.com/vidgear/ 2.Reach...

Duration: 00:57:20

17 - Scott Ware Discusses Temp Monitoring And FSMA

This weeks interview is with Scott Ware, founder of Waresys. Waresys is a food safety and FSMA training company. Scott discusses how FSMA affects restaurants, the Food Code 2017 release, temp monitoring solutions how they work and how much they cost. It is a great interview that talks about things that are affecting our industry right now. To learn more about Waresys, check out their site: http://www.waresys.net/

Duration: 00:54:13

15 - Wayne Humphrey COO Larkburger - Ready For Growth

This week we interview Wayne Humphrey, COO of Larkburger. Wayne speaks about how Larkburger is ready to start growing out of the state of Colorado. Wayne also speaks about food consistency across the industry and why it is so hit or miss. If you live in Colorado or Overland Park KS shortly, please check out Larkburgers open interviews on Wednesday afternoons in each of their restaurants.

Duration: 00:59:09

14 - Islam Ahmed Passionate About Great Operations

In this episode we speak with Islam Ahmed, GM of the Pei Wei in Dulles Virginia. Islam speaks about his passion for running great restaurants, staffing, and the importance of building a service culture in your location.

Duration: 00:27:43

13 - Corey Ward COO Tom and Chee From A Tent To The Shark Tank

In this interview, Erik speaks with Corey Ward, COO and one of the founders of Tom and Chee, the grilled cheese and tomato soup concept out of St. Louis. Corey talks about their humble beginnings in a tent by an ice rink, and how they have grown their brand to have 31 locations in 15 states. Corey also talks about their appearance on Shark Tank.

Duration: 00:33:50

12 - Tom Moxcey's Out Of The Box Thinking

This week's interview is with Tom Moxcey, former CEO of Rock Bottom, Old Chicago's and Charlie Browns. Tom talks about his amazing career starting in Boulder, CO in 1970 through today where he is a restaurant gun for hire that will come in and fix broken restaurants by actually managing them, not just consulting and moving to the next project. Tom spends some time talking about the prestige of working at restaurants and how he feels that has been degraded over time and some of what he...

10 - Interview Doug Davis - COO And Founder Of The BEC Group

In this episode, I interviewed Doug Davis COO and one of the founders of the BEC Group. The BEC Group is a multi-unit franchisee of Zaxby's and Doug has been with the Zaxby's organization since they had 13 units back in the late 90's. We cover our 5 questions and learn about a new scam that is being perpetrated on restaurant owners.

7 - Interview Adam Frager Restauranteur POS Developer

Erik Tversland interviews Adam Frager owner of Blood and Sand and Death in the Afternoon in St. Louis. Adam is also a founder of a new POS company, Brigade Society, http://www.brigadesociety.com/. Great Interview and a must listen at the end as Adam was one of the producers of ODB's (Ol' Dirty Bastards) last concert before his death and recounts what happened.

3 - Interview Ryan Gromfin The Restaurant Boss

This podcast is an interview with Ryan Gromfin The Restaurant Boss. We ask Ryan the standard 5 questions of the OrderUp show. He tells a great story about Mel Brooks and we learn more about his new COGS software. To learn more about Ryan and his services, check him out at http://therestaurantboss.com/

2 - 5 Tips To Writing Better Line Checks

This show is an essay show, so it is doing a deep dive on one of my most popular blog posts with the same title. It explains some tips and tricks to writing more effective line checks. An effective line check ensures you are operating safely and is quick to complete.

1 - Intro To Podcast

This is a quick introduction to the OrderUp Restaurant Op's Show. It describes the kind of podcast we are producing.

4 - Sustainably Grow Your Restaurant’s Sales Through Better Operations

This is an essay podcast based off of a blog I wrote entitled The Only Way To Sustainably Grow Your Restaurant’s Sales Is Through Better Operations. Check out the original post http://bit.ly/25Y7NQY