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JCVD - Jean-Claude Van Johnson, "Pilot"

A mighty mini-sode, the powerhouse of the cell-phone podcast app- Dan and Pete met up to watch and review the pilot episode of Amazon's Jean-Claude Van Johnson; an action-comedy based on the not-so-real life of JCVD himself. Tune in for the definitive discussion of who would win in a fight Seagal or Van Damme, Dan's newest meandering introduction, and some outdated talk about the Super Bowl!


Mark Hamill - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

"I only know one's time for Over the Kill, to return!"- Luke Skywalker. OtK is back for Season 2, and in a most unexpected turn of events, we end up having a mostly civil and reasonable discussion about Star Wars: TLJ - Dan loves it, Pete doesn't, Star Wars expert Veronica Smith joins to help them find some middle ground on the most controversial, disputed-about Star Wars movie ever made.


Keanue Reeves - John Wick Chapter 2

The OtK guys are thinking they're back!...again! We watched John Wick Chapter 2, presumably adapted from the second chapter of the novel, Jonathan WIck. In this episode discuss the Hitman-iverse, second-rate Batman villains and Keanu's possible constipation.


Patrick Stewart - Green Room

Over the Kill returns from our absurdly long Shocktober hiatus to discuss power-bald and unsung action star, Patrick Stewart. We watched Green Room, a taught survival thriller that actually includes a variety of colors! and rooms! Harry reminds us of Stewart's star-turn as Poop in the Emoji Movie, Pete's dog-attack defense strategies are put to the test and Dan discusses his unlikely hair icons. Tune in as we decide if P-Stew's performance is "evergreen" or just... "green around the gills"?


Harrison Ford - Blade Runner 2049

This week, The OtK actually leave the basement to see Blade Runner 2049. Harrison Ford continues his tour through his entire catalogue of iconic characters, having now reprised Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Rick Deckard–will Dr. Richard Kimble be next? Between talking about Denis Villanueve's apparent hatred for San Diego, a grim sex-robot-filled future, and Ryan Gosling's uncanny ability to play characters who "aren't all there", the guys are sure to be dreaming of electric sheep for days...


Vin Diesel - XXX Return of Xander Cage

You know what they say, "when the Pete's away, the mice will play!"...Pete was moving this week and couldn't record so Dan and Harry seized the opportunity to talk about the mystery that is Vin Diesel. First of all- just how old is he? Where did he come from? And how did he end up with one of the most successful action franchises of all time despite having no discernible acting ability? All these questions will be answered and more as we double-backflip ollie, skydive into XXX: The Spirit...


Kevin Costner - Draft Day

Are You Ready for Some Football-Adjacent Entertainment??? The OtK guys commemorate the return of football season with the 2014 Kevin Costner dad-tacular "Draft Day." Pete finds the movie to be perfectly adequate, Harry refers to Kevin Costner as a man-child, and Dan captures the true essence of Cleveland. Is Draft Day a touchdown or a fumble for Costner's later career, find out on this episode of Over the Kill


Nicolas Cage - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

By popular demand, the OtK guys finally watch a Nicolas Cage movie and are surprisingly...charmed by it? En route to watching Cage's second turn as Skull-faced antihero, Ghost Ride, the guys discuss Cage's penchant for artifacts, love for Superman and conflicted relationship with accents. Includes a point-by-point blueprint for Nicolas Cage's introduction in Avengers: Infinity War. Additional shout out to our sister podcast Flock of Seagals...


Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This week the guys watched the classic film, "Mutt Williams: Greasy Adventurer", or as it was released in some countries "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Harry hypothesizes that Harrison Ford plays a president in all of his films, Pete shows of his extensive knowledge of the Star Wars bestiary, and Dan mispronounces "artifact".


Russell Crowe - The Nice Guys

OtK revisits what could be the most under-appreciated movie of 2016, the Russell Crowe/Ryan Gosling buddy cop, neo-noir, action-comedy. Dan reveals his crush on director, Shane Black, Pete refuses to believe that movies can have more than one genre, and Harry is concerned about Russell Crowe's health. Is an undeniably charming and charismatic performance enough to keep Crowe in the spotlight or has he officially gone Over the Kill?


Halle Berry - Dark Tide *Shark Week Special*

It's a Shark Week Special as the the OtK guys dive into the 2012 Halle Berry maritime mishap, "Dark Tide", a shark movie that somehow manages to feature both not enough and way too much shark footage. Pete's main takeaway from the movie is that swimming with Great White Sharks is both easy and safe, Harry's is that Halle Berry is still hot and Dan gets distracted trying to remember all the call signs in Top Gun; will they survive "Dark Tide"?


Steven Seagal - Absolution

The OtK guys take on Steven Seagal, possibly the actor who best personifies the phrase "Over the Kill". Here he plays hitman John Alexander, sent to the Ukraine to execute a contract, only two years before Seagal was banned from Ukraine in real life...coincidence? We think not! Pete defends Seagal's "energy efficient" fighting style, Harry provides a primer on Soviet block politics and Dan speculates on what the aikido master is hiding under those slimming black robes.


Bruce Willis - RED

Finally, a movie about the thing that Over the Kill is about... kind of! Bruce Willis leads a star-studded cast of AARP-eligible actors on a mission to prove that they're not too old to headline a big-budget blockbuster. Pete samples his Bruce Willis fan fiction, Dan gives a brief history of Judge Dredd's legal career and Harry shares a story about how he ruined the flight back from San Diego for everyone else.


Michael Keaton - Spider-Man: Homecoming

Add the mythical phoenix to the list of bird-creatures that make up Michael Keaton's resume, because his career has majestically risen from the ashes in the last few years. The OtK guys try to figure out his secret to graceful aging (and avoiding avian flu) as they chirp about his turn as The Vulture in Marvel's hottest reclaimed property, "Spider-man: Homecoming"


Stallone & DeNiro - Grudge Match

Imagine Jake LaMotta going toe to toe with Rocky Balboa in the ring...40 years after retiring. That's roughly the plot of the movie "Grudge Match", a film that somehow manages to be as bloated and lethargic as its two leads. Between the heavyweight portions of product placement and dick jokes, the OtK guys will try to go twelves rounds with "Grudge Match".


Tom Cruise - The Mummy (2017)

The OtK guys (minus Harry) dive head first into Universal's "Dark Universe" (Darkiverse?) with the first film of the upcoming monster mash, 2017's The Mummy. 54 year-old-in-denial, Tom Cruise, runs away from rats, sand, and Sofia Boutella's womanly wiles as he desperately tries to embalm his career as a rascally leading man.