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Interviewing Founders, Disruptors & Mavens

Interviewing Founders, Disruptors & Mavens
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Interviewing Founders, Disruptors & Mavens






Ep 389: Lydia Speck Interview - Mobile Rejuvenation

"When somebody sees the Nuuvo logo I want them to associate it with quality." - Lydia Speck Lydia Speck - Founding Partner, Nuuvo Health Lydia Speck is an expert in health and wellness and specializes in health management. Raised in the Dallas area, she chose Texas State University where she received a degree in Consumer Science and a minor in Business. Upon graduation, she pursued a career in fitness and personal training. It was there that she realized, when it came to maximizing...

Duration: 00:39:21

Ep 388: Rana Gujral Interview - Entrepreneur, Executive, and Investor

"Being a successful entrepreneur takes more than just accepting that you do not know everything." - Rana Gujral Rana Gujral - Entrepreneur, Executive, and Investor Rana Gujral is an Entrepreneur, Executive, and Investor. In 2014, he founded TiZE, a Cloud software for specialty chemicals, and held the role of CEO until his exit in 2016. He is currently leading Smart Home Initiatives at Logitech and an advisor to several startups. Rana is a contributing columnist at TechCrunch and Forbes...

Duration: 00:33:49

Ep 387: Kelli Tennant Interview - The Story Teller

"I'm a fighter and I don't know how else to be." - Kelli Tennant Kelli Tennant - Spectrum SportsNet/SportsNet LA Host Kelli Tennant grew up in Temecula, California and was a prep volleyball star and high school First Team All-America selection. She went on to The University of Southern California to major in Public Relations and play volleyball for the Women of Troy. She captained her team to the Final Four in 2007. After graduation, she pursued her childhood dream of television, working...

Duration: 00:33:19

Ep 386: Blythe Brumleve Interview - GuysGirl Media

"Take the leap and don't let fear cripple you." - Blythe Brumleve Blythe Brumleve - Founder at GuysGirl Media Hello—my name is Blythe and I started a sports blog side hustle in 2009 that’s grown into the media brand, GuysGirl. While working a side hustle at night, my days were spent managing the digital marketing efforts for top 3PL’s in the country. It’s been nearly ten years of working in sports media and B2B marketing and I’m here to help you navigate that busy port Connect with...

Duration: 00:35:02

Ep 385: Yigal Adato Interview - Legion of Leaders

"Keep moving forward and take action" - Yigal Adato Yigal Adato - Entrepreneur, Leadership Expert, & Founder of Legion of Leaders Yigal is on a mission to guide business leaders to make more, stress less, and have more time doing what they love. Yigal hails from the city of Istanbul, Turkey and moved to the USA at an early age of 2. Yigal always had a keen interest and immense passion for the art of business leadership and through the assistance of his business knowledge and...

Duration: 00:36:35

Ep 384: Brielle Takacs-Senske Interview - Get Featured

"Your biggest obstacle is obscurity" - Brielle Takacs-Senske Brielle Takacs-Senske - Co-Founder of Get Featured Brielle Takacs-Senske has been working in public relations for over a decade. She was featured on the front page of the newspaper the day after she was born and the rest was destiny. She is a firm believer that public relations is the art of making good works well-known, leading her to become the co-founder of Get Featured and Slate Media Productions. She has a love for animals...

Duration: 00:33:59

Ep 383: Heather Wilde Interview - The ROCeteer

"The best advice I received recently is that I should learn to prioritize my life and only do what I love and is most essential to me." - Heather Wilde Heather Wilde - CTO at ROCeteer Heather Wilde is CTO of ROCeteer, and is also known as the “Unicorn Whisperer” due to her special focus on entrepreneurs. She is a personal and professional growth expert, executive coach, author, and speaker. As a founding employee of Evernote, she oversaw the company’s growth from thousands to...

Duration: 00:43:30

Ep 382: Brian Halley Interview - Right Think

"It really doesn’t matter how many people see your logo if they don’t remember it." - Brian Halley Brian Halley - Branding Expert of Right Think Brian Halley is the founder of Right Think, a company dedicated to helping small businesses access the secrets of branding that have traditionally been only available to big brands with big marketing budgets. In order for small businesses to gain ground and grow in today’s overcrowded marketplace, it is imperative that business owners receive a...

Duration: 00:34:59

Ep 381: Brittney Bertier Interview - The Creative Entrepreneur

"As long and I'm creating something I can maintain a balance of happiness." - Brittney Bertier Brittney Bertier - Actress | Co-Creator of TRANSPLANTS Brittney Bertier (co-producer/TRANSPLANTS) resides in Los Angeles and can currently be seen in the world premiere of King of the Road: The Roger Miller Story at Laguna Playhouse, in the upcoming Netflix original series Atypical, and in the feature film Along The Way. She was recently seen as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady (Sierra Repertory...

