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0014 - Creep Catchers

Laura's not with us today so I grabbed Derrick Ceezy to co-host today's show. We talk about Download the show, listen to the show, review the show and finally.. Share the show.


0013 - When Mom Ain't Mom

Hi Everybody! In today's episode we talk about some 18 year old woman who was kidnapped at birth. Someone dressed up as a nurse and, for 14 hours, asked questions about this baby and apparently nobody thought that was weird. Until the baby went missing. We then dive into the important topic of fainting goats. Yeah we went there! Remember Vince Li? He beheaded someone on a Grayhound Bus and is now running around free. A testament to our Health system? Daycare worker has a medical...


0012 - Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year from OurPodcasts! Today's episode is one you do not want to miss. All your friends are already talking about it! We talk about a Muslim-owned restaurant in Montreal that offers free food to those who can't afford it. Nice! Trump's wall - so far it's going to cost the American taxpayer $10b ... that's 10 billion dollars. But hey! No fear! Mexico will pay the American taxpayer back! A Vancouver private school teacher was shit-canned for having an opinion....


0011 - Trump'd

Today's episode definitely trumps the rest. We welcome our American political correspondent, Glenn Ritchie, who tells us his opinions on the U.S. election We touch on Obamacare and briefly talk about Canada's health care system. In Light of the Hate, Free Hugs - even to you Republicans. Anti-Trump rally in Vancouver. Can't call it a riot because no hockey teams were involved. Voter apathy comes into play in America where only half the country voted. Is "Trump Style" of campaigning the...


0010 - Homeless

Epic Episode #10! Milestone! In this episode we streamed it live on Facebook BUT since I forgot to hit record, we got to do it twice! Added bonus for those who watched the stream. And to them, I say thank you very much. We talked about homeless count for Vancouver and Abbotsford. Some ideas on how to reduce or eliminate homelessness Some previously-homeless celebrities… two of whom are dead! We find out why McDonald’s coke is so darn refreshing George Takai’s comforting thoughts...


0008 - Recovery

In this episode, we talk to two guests - Brian Carruthers, who was addicted to street drugs, and Derrick Ceezy, who as a result of a botched surgery, had a doctor as a drug dealer. Is the saying "once an addict always an addict" true or false? Joe Roberts from Vancouver used to be a homeless addict but is now a millionaire. There is hope if you want it. Insite: Good for Vancouver? Bad for Vancouver? I don't know but it sure helps! Kratom is a magical powder that can get a heroin user...


0007 - Addictions

In today's most awesome episode, we talk about: Better sound quality! Yay! Well, kinda. Glen's job at the online store was messed up. Don't work for scammers! Addictions - we know someone who is addicted to pot Addictions to heroin, crack, meth. Trump - are YOU ok with him sexually assaulting your mom/wife/sister? We're hoping the audio is fine but I can tell that it's not that great. Still working on the sound quality because I have no fucking idea what I'm doing.


0006 - I Ain't Afraid of no Ghosts

So proud to announce an Our Little Podcast first - Our first call-in guest! Neil O'Brien spends some time with us chatting about paranormal stuff - including some of his own experiences! We also chat about.... MysteryLinks Listen. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, who cares. Listen to the podcast and share with your friends!


0005 - Taylor Meet Monty

Episode #5 is all about stuff! We review some of the bad things the Vancouver police have done. Fun times indeed! Just a short one today but that doesn't mean it isn't full of hilarity. Or is it?


0004 - Good News!

I'm happier than a walnut in a Valenki factory to announce our new episode! In today's show we do our best to bring positive news to the spotlight. Hope you enjoy the show. Please tell your friends about this shitty podcast.


0003 - Drugs R Bad, Mmmmkay

In today's most fantastic episode you will experience the following: - A crummy sounding intro! - We discuss Portugal's complete legalization of drugs - We then tackle marijuana legalization in Washington! - Vancouver's drug laws - real and perceived. - BC's Disability Benefits are terrible and need immediate improvement. - Japanese Canadian internment barns at the PNE. - Buy pies! Buy pies! Pies for Autism in Port Moody, BC.


0002 - BLM Vancouver

Alright! Launched and now we're getting some traction. Laura isn't feeling well so we have a guest co-host. Episode #2 covers the following fantastic points: Follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/OurPodcasts and also at www.OurPodcasts.com


0001 - Launched!

Finally! We've launched the first episode of our amazing podcast. On today's episode we talked about: Hillary ClintonDNAvTranslinktop 10 OurPodcasts.com


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