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Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Nahum Vizakis

Nahum Vizakis is on a journey to bring healing to himself and as many others as he can. He is the founder of Nahum shares his personal journey of a life hindered by chronic disease and his discovery of the practices and techniques that unlock the mystery of chronic illness. Nahum is a one-of-a-kind individual. Nahum is doing some very innovative things and I believe you will be intrigued and inspired by him. Connect with Nahum Vizakis: Website:...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Jason Gradyan

Jason Gradyan is an amazing example of what it means to overcome adversity and thrive in any situation. Jason was injured in a fall at 24 years old, which left him partially paralyzed. However, the story of Jason is not defined by his fall and injury, but by how he has overcome this life altering experience and has used it to make him a better person. Jason is an Iron Man athlete and has competed in several endurance races at the highest level. You will be inspired by Jason's story and his...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Emma Redick

Emma Redick is a UC Davis graduate who is passionately pursuing a career in politics. While some run away from the chaos, which is our current political system, Emma is eagerly running towards it! There are a lot of difficulties facing our country, but it is people like Emma who are embracing the struggle and choosing to do something about it. I just may have gotten the very first interview with a future Senator! Emma Redick delivers on the Origins Life Podcast! For more information about...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Justin Rayner

Justin Rayner is a professional bodybuilder and founder of the "Fit Republic" clothing line. Justin is a passionate and opinionated individual. You might completely disagree with him or deeply resonate with him, but you will be challenged either way. Justin has accomplished great feats, but he is also facing great hardship. This podcast episode is explicit, and very honest. For more information about "Fit Republic" and Justin Rayner visit his Facebook...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Christina Reeder

Christina Reeder gets real and open on the Origins Life Podcast. Christina shares her unique story of progressive overcoming. However, you will quickly discover that there is nothing common about her childhood. She will be honest in how her early trauma affected her then and how it continues to affect her today. Christina comes clean on the Origins Life Podcast. For more information about the Origins Life Podcast and the Origins Life Movement, please visit our website...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Tyler Palmberg Part 2

Tyler Palmberg joins the show for the second round. In this 2nd podcast episode with Tyler, he shares in much greater depth the philosophy of a Ketogenic diet and how to practically implement the practice into your own life. Tyler is a "book of knowledge" on the subject, but more importantly he genuinely cares about people and wants to see everyone prosper in their own lives. Stay tuned for more episodes with Tyler Palmberg. For more information about the Origins Life Podcast and the...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Joy Hoover

Joy Hoover is the Founder and President of The Cupcake Girls, and has over eight years of nonprofit leadership experience, and has demonstrated expertise in developing innovative solutions to drive and navigate change. Joy has been featured in TEDxWomen, The LA Times, Huffington Post, Fox News, and The Leadership Journal. Combining her early career in fashion and hair with her passion for helping people, Joy believes it’s imperative to wake up every morning and show up with bravery,...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Mike Kemp

Mike Kemp is an overcomer! Mike has gone through a great deal of personal struggles and has learned how to adapt and overcome. From a less than ideal childhood, to a major health crisis, to a recent near fatal car crash, Mike has grown as a person through life's challenges. Mike is soft spoken, but his life loudly demonstrates to us all how to persevere. For more information about the Origins Life Podcast and the Origins Life Movement, please visit our website...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Tyler Palmberg

I "chew the fat" with Tyler Palmberg as he shares his own personal journey towards health and well being. Tyler's early story is one of tremendous personal struggle. Fast forward to today, Tyler has taken his health and wellness into his own hands and has discovered the keys to unlocking physical and emotional well being. Tyler will challenge many modern day conceptions of the formulas for wellness. Stay tuned for more of Tyler Palmberg on the Origins Life Podcast! Connect with Tyler...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Cheri Rasmussen

Cheri Rasmussen is a woman of deep faith and devotion. Cheri has had her fair share of challenges in life, but she continues to cling to her belief that God is good all the time, even in spite of her circumstances. Be challenged, be inspired, be exposed to a different way of seeing life. Cheri offers her unique story for all of us to hear. For more information about the "Origins Life Podcast" and the "Origins Life Movement", please visit our website at: Connect...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Sarah Gage

