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Comcast: The Product Guy Transforming CX

Charlie Herrin, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Comcast Cable, is doing the impossible: turning America’s largest cable company into a customer experience leader. A product guy at heart, Herrin shares wisdom that anyone embarking on a CX transformation will want to hear. In this episode you’ll learn: • How Comcast is embedding customer service and experience into its technology • Why NPS is most useful as a system, rather than a score • Why you should never overlook employee...


Waitrose: What’s the Difference Between a Customer Director and a Marketer?

Martin George has been a customer experience and brand innovator for more than 30 years. Now, he’s bringing his expertise to Waitrose, one of Britain’s largest grocery retailers. He explains his role as Customer Director, the evolution of marketing, and the forces that are driving change in business and consumer behavior. In this episode you’ll learn: • Advice and best practices that George has learned in his 30+ year career • How his team and customers co-created a breakthrough innovation...


ViiV Healthcare: Giving an Innovation Lab Direction

A pioneer in the online medical space, Dr. Thom Van Every brings a unique perspective to his role as Executive Director of the hive innovation unit for ViiV Healthcare. He and his team are thinking differently, tapping into the patient perspective to help advance innovations in HIV research, treatment and care worldwide. Listen to this episode to learn: • How a successful innovation lab partners with patients to help advance care for others • Why innovation at a startup or corporation...


Metro Bank CEO: Creating Fans, Killing Stupid Rules

Metro Bank is the U.K.’s first high street retail bank in more than a century. CEO Craig Donaldson, named the ‘Most People-Focused CEO of the Year’ and ‘Most Highly Rated UK CEO’, shares how Metro Bank is creating fans by promising a lot and delivering even more. Listen to this episode to learn: • Tips for any CEO on how to communicate better, be present, and lead a customer-inspired organization • Why fan bases are the result of brand experiences, not advertising and sales targets • The...


Ford’s Futurist: What’s Ahead in 2018?

This is an important moment for brands. Sheryl Connelly, futurist at Ford Motor Company, shares key insights from the 2018 Ford Trends Report and connects the dots on how global issues are changing our lives and shaping business. Listen to this episode to learn: • Social, technological, economic, environmental, and political trends impacting the world • What a growing global sense of anxiety and activism means for brands • What it’s like being a futurist at a big global company like Ford...


Walgreens Boots Alliance: A Beauty Business within a Global Retailer

Walgreens Boots Alliance is one of the world’s largest pharmacy, beauty, and wellness retail brands. It makes a range of its own products, too. Paul Bosher, Global Head of Consumer Planning & Insights at Walgreens Boots Alliance, explains how his team serves as the voice of the consumer, holding the business to account, and helping the company grow its brand business portfolio. Listen to this episode to learn: • Methods that WBA uses as a retailer and a manufacturer to understand shoppers...


Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig: We’re Not Disrupting Education, We’re Aligning It

Chegg may have a funny name, but this fast growing company is breaking all the “stupid rules” of education. It hinges on one mission: students first. Dan Rosensweig, Chegg’s CEO, shares how his company is aligning education with modern life. Listen to this episode to learn: • How Chegg grew from a textbook rental company to a leading digital education platform • The shortcomings of traditional institutions and systems of education • How technology like AI is making learning easier and more...


Lego & Gatorade: Innovation as “Dating” Your Customers, Not Fighting Competitors

David Robertson, MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer, speaker, and author explains why any innovation success – whether it’s a sports drink or a plastic brick toy – is cyclical and requires looking both inward, at the brand’s essence, and outward, at customers. Listen to this episode to learn: • How Lego, Gatorade, and GoPro have overcome adversity by innovating around their core brand offerings • The key question every brand must ask themselves before innovation • Why brands must look at innovation...


Hyatt Hotels: Knowing What to Innovate Next

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is one of the world’s leading hospitality brands. Jennifer Kirby, Managing Director of Innovation at Hyatt, talks about how her team finds, tests, and prioritizes which new ideas to pursue in order to create and deliver the very best guest experiences. Listen to this episode to learn: · How to balance customers’ desires against financial feasibility and scalability · Why adopting technology for technology’s sake is never a good idea · How to promote innovation...


MSNBC’s Ali Velshi: Journalism and the Business of Making People Smarter

Ali Velshi, MSNBC Anchor and Business Correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC, joins the podcast to talk about the big issues of our time: fake news, the global decline in trust, corporate responsibility, wealth inequality, and Donald Trump. It’s all on the table. Listen to this episode to learn: • Why we all have to “triangulate” our news from a variety of sources • What’s contributing to society’s rapid decline in trust, and what we can do about it • The consequences of wealth inequality...


