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Episode 20 Teaser

We're hard at work on our season finale - an extra long episode coming out next week. Listen to a sneak peak of the episode this week, and come back next Tuesday to here all about Cleo's beautiful yet painful trip to Rwanda.

Duration: 00:01:47

Ep 19. Iceland Through Laura's Lens

What started with a quirky little tourism video turned into a two-week family vacation to Iceland, and eventually, into a brave new career. In this episode, photographer Laura Austin will tell us how photographing Iceland gave her the confidence to follow what she loves. We used and manipulated sounds from YouTube users SoundEffectsFactory and Ron Walker, and from freesound.org users 1Ratatosk1 and Bluesy1905.

Duration: 00:22:01

Jamie: The Mountains and the Sea

Jamie was in Ohio dealing with a quarter life crisis and the loss of her grandfather. When she read about being an Au Pair, she knew she had to take the opportunity. In this episode, Jamie will tell us how the ocean breeze and mountains of Spain brought her solace at a time when everything felt impossible. We used and manipulated sounds from the following places: Freesound.org users Dobroide and Xserra and youtube.com users Mikus Voss and Fred Kroonen

Duration: 00:25:01

Ep 17. Meg: Growing Up Worldly

Meg is an American who grew up everywhere but America. She’s seen war, political unrest, violence. But all that paled in comparison to her most drastic move: America. In this episode, we’ll hear what it’s like to live all around the world, and what it’s like when you finally go back “home.” We used and manipulated sounds from freesound.org user dmitry_patrakov

Duration: 00:23:23

Ep 16. Jason: One Step at a Time

Jason was living in St. Louis and feeling lost. He lost his marriage, his career, his sense of purpose; Jason just wasn’t Jason anymore. And then, he got a teaching job in China. In this episode, Jason will tell us how taking one big step away from everything he knew was the key to finding his path, and to rediscovering himself. We used and manipulated sounds from the freesound.org users: Fabio_Iaci, Serra Cheeseheadburger, LukeIRL, Suoitnop, TaurinDB, Cormi and Nissse

Duration: 00:30:34

Ep 15. Tanya (Pt. 2): A Night at the Dead Zone

After college, Tanya put her Arabic studies on the back burner. Until one night in Germany, when she found herself in the middle of the dead zone, translating refugees' stories to a group of educators. An experience that eventually cycled back to her roots in middle America. We used and manipulated sounds from freesound.org users martysonic, swampcommand, Ramston, BonnyOrbit, and Owl. Intro music by Ryan Jackson.

Duration: 00:29:42

Ep 14. Tanya (Pt.1): From Farmlands to Desert Dunes

After getting sidelined by a sports injury at 15, Tanya felt stuck and uncertain about her future. So when she read an article about an exchange program, she just knew she had to do it. What she didn’t know was that her time abroad as a teenager was just the beginning of a lifetime of change. In this episode, we’ll hear how a nearly split-second decision to travel to Italy as a 15 year old eventually led her to the Middle East, where she learned about true tolerance and the nature of...

Duration: 00:28:44

Ep 13. Jack: What Happened in Bangkok

Jack was working in China and dreaming of a life in politics. But when his plans came to a halt, he wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Luckily, he had a vacation already planned out. In this episode, we’ll hear how a serendipitous stop in a Bangkok museum changed his life, and how traveling alone was the key to discovering his passion. We used and manipulated sounds by freesound.org users Caquet and Kijaz. Intro music by Ryan Jackson.

Duration: 00:26:47

Ep 12. Spanish Genesis

Genesis never dreamed of being able to travel the world, but as she saw more and more of her peers studying abroad, she realized she could have that same possibility. In this episode, we’ll follow Genesis on a path of self-discovery that almost never was. With help from GoFundMe, Genesis was able to travel to Spain, where she found her true self. After that, her life would never be the same. We used and manipulated sounds from Freesound.org user Bmoreno. Intro music by Ryan Jackson.

Duration: 00:23:30

Ep 11. Inna: A Life Without Borders

Inna dreamed of leaving Ukraine. But for her, it was never as simple as grabbing her passport and just going. In this episode, we’ll hear how Inna persisted and expanded her borders to France and beyond, even when the odds were stacked against her. We used and manipulated sounds from the following places: freesound.org users miastodzwiekow, Craftport and Thorvandahl and youtube.com users englishforyoutv, ArtfulGiver and Pizster. Intro music is composed by Ryan Jackson.

