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Vocalo's Overdrive is the best afternoon call-in talk program around Lake Michigan! Hosts Luis Perez and Shantell Jamison discuss current events and social justice issues, talk with local who's whos, and share stories. Luis and Shantell's 'real talk' and enthusiastic style coupled with a focus on personal narratives lead to engaging and frank conversations with callers and guests.




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Feminism, Rape and Comedy - Can Rape Jokes Be Funny?

Is it appropriate for comics to have jokes about rape? How does that play into a culture of violence? Alicia Sowisdral, from PopGoesAlicia.com and Phaydra Babinchok, Director of SlutWalk, have a discussion with Luis about "Rape Culture" and its relation to comedy. This passionate discussion explores the many facets of feminism and whether comedy is perpetuating a culture of violence against women. Both Sowisdral and Babinchok are self-labeled feminists who bring their own experiences with...

Duration: 00:14:08

JL Kirkwood on relationships with baggage

It's relationship talk time on The Overdrive. Author and relationships expert JL Kirkwood joined Luis and Shantell to talk about the "baggage" we have to deal with in our relationships.

Duration: 00:09:14

Professor Combines Shakespeare and Solitary Confinement

Supermax prison inmates and Shakespeare usually aren't two things that occupy the same sentence. But for Dr. Laura Bates, professor of English at Indiana State University, they go hand in hand. She goes into prisons and teaches Shakespeare to prisoners who are in solitary confinement. She found that introducing Shakespeare actually helps these prisoners understand their own character and why they may have committed crimes in the first place. Luis and Shantell talk with Bates about her...

Duration: 00:11:33

Changes In Emergency Contraception Laws

A federal judge in New York has instructed the FDA to lift the age restriction on emergency contraception, to allow over the counter sale to minors below the age of 17. Luis and Shantell have a discussion about what this could mean, both realistically and morally. Many people will argue that allowing emergency contraception to minors effectively permits teen sex. Others however, argue that contraception should be provided as an effort to reduce teen pregnancy.

Why should women take their husbands' last names?

"I'm pretty proud of my last name, and I don't think I would take hers... At the same time, I don't mind if she keeps her name." Luis and Shantell discuss the gender norms that revolve around last names in marriages. In a new age and society where each person's family backgrounds and histories are valued more than ever, should it be acceptable to take on two last names, or perhaps a combination of both last names to create a new one? image by maryhodder: www.flickr.com/photos/maryhodder

Sweet Brown has time for Vocalo

By now you've seen the hilarious account of how Oklahoma resident Sweet Brown escaped an apartment building fire. Since going viral last year, Sweet Brown has not just become an internet sensation, but has appeared on various television outlets and celebrity endorsements. Hear Shantell's hilarious conversation with Sweet Brown.

Body Language Could Be the Key to Power, According to Amy Cuddy

Could the key to being powerful be simply in how you stand? According to a TED Talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy, the secret to confidence is all in body language. Shantell and Luis discuss this talk, plus how power plays into our daily lives and whether you can really "fake it until you become it" as Cuddy asserts. Image provided by Ed Yourdon. www.flickr.com/photos/yourdon

Luis's Mistaken Identity

Overdrive host Luis tells a compelling story about how his identity was mistaken and as the result he ended up helping fix cars for 3 years.... Story produced by Sarah Lu.

Wise Woman of the Week: Jade Ivy

Vocalo's Wise Woman this week is Jade Ivy, an artist who spearheads the Black Culture Connection, an organization that showcases art, music, photography, and other forms of black culture in Chicago.

NORML's Allen St. Pierre on the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Allen St. Pierre, the Executive Director of NORML, an organization advocating for reform of marijuana laws, talks to the Overdrive about the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington and what this new legislation means for the rest of the country.

The Blue Man Group

"It takes a long time to become a Blue Man, but the makeup goes on pretty quickly.- Scott Bishop, Blue Man Performer Shantell got a chance to catch up with two Blue Men and no they are not down. If anything Tom Galassi and Scott Bishop are on top of the world. As you will hear in the conversation, the two talk about "Blue Man Group" as if it's a life-altering experience. Tom and Scott share their stories of how they became part of this critically-acclaimed performance.

Wise Woman - Erin Gloria Ryan

"It started with a comment." While working as a banker in Chicago, Erin Gloria Ryan began reading and commenting on Jezebel.com until the influential feminist site offered her a job. Now, she lives in New York, working full-time as an online writer and covering events like the Republican National Convention.

Before and Afro

New Yorker Michelle Joni has sparked controversy with her blog, "Before and Afro," which chronicles her self-discovery through the daily wearing of a black afro wig. With the help of a few Vocalo listeners, Luis and Shantell discuss whether Joni's attempt is a journey of self-enlightenment or just another example of white privilege and misunderstanding.

How Pinterest Might Be Hurting Feminism

Luis and Shantell are joined by special guests Reyna Jacqueline Pena and April Scissors. They talk about whether or not Pinterest trivializes women with its materialistic content.

A Frat House Called The Rape Factory

A former student at Wesleyan University is suing the school for failing to take action after she was raped at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity in fall 2010. Due to its reputation on campus, the fraternity's Wesleyan chapter has gained the nickname "Rape Factory." When Luis and Shantell debate the responsibilities of universities in protecting their students from sexual assault, a caller chimes in to join the conversation.

Yellowface in Cloud Atlas and Throughout Film History

The multimillion-dollar blockbuster "Cloud Atlas"--written and directed by the creators of The Matrix trilogy--has stirred up some controversy with its use of yellowface, a racist practice in which white actors dress up to look Asian.

Writing and Storytelling With Writer JW Baz

Local writer/slam poet/humorist J.W. Basilo joins Luis and Shantell for a conversation on how he got into the slam poetry and storytelling scenes in Chicago and how to engage audiences in an open mic setting.

Writing and Storytelling With Writer JW Baz

Local writer/slam poet/humorist J.W. Basilo joins Luis and Shantell for a conversation on how he got into the slam poetry and storytelling scenes in Chicago and how to engage audiences in an open mic setting.

Duration: 00:13:56

Ray Coming Out Story

Shantell talks to Ray about her experience of coming out.

Adultery Can Actually Save Your Marriage...?!

Reyna Jacqueline Pea joins Luis and Shantell for a conversation that explores adultery in marriage, and specifically the ideas of author Catherine Hakim, that adultery can actually save your marriage.

Duration: 00:15:16

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