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Episode 100

The boys thank everyone for the support as they publish the 100th episode of Out For Delivery. As usual, the guys go on about work, relationships, the boss, dogs, cats and unusual co-workers. Special guests this week! Sparky the Mailman and Jazz's mom Joey join the program. Help the show stay running smoothly by using our amazon link on the website, www.eldoradostudio.net This 100th episode spectacular is 2 hours and 45 minutes long, so the boys just about cover everything from A to Z as...

Duration: 02:42:06

[4-23] Unappropriate

This is it. The boys wrap up Season 4 of Out For Delivery and Episode #100 is next week. The dash don't be silent. An obnoxious coworker follows people around in the office and never stops talking. He sucks. The boss who never stops calling people explodes in anger when they start calling him back. It's skunk season! Happy birthday Jazz! Please use the amazon link to help the boys keep rolling. www.eldoradostudio.net Jason had an incident in traffic. Brian watches old movies and the boys...

Duration: 01:32:12

[4-22] Chompsticks

This is Out For Delivery, the world's only delivery guy podcast. Fred's funko pop collection is photographed and analyzed. Exactly what constitutes a "hoard"? Jason admonishes Brian for not wearing shoes in the studio. The Mickey Mouse flag has finally been removed from the property, but not without incident. Fred convinces the boys to join a fantasy football league by giving them naming rights to the team. Did you boys get any rain? Jason blocks a guy who is trying to back out of his...

Duration: 01:42:52

[4-21] Vanning With The Boys!

Out For Delivery is the number one delivery professional podcast out there. If you're in the delivery/logistics/trucking business, this show is for you. Col. Brian is not just drinking coffee, he's drinking "black draw". Jason laments the failure of the last interview special. People did not enjoy it. The Colonel experienced the worst smell ever. Does the Amercian President listen to Out For Delivery? Does a comedian from Los Angeles? We think so and we have proof. The best and most rotten...

Duration: 01:41:09

[4-20] The Interview Special 2

It's the #1 delivery guy podcast in the eclipse, this is Out For Delivery. Continuing with the Interview Special series this week, we present Mayor Bruce. Thanks for your support! We appreciate you greatly. Please keep using the Amazon link on our website, www.eldoradostudio.com. It doesn't cost you any extra and it helps us float the boat. Follow the show on twitter @EldoradoPod, call or text the hotline at 570-591-1249 or shoot an email to outfordeliveryshow@gmail.com Please Use our...

Duration: 00:50:16

[4-19] Squirrel Cage

It's the #1 delivery guy podcast in the nation, it's Out For Delivery, Season 4, Episode 19. After Lodge Jason begins the show by going on a tirade against nazis and the boys are all in agreement - they've gotta go. The anger then spreads to Colonel Brian, who rips apart his boss for a pay error. Not exactly the same issue, but the level of rage is comparable. Wage theft! Brian's wife has taken over the Vito Corleone pop figure and has started a collection without his approval. Jason has...

Duration: 02:04:16

[4-18] Labia Menorah

This is Out For Delivery, the #1 delivery guy podcast in the world. Fred brought the boys gifts to apologize for his meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Col. Brian's gift presented a moral conundrum, as it is something he both hates and loves at the same time. The farm supply stores hire dummies who can't do anything without asking the boss. Bill the Boss Man calls Jason again and keeps him on the phone for 45 minutes. The boys learn about prison and what "kool-aid kid" means. Hey,...

Duration: 01:47:07

[4-17] Liquor and Lemonade

Welcome to the world's #1 delivery guy podcast. This is Out For Delivery, on the Eldorado Studio Network - eldoradostudio.net. The boys are joined by special guests Billy, the Tiger Woods of the Bathroom and Saint Russ, the Patron Saint of Technology. Billy came in to redeem himself after the terrible photo of him as a snapchat dog with glasses was posted on the facebag. A man in the office was caught wearing his delivery bag while taking a dump in the men's room, and when the culprit is...

Duration: 01:31:29

[4-16] See Rock City!

It's the hottest delivery guy podcast in the Sahara. This is Out For Delivery. The heat at work was brutal and the boys are suffering. Sooner or later, everything comes back. It's like the 1980's all over again. Jason sees Japanese tourists on vacation and they're taking thousands of photos again. Brian has a flashback to the Chattanooga Choo Choo movie from the 80's. Jason loves the roadside attractions! See Rock City, See Ruby Falls! Bad news: Jazz hates elevators. Worse news: Jazz is...

Duration: 01:34:40

[4-15] Humidity Warming

From eldoradostudio.net, this is Out For Delivery, the number one delivery guy podcast in North America. The boys open with a discussion on the merits of the skipper on Gilligan's Island. He was not that good, really. Nobody besides the Colonel remembers "Calling Doctor Love". SHAMEFUL. We have reached maximum humidity and pun saturation and it's uncomfortable in all ways. Fred worked 80+ hours in one week. It's hot outside and the boys explore new, corny ways to express it. Brian trains...

