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Available Early April! Brought to you by the editors of Outside, this podcast aims to apply the magazine’s long-standing literary storytelling methods to the audio realm. Each episode is either prompted by a feature from the archives or simply inspired by a theme Outside has explored. The podcast’s first series delves into the science of survival in some of nature’s most extreme environments. Presented by PRX and Outside magazine.




XX Factor: 1200 Miles on Blood Road

Rebecca Rusch is called the “Queen of Pain” for a reason. She’s a three-time world champion in the 24-Hour Mountain Bike race, the 2011 National XC single-speed champion, and she’s won the Leadville 100 mountain bike race four times. But a couple years ago, Rusch decided to take on an entirely new kind of pain. … Continue reading "XX Factor: 1200 Miles on Blood Road"

Duration: 00:23:34

XX Factor: Vanessa Garrison Walks the Walk

In 2012, Vanessa Garrison co-founded GirlTrek, an organization with a simple goal: get women walking for 30 minutes a day. Now 100,000 walkers strong, GirlTrek is a national force. The story of GirlTrek is about health, justice, power, and survival. But mostly it’s the story of trying to change your community, and the world, through … Continue reading "XX Factor: Vanessa Garrison Walks the Walk"

Duration: 00:22:45

Science of Survival Ep. 19: A Very Scary Fish Story

The swamps of Alabama are one of the most biodiverse places on earth. They’ve been called America’s Amazon for the remarkable number of species of fish, turtles, mussels, and other aquatic creatures. Not so long ago, the Alabama sturgeon was a staple of life in these parts. The funny looking fish swam here for millennia, … Continue reading "Science of Survival Ep. 19: A Very Scary Fish Story"

Duration: 00:28:51

XX Factor: How the Sports Bra Changed History

When it comes to important innovations in sports technology, few inventions can compete with the sports bra. In the 1970s, women’s interest in athletics was surging following the passage of Title IX. There was just one problem—actually, make that two problems: breasts. Boob bounce hurts, as women getting in on the jogging craze quickly found … Continue reading "XX Factor: How the Sports Bra Changed History"

Duration: 00:26:18

Dispatches Ep 09: Andy Samberg’s Tour de Farce

Nearly every sport can point to a classic comedy film taking aim at its flaws. Hockey has Slap Shot. Car racing got Talladega Nights. Skiing will always have Hot Dog. And dodgeball has, well, Dodgeball. Now cycling can claim its own: HBO’s Tour de Pharmacy, featuring executive producer Andy Samberg and a laundry list of … Continue reading "Dispatches Ep 09: Andy Samberg’s Tour de Farce"

Duration: 00:19:09

Science of Survival Ep 18: Racing a Dying Brain

When something goes wrong in the wilderness, someone needs to evacuate and get help. When that someone is you, and every minute counts, the stress is enormous. And you just might not be fast enough. Scott Pirsig and Bob Sturtz were on a spring canoeing adventure in the Boundary Waters, a million-acre wilderness in northern … Continue reading "Science of Survival Ep 18: Racing a Dying Brain"

Duration: 00:40:35

XX Factor: The Ice Queen Cometh

You hear sometimes about how the Arctic changes people — how It can lead them to lose their minds a little bit, or make dumb mistakes. Then there are those rare adventurers like Sarah McNair-Landry who are at their best on the ice. McNair-Landry grew up near the Arctic Circle, on Baffin Island. At 18, … Continue reading "XX Factor: The Ice Queen Cometh"

Duration: 00:23:35

Science of Survival Ep 17: Drinking Yourself to Death

Water is life, we’re told. But what if you drink too much? As it turns out, there’s a little-discussed flipside to dehydration called hyponatremia—and it’s been on the rise, killing athletes and otherwise healthy people every year. And while you may think you know how much you need to drink, chances are you’re wrong.