What if Lincoln had Email? What History Teaches Us About Leadership

Great leaders are made, not born. Harvard Business School professor and historian Nancy Koehn shares lessons in leadership from her new book, Forged in Crisis: The Power of Courageous Leadership in Turbulent Times. Listen to this episode to learn: • How leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Howard Schultz, and Ernest Shackleton have overcome great adversity to succeed • The characteristics and behaviors that all successful leaders share • Guidance for all who aspire to be great leaders


Boston Celtics: The Global Business of Sports, Fans, and Legacy

The Boston Celtics are one of the world’s most popular and valuable pro sports teams. Celtics President Rich Gotham shares how he engages with passionate fans, turning them into profitable customers. Listen to this episode to learn: ● How Gotham helped turn the Celtics from “an under-managed asset” to a high-functioning business operation ● Why the value of pro sports is increasingly about “creating experiences and access through content” ● How the NBA and the sport of basketball is...


Citizens Bank CMO: Winning the Hearts and Minds of Employees in “the Middle”

Citizens Bank CMO and Head of Consumer Strategy Beth Johnson doesn’t rely on a score to get closer to customers. She uses data, insight, and company culture to think differently and grow the business. Listen to this episode to learn: -Why Net Promoter Score is one tool in a system to drive customer loyalty -Practical ways to encourage mid-level colleagues to feel invested in customer success -Why companies need to think differently about customers and challenge assumptions


Big Data: “A Fishing Expedition on Steroids”

Michael Solomon, Professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph University, is with us to explain why marketing isn’t about finding data patterns and segmentation. It’s about emotions, feelings, and connecting with the human mind. Listen to this episode to learn: • Why big data can sometimes mislead • The value of marketers giving up control of their brand • Why the line between consumer and producer is blurry • How consumers’ desires for perfection can work in a brand’s favor


Jaguar Land Rover: Understanding Every Customer’s Perspective (Even the Dog’s)

Jaguar Land Rover, the UK’s biggest car maker, is a global icon in luxury, performance, and style. Joanne Pearson, the company’s director of global customer insights, is with us to talk about how Jaguar Land Rover runs a fine-tuned, “customer-first” machine. Listen to this episode to learn: • Why “customer-first” is an advantage in the competitive global luxury automotive space • How to build internal collaborative teams around empathy for the customer • Practical techniques to employ for...


Deconstructing Innovation Challenges (and how to Overcome Them)

Innovation is hard. At big companies, that’s an understatement. Scott Kirsner, journalist, author, and editor & co-founder of Innovation Leader, helps us understand why, and what big companies can do about it. Listen to this episode to learn: ● The cultural barriers that inhibit innovation at large organizations ● Real-world strategies for bringing out the best ideas from employees and customers ● Where innovation at large organizations is headed


Global Hotel Alliance CEO on Building Loyalty Through Experience (Not Points)

With 10 million loyalty members spanning 76 countries around the world, Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) is a force in the hospitality industry. CEO Christopher Hartley discusses GHA’s collaborative approach to building loyalty and a different kind of guest experience. Listen to this episode to learn: ● Why it’s important to innovate with consumers and stop chasing the competition ● How to create a loyalty program that isn’t just about the points ● What it means to provide local experiences on...


PepsiCo is on a Nutrition Mission

PepsiCo’s President of Global Nutrition and acting North American CMO, Lisa Mann, is on a mission: promote health, wellness, and innovation at one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. Is that even possible for a company known for soda and salty snacks? Listen to this episode to learn: • Why simplicity is such an innovative concept in the food and beverage industry • The effectiveness of transparency and authenticity in marketing • Advice on transforming the perception of a...


Jet.com Isn’t a Unicorn, It’s a Hippo

Jet.com has built its e-commerce business on transparency, fairness, and trust. Jet President Liza Landsman joins the podcast to share how Jet, now part of Walmart, is making online shopping more efficient and a lot more fun. Listen to this episode to learn: • How Jet.com creates “last mile” supply chain efficiencies by putting shoppers in control • Why pivoting is less risky when customers drive the decision • Ways Jet ensures senior leaders and employees stay connected to shoppers


How Can Marketers Close the Empathy Gap?

Professor Patrick Barwise of London Business School is an expert on brand marketing, an accomplished speaker, and award-winning author. He joins the podcast to share advice and perspectives on the state of marketing today. Listen to this episode to learn: • How having a deep understanding of customers increases marketing’s efficacy • Why marketers need to shift their mindset away from brand differentiation • Why marketing leaders are in a unique position to close the customer empathy gap


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