Duration: 01:48:55

[4-14] Nerf Wars

It's the #1 delivery guy show in your ear, it's Out For Delivery, on the Eldorado Studio Network - eldoradostudio.net The show begins with boys stealing the Colonel's nasal spray, so the Colonel shoots Jason in the forehead with a nerf gun. In a car accident? Injured? Forget the chiropractor, get some ice cream! A co-worker calls in sick - SIX HOURS after his start time. Ever have OCD as a hobby? Another biological fart attack in the office caused actual sickness. It's not unusual, but...

Duration: 01:24:22

[4-13] Attack Helicopter

IT'S THE #1 delivery guy podcast on the road, this is Out For Delivery on the Eldorado Studio Network - eldoradostudio.net There are nerf gun wars on the mountain and now in studio. Jason is furious he stepped in dog shit with new shoes on. The Godfather comes in and argues with Cathy the Cat Lady. Fred is attacked by bees and hornets at work. The boys run an advertisement for Dungeons and d'Orcs, a new program from Eldorado Studio. Thanks for using the amazon link at eldoradostudio.net!...

Duration: 01:33:05

[4-12] A Dry Heat

It's the #1 delivery guy podcast in Chicago! This is Out For Delivery. Junkyard Fred is still missing from the show and the boys aren't really sure what happened to him. We say hello to our friends in Phoenix who are suffering from an intense heat wave, but Wolf Kid claims it's a "dry heat". Hot enough for ya? Jason seems to have a problem with dudes riding/collecting BMX bikes but owns too many arcade-size video games to criticize. During Brian's failed attempt at an ambush, we learn...

Duration: 01:36:32

[4-11] Irrevelant

It's the #1 delivery guy podcast in the hemisphere, this is Out For Delivery. Season 4 continues! Col. Brian demands a vote on the opening music. It's a good song by Orange Goblin. How do you let a wolf kid tend a chicken house? Anti-Duck Jason is Mr. September on the 2018 Body Attack calendar, available soon on the amazon link at eldoradostudio.net. That's where you should be doing your amazon shopping to support the show. BMX Garage is NOT a TV show but it should be. Ron Jeremy is alive...

Duration: 01:42:45

[4-10] Rural Queens

It's the #1 delivery guy podcast in the air conditioned studio! This is Out For Delivery, on the Eldorado Studio Network - www.eldoradostudio.net The boys open the longest-ever show with a definition of a "body attack" and some 1920's gangster-speak, see? They also welcome back special guest Kim the Clerk as they discuss the newly fabricated HVAC system for the studio. It's a tad unprofessional looking but it works. Jason is now a chicken farmer with plans to expand. The Taj Mahal complex...

Duration: 02:00:03

[4-9] Get Off My Lawn

Out For Delivery is the #1 delivery guy podcast in Hawaii, Detroit and Guam. Here's what happened this week: Jason has ruined the Bargain Hut by bragging about it, and now everyone knows about it. Zero bargains. Col. Brian ruined his vacation by working away his time around the grounds of his estate. "Eyebrows on fleek" stinks, but is the only way to express what was happening. Jason went to a wedding and had a Larry David moment as he had an encounter with the DJ. The Colonel hit the BMX...

Duration: 01:39:07

[4-8] Cicada Grove

It's the #1 delivery guy podcast in the room! This is Out For Delivery. The boys welcome guest Cool Kim into the show as they get right into what they should be calling new crew member Mailman Kyle/Ryan. The Colonel says MK Ultra, but Mayor Bruce wisely decides to give it another couple shows before settling. Col. Brian also informs the boys that he is currently on vacation and continues to do so for an amount of time that can only be described as "too long". BMX racing is lightly...

Duration: 01:22:56

[4-7] Outshined

It's an all-new Out For Delivery! The boys open the #1 delivery guy podcast on a down note as they lament the loss of Chris Cornell and trash Pearl Jam. Dr. Stu is off to pursue a degree in traditional Chinese medicine. Mailman Kyle/Ryan celebrates his birthday by having Wolf Kid strip for him. Col. Brian had a mishap and farted on a poor customer by accident. What is the ice cream man doing out in the cold rain while the kids are at school? "Oriental" as a slur? Yes, it's troubling. Jason...

Duration: 01:40:08

[4-6] The Interview Special

Happy Mother's Day from the boys! Out For Delivery presents The Interview Special, as After Lodge Jason interviews Col. Brian. The questions are as irrelevant as the answers. Thanks for listening and please continue to use the amazon link on our website, www.eldoradostudio.net. It's been a success and we thanks you all. Work safe and we'll see you next week!

Duration: 00:49:43

[4-5] Lax-a-rito

Broadcasting from the carriage house at eldoradostudio.net, it's the #1 delivery guy podcast in the neighborhood. This is Out For Delivery. Brian had a trainee and it went downhill after she had to smell his farts all day. It sucks when you close a door on a dog's head. Dr. Stu had a vacation and climbed Mt. Everest. The computer guy makes excellent iced tea, but the boys are suspicious of his business practices. The office bathroom has been repaired, but not without incident. Jason has...

Duration: 01:31:14

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