Duration: 00:32:09

Ep 10. Sarah Across America: On the Road to Yes

Sarah was feeling stuck and alone in Los Angeles. So, she decided to just… drive. In this episode, we’ll follow Sarah through a 16-day road trip from LA to New Hampshire. We’ll take you to National Parks and Texan bars, through big cities and little country shops. Sarah will dance, camp, and along the way, she'll realize the power of just going for it. We used and manipulated sounds from the following freesound.org users: Mzui, Betchkal, Heyim89yearsold and Smithereens. Our intro music...

Duration: 00:24:32

Ep 9. Colin: Thirst For A New Perspective

Colin knew he needed to gain a new perspective on the world, so he bought an around-the-world ticket. On one of his adventures, he ran out of water while hiking a mountain—and that’s when he started to understand what people actually need to live. When he returned home, he didn’t know what to do with all his “stuff.” We used and manipulated sounds from the following places: Marc Anderson from wildambience.com, and freesound.org users: Soundbites, Onerosik, Corsica_S, Mings, Parking Sun....

Duration: 00:30:02

Ep 8. Ekow: Lost and Found in the Dominican

After college, Ekow was looking for an adventure so he joined the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. In this episode, he tells us about a time he hiked the highest peak in the Caribbean with his students—and one of them goes missing. Ekow shares how this harrowing experience taught him the true meaning of community. We used and manipulated sounds from freesound.org user michael.tarrant and youtube.com user jose payano. The intro music was composed by Ryan Jackson.

Duration: 00:29:11

Ep 7. Iran: Helene and Alice explore Fear, Love and Culture.

In this episode, we join Alice and Helene on their honeymoon in Iran, where they confront their fears, question their stereotypes and find new depths to their bond as a married couple. We used and manipulated sound from Soundcloud.com user: Sean T. McConnell and Freesound.org user: sonsbcnintercultural

Duration: 03:07:50

Ep 6. Japan, Carly and the study of sentō.

In this episode, Carly seeks to understand the essence of sentō culture in Japan. At stake is both the success of her research and a fundamental aspect of her identity: her lifelong infatuation with Japan. We used and manipulated sound from youtube.com user Discover Kyoto.

Duration: 02:13:54

Ep 5. Pakistan to Ireland: Chand and Conor trace their roots.

In this story, we join Chand in Pakistan and Connor in Ireland as they both explore the meaning of heritage and identity. We used and manipulated sound from the following places: Youtube.com user sightsandsoundsofpak, Freesound.org users: Ramston, Avinz, Feenixx, Free Music Archive users Sláinte, Aislinn

Duration: 03:11:47

Ep 3. Poland: Lisa and the legacy of the living.

In this story we’ll join Lisa on the march of the living, where she comes to understand that the holocaust is more than a tragic event of the past. We’ll hear her account of experiencing the visceral reality that the holocaust is for people today and her unsettling realization that the act was committed in normal towns and witnessed by normal people, leaving her to think, how did this happen? For her, it all comes down to one word. We used and manipulated sound from the following places:...

Duration: 01:27:22

Ep 2. Dominican Republic: Lost Faith, Found Spirits, and Laura.

Laura’s Caribbean travels fundamentally changed the way she understood spirituality and gave her a new lens to view life. A lens that allowed her to see and believe in the truth of every individual’s experience. In this episode of Outbound, we explore the power of belief and the search for spirituality in the Dominican Republic. We used and manipulated sound from the following places: Freesound.org users michael.tarrant, YleArkisto, Youtube.com users Chango Prieto, Jose Payano.

Duration: 02:14:46

Ep 1. Antarctica: Snow, Stars, and Sam.

In this episode of Outbound, we’ll go on a journey with Sam to the South Pole. We’ll hear the story of who he became, the beauty of his journey to get there, the sacrifice that it involved, and what it all meant for him when he returned home. We used and manipulated sounds from the following people and places: Tim Prebble, Youtube user rogero137, Freesound users tollbooth, tdes.

Duration: 02:17:09

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