Duration: 00:33:57

Ep 380: Vanessa Quigley Interview - The Storyteller

"Don't go at it alone, find good founders, and recognize what your strengths are." - Vanessa Quigley Vanessa Quigley - Co-founder, Chatbooker-in-Chief of Chatbooks Vanessa Quigley is a mom, wife, trained opera singer and most recently Chatbooker-in-Chief. Chatbooks gives Vanessa the ideal place to combine her big picture vision, desire to hold onto what matters, and get-it-done attitude that raising seven children has instilled in her. Chatbooks’ affordable, automatic and simple photo...

Duration: 00:38:45

Ep 379: Brad Harker Interview - Bridging the Startup Sales Gap

"Challenge your fears." - Brad Harker Brad Harker - Author, Speaker, and Creator of SalesFounders Brad Harker is a published author, speaker, and startup sales consultant. His creativity and passion for problem solving has fueled an entrepreneurial background that includes more than a quarter-billion dollars in sales. Brad is the author of The Laws of Influence and his work has been recognized by a number of outlets, including Forbes and Entrepreneur.com. Through SalesFounders - a...

Duration: 00:51:10

Ep 378: Chris and Jennifer Suiter Interview - True Love Entrepreneurs

"As an entrepreneur...look for mentors and look for support" - Jennifer Suiter Chris & Jennifer Suiter - True Love Skin Care Jennifer Suiter - Jennifer grew up on the beaches of San Clemente & San Juan Capistrano, California. The oldest of 6 kids, Jennifer's always been a natural mom & caretaker. Now with 5 kids of her own, she has discovered the best way to take care of people is with her amazing skincare products that are changing lives. With her husband and business partner, she...

Duration: 00:34:22

Ep 377: Adam Stoker Interview - Worth His Weight in Gold

“We now have all of the tools and personnel to scale this business not only in the state of Utah, but nationwide.” - Adam Stoker Adam Stoker // President/CEO Adam was born in Oklahoma and has lived in several states across the country including Utah, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska. Adam has been working in advertising since 2007. He graduated from Brigham Young University's prestigious advertising program. Because of his opportunistic personality, Adam jumped at the offer to...

Duration: 00:37:34

Ep 376: Mandy McEwen Interview - Mod Girl Marketing

"If you don’t have an active social media presence, you are missing out on tons of potential revenue." - Mandy McEwen Mandy McEwen - Founder & CEO of Mod Girl Marketing Mandy McEwen is the Founder & CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, an inbound marketing consultancy that helps modern businesses achieve success online. She is an SEO specialist, digital marketing consultant, and creator of the widely lauded Modern CMO's Handbook for Effective Inbound Marketing. She was recently listed by Search...

Duration: 00:34:42

Ep 375 JJ

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Duration: 01:05:58

Ep 374: Megan Driscoll Interview - Brand Builder and Storyteller

"I set my intention every morning" - Megan Driscoll Megan Driscoll - Founder & CEO Megan Driscoll graduated from the University of Chicago with the intention of starting in finance. She got wind of a paid internship with Edelman PR and applied for no other reason than she was in need of work. However, when she received formal offers from both Edelman and Merrill Lynch on the same day, Megan went with Edelman. After completing the Edelman internship, Megan accepted positions of...

Duration: 00:30:09

Ep 373: Bryce Prescott Interview - Understanding Balance and Success

"We are committed to engaging, thought provoking content and that's exactly what you'll get." - Bryce Prescott Bryce Prescott - Host of Rules of Success and Co-Founder of Urbia Exchange Throughout his career, Bryce Prescott he has built businesses in several different industries; including real estate, agricultural commodities and business and lifestyle consulting. He currently the Host of Rules of Success and co-Founder of Urbia Exchange; As an Entrepreneur, coach and Founder, he has...

Duration: 00:43:55

Ep 372: Tom Morkes Interview - Insurgent Publishing

"At the end of the day nobody need just another widget, what they need is something solved, some sort of a solution." Tom Morkes Tom Morkes - Founder & CEO of Insurgent Publishing Tom Morkes is a West Point grad, Iraq War veteran, and the founder and CEO of Insurgent Publishing, a creative advisory and consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs grow their businesses through strategic, large-scale book and digital product launches. Tom’s clients and projects have been...

Duration: 00:40:38

Ep 371: Sarah Pottharst Interview - Per Vigore

"I care about my work and who it impacts." - Sarah Pottharst Sarah Pottharst - Founder/Designer, Per Vigore The brand is called Per Vigore. The idea came out of the need for clothing that is insect-repellent but also wearable for normal "everyday" schedules. Since there is an immediate concern surrounding Zika (which currently has no cure) and its severe effects on pregnant women, the brand is launching its first line with styles that are fluid between a broad range of sizes and shapes....

Duration: 00:31:25

Ep 370: Loretta Cella Interview - Passion to Lead

"If there is one thing that successful leaders do is that they stop. They take a time-out in their busyness and take even an hour a week to explore their role in creating success within their teams." - Loretta Cella Loretta Cella, Founder and Curator / Passion to Lead / Leaders For Humanity Founder, educator, mentor and innovator Loretta Cella is no stranger to leadership. With over 15 years experiences in human services in 10 countries she has assisted an array of diverse people and...

Duration: 00:41:11

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