Sarah Gage, of the "Booze Broad Podcast" shares her story on the Origins Life podcast. Sarah's story is one of perseverance and passion for life. Sarah is a free-spirited, free-thinking woman, who is not afraid to take life head on. Sarah lives with the knowledge that life is short and that it's not to be wasted on trivial pursuits. Enjoy the journey! Connect with Sarah Gage: Facebook: @boozebroad Instagram:@thesarahdizzle Email: Website: For...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with MJ Jackson

Some people are happy and excited about life due to favorable circumstances. Others are happy because they have made a conscious decision to be so, in spite of their circumstances. MJ Jackson is a special individual who demonstrates what it means to make the decision to be happy and hopeful. MJ is a lover and a fighter for other people. MJ's joy and hope can light up a room and change lives of others she comes in contact with. Hope is Rising! For more information about the "Origins Life"...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Stephane Fiossonangaye

Stephane Fiossonangaye is an amazing human being! His story is one of extreme love and pure joy for all that life has to offer! Stephane is an extremely accomplished break dancer and Hollywood stunt man, but you would never know it from his humble and gracious attitude. Stephane dances to his own beat, and will challenge you to find your own! Enjoy! For more information about the "Origins Life" and the "Origins Life Podcast", please visit our website: Connect with...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Gloria Vitolo

Gloria Vitolo is an energetic, Italian woman living in New York City. Gloria offers her unique perspective on life as lived out in the Big Apple. Gloria shares her personal experiences starting from childhood, to the attack on the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11, to family struggles, and much more. Discover New York through the eyes of Gloria. For more information about "Origins Life" and the "Origins Life Podcast", please visit our website: Connect with...


2017 Year End Review

Thank you everyone for your support for the podcast in 2017! It has been a great and challenging ride! This podcast episode is a brief update of this past year and vision for 2018.


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is an individual who has faced incredible amounts of adversity in his short life and has chosen to allow those very trying circumstances to forge him into a stronger, more grounded individual. Chris has been forged through fire. You will be inspired by this podcast episode. Connect with Chris Hughes by following him on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook: Chris Hughes (Las Vegas) Instagram: powerwithprecision For more information about "Origins Life" and the "Origins Life...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Karl Morgan

In this episode, Karl Morgan shares his Origin Life Story. Karl was born and raised in downtown Detroit, Michigan. He offers a perspective and an experience of life that many of us only read of or watch on TV. Karl is an exceptional example of rising above circumstances and charting new paths that lead to greater, more abundant life. Special thanks to Adam Vander Heyden, The DUI Doctor, for graciously allowing me to use his law office to record this podcast episode! Visit his website at:...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with Taylor Chastain

In this 5th episode, Taylor Chastain shares her Origin Life story on the podcast. Taylor is a young mom, who is full of life. She has had her share of struggle in life, but has chosen to rise above it. She will give you a positive perspective on how to chart your own path. Special thanks to the members of the band, "Cloud Cult", who allowed me to use their music heard in this episode. For more information about them visit their website: For more information about...


Discovering the Origin Life Moments with William St. George

In this 4th episode, William St. George, Sr. Vice President of Operations at the Las Vegas Athletic Club, throughout the Las Vegas Valley, shares his unique life story on the podcast. The Las Vegas Athletic Club operates in seven locations and boasts of a membership of over 90,000. He has authored three books in which he shares his passion and philosophy for life. You are going to be inspired and challenged by this man. Click this link to access his latest...


Discovering the Origins Life Moments with Jose Izquierdo

In this 3rd episode, Jose Izquierdo shares his Origins Life moments. Jose shares his unique life story on the podcast, but he also shares his experiences as an active participant in the Origins Life Community. You are going to hear from a humble man as he attempts to navigate through life. For more information about "Origins Life" and the varying ways to participate in an Origins gathering, please visit our website: Or email us: Connect...