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To Live as Jesus Lived

Be sure to see the face of Jesus in every person, because you will never know when you will run into Jesus. When you look after others you are doing the same thing to Jesus. Jesus lived out what he preached. Jesus fed the 5,000. Jesus gave people something to drink with the woman at the well, he gave the woman and everyone the "Living Water". No one was a stranger to Jesus. He was friendly to everyone even to people that hated him. He would talk to them.Jesus clothed Lazerith after he rose...

Duration: 00:28:52

Living in the Light During Dark Days

Jim Bledsoe speaks on making good choices, and follow what the Lord's Will is. Paul said, "... do not be foolish" We need to be filled with the spirit of the Lord and not be tempted by what the "World" says is "normal" such as nudity and drinking too much. We are the light of the world as Christians. Shine your light and fill the world with the Christian love and light that we have to offer. Walk with Jesus, and use God's Word to make our decisions. Don't get lost on or journey through the...

Duration: 00:17:43

From Trials to Triumph

Pastor "Mac" discusses how Go gives us trials to show us his power, and how great he is. We just need to ask Him for help, and if it is in His plan He will help us triumph over diversity.

Duration: 00:28:10


Pastor "Mac" talks about how we cannot be saved more than once, but everyday we can have a transformation and a change within our lives by giving ourselves to God's Will. He also gives a brief history of Martin Luther, and how his life was transformed as he began studying scripture. He discovered that being a Christian is not about how much good works you do it is about the Grace of God and Faith. If you have those things then you will naturally do good works.

What’s Our Church Like

How would you describe your church? Pastor "Mac" describes how to tell others about your church.

Duration: 00:29:35

The Secret of Contentment

What brings you contentment in life? Jesus is the why to get contentment. The sermon is about how Paul found contentment and showed his contentment to others even while in a jail cell. Timothy said "Paul is in Love." He was in love with Jesus. Paul learned that he could do all things that strengthens him through all things with the help of Jesus Christ.

Duration: 00:23:29

The Power to Change

Pastor "Mac" continues to talk about Jesus' talk with the Priests about who He is. Jesus tells the Priests about one son who is asked to go to the fields to work, but says he didn't want to go. He then changed his mind and went. The man's other son said he would go, but he did not go. The main purpose of the story was that people may have done wrong in the past, but they have the Power to Change their mind and heart.

Duration: 00:30:18

Identity Crisis

Pastor "Mac" discusses how Jesus always knew who He was. Do you know who you are? We are all a child of God. The Thief, Satan,tries to steal your identity, and lays doubt in your heart about who you are.

Duration: 00:25:36


Pastor "Mac" talks about her "Life isn't Fair" but God gives us Grace which is better than being fair.

Duration: 00:23:25

Rest Has a Name

Pastor "Mac" talks about stress in our lives, and how we can go to God with prayer and he will give us rest.

Duration: 00:26:43

To Tell or Not To Tell

Elder Jim Marge talks about why Jesus told the disciples not to tell others about Jesus and who he is. The reason he did this was because it wasn't the right timing for God's Plan to be revealed yet. The only people that was to know who he were the people that God told who he was.

Duration: 00:20:49

The Battle

Paul discusses how to battle against Satan and the evil of the world. He discusses how the battle is already won, but that we are to still be prepared against the evil that is within the world. We are to put on the Whole Armor of God to battle Satan.

Duration: 00:14:37


Pastor "Mac" talks about faith and what faith is. He describes 5 areas when you need faith. When you have a duty When there is a delay When you have difficulties In dramatic situations When you have a destination

Duration: 00:29:45

21 Reasons Part 2

Continuing the reasons to use the Word of God to tell the truth about God. Reasons 12-21 are given. Plus a Bonus Reason.

Duration: 00:26:32

21 Reasons Part 1

Pastor "Mac" continues his sermon series on "To Tell the Truth". Pastor "Mac" talks about the first 11 reasons why you should use the Word of God to find the truth.

Duration: 00:25:40

Fake News

Do we always tell the truth? That is the question that is asked by Pastor "Mac". He will unpack what the Bible talks about Telling the Truth. Would you know enough about Jesus to be able to spot Him if He was standing in front of you? Do you know enough about the Bible to know what Jesus did, and why He came here? Those are some of the questions that are asked and answered.

Duration: 00:26:35