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The Oregon Real Estate Podcast is hosted by veteran Oregon Realtor Roy Widing, who provides interesting insights on Oregon real estate. Whether you're a real estate novice or seasoned expert, the Oregon Real Estate Podcast features relevant information in an engaging manner for anyone considering the purchase or sale of Oregon property.






Secrets Your Realtor Knows

On many Realtor property listings, there are sections reserved for 'private remarks' intended for real estate agents. What are these 'private' remarks and do they include information potentially helpful to buyers...and why are these remarks private? Find out in this edition of the Oregon Real Estate Podcast!

Duration: 00:14:23

How 2 Realtors Become Policemen For A Day

Working as a real estate agent can present some unusual situations. Here's one story you probably haven't heard before. It includes two mild mannered Realtors being deputized, or 'sworn in' on the spot, since the local, short-handed police force is about to commence a house eviction that turns out to be a bit more than routine. We'd been asked by our seller client to assist with the removal of squatters on her property and also make suggestions prior to our selling her home. As a result,...

Duration: 00:06:31

How Much Will It Cost To Sell My Home?

A common homeseller question is 'How much will it cost to sell my home?' As with the sale of anything, there are a few factors to consider. In real estate, these factors can include a Realtor commission, plus items like title insurance, escrow and recording fees. There are other costs, too, like the 'hassle factor' and moving expenses. Thinking about selling your home? Find out what you need to know in this informative podcast.

Duration: 00:06:19

Can I Trust My Oregon Realtor?

Before entering into a business relationship, it's helpful to know your real estate agent is nice, patient, available when needed...and honest. So while many of us assume we're 'safe' in the hands of our doctor, attorney or pastor, what about your Realtor?

Duration: 00:12:51

Finding Your Real Estate Superhero

To adults and kids alike, superheroes seem to have a time-tested appeal. Some think it’s because they look different. Indeed, some superheroes dress uniquely. Others believe superheroes represent the ‘good guy’ and these days, we can always use more ‘good guys.’ Yet others suggest that superheroes are in the rescue business and we all have an area in our lives where we could use help. Whatever the reason, it’s undeniable that superheroes hold a unique place in our imagination. While not...

Duration: 00:07:11

What James Bond Can Teach You About Oregon Real Estate

Compared to the life of famed superspy James Bond, buying or selling Oregon real estate is dull and dreary, right? Au contraire. You might be surprised to see how such a comparison actually sizes up. Not So Mundane, After All How could Oregon real estate's seemingly routine tasks possibly compare to the life and adventures of ultra-suave Agent 007? Initially, it seems like a ridiculous question. Of course Bond's life is far more treacherous, risky and 'on the edge,' right? As we'll soon...

Duration: 00:06:56

Oregon Real Estate’s ‘Magic Number’

Sometimes absorbing the sea of Oregon real estate information seems more like drinking from a fire hydrant. Yet, out of all the seemingly helpful real estate data bandied about, there is one especially helpful number, which when understood, can provide magical clarity to both homebuyers and homesellers. What is this 'magic' number and what does it represent? Find out in this informative podcast episode!

Duration: 00:09:04

10 Reasons Why Oregon Homesellers Hire A Realtor

There are many good reasons why homesellers hire a Realtor, including the handful of sellers who first try the 'for sale by owner' or 'FSBO' route. Here are ten of the most common reasons why homesellers hire a Realtor to get the job done right.

Duration: 00:13:27

Why Does My Realtor Do That?

Realtors must follow many rules and according to consumer satisfaction surveys, most agents do a good job. Realtors are trained to abide by applicable state and national real estate laws, follow accepted business practices and the Realtor code of ethics, which is considered a higher standard of duty. Yet as in other professions, sometimes agents fall short. Wrong is wrong, yet it's also important to separate willful wrongdoing from expectations which may be misinterpreted, or where motives...