Duration: 00:33:05

XX Factor: Diana Nyad Goes the Distance

What does it take to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage? According to Diana Nyad, the answer is passion bordering on obsession. Nyad first attempted the 111-mile crossing in 1978. Thirty-five years later, at the age of 64, following four failed efforts that left her devastated, she became the first person to … Continue reading "XX Factor: Diana Nyad Goes the Distance"

Duration: 00:27:52

XX Factor: Snowboarding While Iranian

Mona Seraji is the first snowboarder from the Middle East to compete professionally in the Freeride World Qualifier, a series of big-mountain events that attract the best riders in the world. She’s also a talented surfer, rock climber, and mountain biker. All this is more impressive when you consider the fact that in her home … Continue reading "XX Factor: Snowboarding While Iranian"

Duration: 00:35:40

Science of Survival Ep 16: Cloudbusters

Human beings spent centuries trying to control the weather. Then, about 70 years ago, we figured out the basics of what it takes to make it rain. Now, we’re controlling more weather than you might think—and on the brink of a technology that may save us from the effects of climate change. But only if … Continue reading "Science of Survival Ep 16: Cloudbusters"

Duration: 00:32:34

Science of Survival Ep 15: The Death Blow

Science can’t fully explain why and how tornadoes form. But on May 31, 2013, all the factors we do understand pointed towards off-the-charts risk in central Oklahoma. Hundreds of amateur storm chasers, professional meteorologists, and thrill-seekers flocked to the area expecting an incredible storm. What actually touched down blew them all away.

Duration: 00:38:34

XX Factor: A Woman’s Place is on Top

Back when men still believed the “weaker sex” were inferior climbers, Arlene Blum led an all-women’s ascent of Annapurna, the world’s tenth-highest peak. The 1978 climb put the first women—and first Americans, period—on the summit, but the death of two climbers sparked controversy. Outside contributing editor Florence Williams talks with Blum and Alpinist editor in … Continue reading "XX Factor: A Woman’s Place is on Top"

Duration: 00:30:43

XX Factor: Beth Rodden Unpacked

In the 90s, Beth Rodden was a climbing prodigy, celebrated for her athletic gifts and unwavering discipline. Then, while on an expedition in Central Asia in 2000, she and her small team of friends were kidnapped. That terrifying ordeal—and their daring escape—changed her life in ways she has only recently begun to understand. In a … Continue reading "XX Factor: Beth Rodden Unpacked"

Duration: 00:27:43

Science of Survival Ep 14: After the Crash, Part 2

Once Joe Stone learned how to use his paralyzed body, he immediately set an audacious goal: he would race in an Ironman triathlon—despite the fact that no quadriplegic athlete had ever attempted the event. And after that? Well, Joe decided he could go much, much bigger.

Duration: 00:46:55

Science of Survival Ep 13: After the Crash, Part 1

Joe Stone doesn’t do anything halfway. Back when he was a skater, he went big. When he partied, he went hard. When he took up skydiving and speed-flying, he flew almost every day. Then one day he crashed and became a C7 quadriplegic. What do you do when you’re addicted to adrenaline but confined to … Continue reading "Science of Survival Ep 13: After the Crash, Part 1"

Duration: 00:46:26

Science of Survival Ep. 12: The Everest Effect

On the morning of May 25th, 2006, Myles Osborne was poised to become one of the last climbers of the season to summit Mount Everest. The weather was perfect, and it seemed nothing would stop his team. Then a flapping of orange fabric caught Osborne’s eye. He believed it to be a tent—until the fabric … Continue reading "Science of Survival Ep. 12: The Everest Effect"

Duration: 00:34:06

Science of Survival Ep 11: Treed by a Jaguar

In the summer of 1970, Ed Welch and Bruce Frey put in a canoe at the headwaters of the Amazon and shoved off into the current. Their only plan was to travel downstream until it wasn’t fun anymore. They had a rifle, they had a machete, they had a vague idea of how to survive … Continue reading "Science of Survival Ep 11: Treed by a Jaguar"

Duration: 00:29:26

Science of Survival Ep 10: Line of Blood in the Sand

Denmark’s rugged Faroe Islands are known for sheep, rowboats, and a brutal tradition called “The Grind” in which Faroese men butcher hundreds of pilot whales by hand, on the beach, in full view of locals and tourists. Reporter Joel Carnegie traveled to the islands last summer to try to understand the cultural forces that sustain … Continue reading "Science of Survival Ep 10: Line of Blood in the Sand"

Duration: 00:23:26

Science of Survival Ep 09: Cliffhanger, Part 3

Dan and Isaac are back from searching through the wreckage of Eastern Airlines Flight 980 on a remote mountain in Bolivia, but their findings have prompted a whole new set of questions. Will anyone look at the material they brought back to the U.S.? Who hired climber Bernardo Guarachi to get to the crash site … Continue reading "Science of Survival Ep 09: Cliffhanger, Part 3"

Duration: 00:41:59

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