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Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.

Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.
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Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.




Podcast #72 – John Martin

One of the best parts about having your own podcast are the hidden benefits. For example, if your training isn’t going the way you like and you feel as though you’re having trouble staying focused, you might attend a seminar with a motivational speaker to see if you can find inspiration. But if you had … Continue reading "Podcast #72 – John Martin"


Podcast #71 – Melissa Kahn

She’s back again, folks! Melissa Kahn and I have a great announcement about the Ordinary Marathon. Registration opens TOMORROW!!! (which is Feb 19). The Million Moo March was such a success that we have gotten together again for our second virtual race… The Ordinary Marathon! Melissa and I discuss our plans for the race and … Continue reading "Podcast #71 – Melissa Kahn"


Podcast #70 – Jen Bergstrom

It’s been a while since we had Jen Bergstrom on the podcast so I thought it would be a good time to bring her back. And wouldn’t you know… the sound worked! Maybe we’ve turned a corner here at the podcast. I owe Jen a huge thank you for dragging me out to Walden Pond … Continue reading "Podcast #70 – Jen Bergstrom"


Podcast #69 – Stefany Schaefer-Riecke

After an incredible 2017, we have just been hit with wave after wave of unfortunate events (some may say excuses) and have just not gotten off to a great start in 2018. But things are going to change. Stefany and I discuss the many little obstacles we’ve faced so far this year and then set … Continue reading "Podcast #69 – Stefany Schaefer-Riecke"


Podcast #68 – Chris Praetzel

When I invited Chris Praetzel to stop by the studio to be a guest on the podcast, I didn’t think he’d show up riding a bicycle in the snow. But after talking to him for a while, I wasn’t so surprised after all. See, Chris just does cool things. He ran his first marathon in … Continue reading "Podcast #68 – Chris Praetzel"


Podcast #67 – 2018 New Years Resolution Special

Well, it’s that time again! Maybe I’m a little late to the game – it is January 2nd after all. But I have a good excuse! I swear! I spent the last week with the flu!!! What a great way to bring in the new year! But I’m over it… and I’m ready to attack … Continue reading "Podcast #67 – 2018 New Years Resolution Special"


Podcast #66 – A Buckle Well Earned

“How about if we get 10 people to each run 10 miles in support of Melinda Howard running the Brazos Bend 100 next weekend?” Jeff Anderle asked. It seemed like a great idea. Only it was going to be difficult to get just 10… because there were so many more people out there who wanted … Continue reading "Podcast #66 – A Buckle Well Earned"


Podcast 65 – Happy Thanksgiving; Million Moo Wrap-Up

This was supposed to be the Million Moo Wrap-Up podcast with Melissa Kahn, but my audio is just not cooperating lately so I wound up doing a solo podcast instead. First and foremost, I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and I take a little time to tell you guys what I’m thankful … Continue reading "Podcast 65 – Happy Thanksgiving; Million Moo Wrap-Up"


Podcast #64 – The Cheap Athlete

Running should be a pretty cheap sport when you think about it. A good pair of sneakers is all you need when you head out to hit the road. So why do we all spend so much money? From Garmin watches and other fun toys, to registration fees and Race-cation getaways. Heck, I dare you … Continue reading "Podcast #64 – The Cheap Athlete"


Podcast #63 – NYC Marathon Recap w/ Stefany

Well, folks… she proved me wrong. It turns out that you can fake a full marathon. It took us a little over 7 hours and it was sketchy at times, but somehow we fought our way through the five boroughs and earned our 2017 NYC Marathon medal. It was a great weekend and an amazing … Continue reading "Podcast #63 – NYC Marathon Recap w/ Stefany"


Podcast #62 – Happy Halloween

I know, I know… it’s been a while. We’ve had some technical difficulties here with the podcast the past couple of weeks. But don’t despair! I have upgraded a whole bunch of stuff – new laptop, new wifi – I am ready to go. Of course this had to happen right in the middle of … Continue reading "Podcast #62 – Happy Halloween"


Podcast #61 – Ironman Maryland Recap

It was a huge weekend for the Ordinary Marathoner community with lots of people accomplishing lots of amazing things. I tried to mention all of you, but if I left anyone out I apologize! Afterwards, I discuss my experience at IM Maryland. Synopsis: I was anxious at first, then felt bad, then worse, then really … Continue reading "Podcast #61 – Ironman Maryland Recap"


Podcast 60 – IM Maryland Preview

What an incredible weekend coming up for the Ordinary Marathoner community. Multiple former guests will be running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday – including Glenn Eisenstein, Melinda Howard, Brooke Farrington and Jeremy Farrington. Of course, on Saturday I will be participating in my second Ironman, this time in Maryland. Former podcast guests Nick Cumbo and … Continue reading "Podcast 60 – IM Maryland Preview"


Podcast #59 – Frank Fumich

Well, ladies and gentlemen… Frank Fumich is at it again. As if trying to cycle across country wasn’t enough. As if doing the 5x-Ironman distance Quintuple Anvil wasn’t enough. Or climbing the highest peak in Antarctica. This time Frank is attempting to extend yet another one of his all-time bests by trying his hand at … Continue reading "Podcast #59 – Frank Fumich"


Podcast #58 – Melissa Kahn… Take Four

I am convinced that Melissa Kahn has a plan to take over the world. Slowly, she is taking over this podcast – that’s for sure. What’s next? It sorta reminds me of Planet of the Apes, except with cows. Alright, alright… truth is that we were trying to make the rounds on some other podcasts … Continue reading "Podcast #58 – Melissa Kahn… Take Four"


Podcast #57 – Updates on Million Moo and Training, Too

Early registration feedback for the Million Moo March has been incredible. Thank you to all who have registered so far… and we are just getting started! I was concerned that maybe no one would show up to our virtual running event – like that time my parents were away and I threw a party in … Continue reading "Podcast #57 – Updates on Million Moo and Training, Too"


Podcast #56 – Melissa Kahn and the Million Moo March

Melissa Kahn is back as the first 3-time guest of our program. There’s a very good reason she has been given such a distinction this week, and it’s because her community over at Run, Heifer, Run! is teaming up with us at Ordinary Marathoner to bring you a virtual running experience called The Million Moo … Continue reading "Podcast #56 – Melissa Kahn and the Million Moo March"


Podcast #55 – Gerry Boyle

With the cat out of the bag when it comes to my participation in the upcoming Ironman Maryland, I thought why not try to have the race director himself come on the program? I’m sure he has nothing better to do just a couple of months before the big day than to spend some time … Continue reading "Podcast #55 – Gerry Boyle"


Podcast #54 – Nick Cumbo

Runners come in all shapes, sizes and experience levels. The past few weeks we’ve discussed Ironman triathlons and had one of the biggest names in Ultrarunning, Dean Karnazes, on the program. Today we get back to the show’s roots: the beginner level. It’s easy for me to remember, yet hard for me to believe, that … Continue reading "Podcast #54 – Nick Cumbo"


Podcast #52 – I Am An Ironman

After 11 months of training, the final victory is oh so sweet. It took me almost 16 hours, but this past Sunday I became an Ironman. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and one full marathon complete and to hear Mike Reilly’s voice say, “Scott Riecke – You are an Ironman,” was certainly a great … Continue reading "Podcast #52 – I Am An Ironman"


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