Duration: 00:09:17

5 Winning Homebuyer Tactics for Any Market

Regardless of the kind of market you find yourself in when buying your next home, there are 5 key tactics buyers can use to make the process both more successful and considerably less stressful. What are these 5 key homebuyer tactics and how can you best incorporate them into your personal homebuying process? Find out in this insightful feature presentation from Certified Realty.

Duration: 00:19:36

7 Strategies to Sell Your House Sooner!

Homeselling Strategies-Sellers can employ certain key strategies to more successfully complete the homeselling process. What are these strategies and as an Oregon homeseller, what is it that you might need to know? As an Oregon homebuyer, it can be helpful to learn strategic insights on the homeselling process from an 'insider's' view.

Duration: 00:09:13

The Art of War for Homesellers

It's helpful to realize that as a homeseller, you are in a 'war' of sorts. Is it an outright battle? Definitely not. And for anyone selling a home, it clearly helps to maintain a sense of politeness and grace when dealing with potential homebuyers. But we're about to look at the process of homeselling using the metaphor of homeselling as 'war.' Why would the concept of 'war' be appropriate to homeselling? To start, homesellers and homebuyers do not have identical goals. In fact, similar to...

Duration: 00:10:36

What’s Oregon Land Selling For Per Acre?

One frequent Oregon real estate question is 'What's an acre worth?' When you think about it, this question is not so different than 'What's a car worth?' since there are variables in each situation. With a car, the mileage and condition are very important to arrive at an accurate value. Land, too has unique variables. What are these variables and as an Oregon property buyer or seller, what is it that you may need to know? Find out in this edition of the Oregon Real Estate Podcast.

Duration: 00:07:39

3 Questions Your Oregon Realtor Can’t Answer

When making the biggest financial decision of their lives, many homebuyers and homesellers understandably ask their Realtor to provide a professional opinion on a range of topics. Some common questions include if adding a bathroom will boost resale value, should wallpaper be removed, if re-painting will help, how long a home has been for sale, if sellers should leave when their home is being shown, or if a home shows better when 'staged.' These and many other questions are typically...

Duration: 00:08:59

The Power of Oregon Seller Financing

While most Oregon homebuyers use traditional lenders like banks, mortgage brokers or credit unions, there are solid reasons (and a very helpful alternative) to purchase a home without them. Buyers avoid traditional lenders for a variety of factors and when they do, one mechanism they frequently turn to is known in our area as seller financing. What Is Seller Financing? Also called owner financing, seller terms, owner carry, seller carryback, or seller carry, seller financing allows a...

Duration: 00:08:16

3 Steps To An Oregon Home Sale

Selling an Oregon home can seem overwhelming and complicated, yet there is a logical series of steps to the process. Once grasped, a basic understanding of three vital home-selling factors can make a successful home sale much less daunting. Join veteran Oregon Realtor Roy Widing in this episode of the Oregon Real Estate Podcast, as he shows how selling your Oregon home can be as easy as '1-2-3.'

Duration: 00:10:34

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door: Stigmatized Properties

Laws vary significantly from state-to-state in how they address stigmatized properties. A stigmatized property is often a home where undesirable things may have occurred, such as a crime, or a perceived element is present, like a ghost. It's important to realize that there are various kinds of stigmatized properties and what may bother one person may not seem so bad to another. What should Oregon home buyers and home sellers know about stigmatized properties? Find out more in this...

Duration: 00:11:57

5 Little-Known Oregon Real Estate ‘Insider’ Tips

Oregon Real Estate Confidential: As with any occupation, there are 'insider tips' in real estate, too. Exactly what are these little-discussed 'pointers' and how can they benefit non-Realtors? Find out more in this edition of the Oregon Real Estate Podcast titled '5 Little-Known Oregon Real Estate 'Insider' Tips.

Duration: 00:19:35

Farm Selling Basics

This helpful podcast from experienced Oregon Realtor Roy Widing outlines 8 key steps to selling your farm, ranch or other rural property.

Duration: 00:10:46