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P4P Real Talk with Mental Health Therapist Chelyne Cunningham

Desiree and Kaelin continue the discussion around suicide with Mental Health Therapist Chelyne Cunningham, NEW, LISW.

Duration: 01:02:58

P4P Real Talk and updates

On this episode, we finally get caught up with all of our news and updates....really!!! So, please stay tuned!

Duration: 00:45:55

P4P Real Talk with the one and only, Mr. Entertainment..Larry Montgomery

On this episode, we get to chat with local legend and night time posing routine expert, Larry Montgomery! This man has made a true art of his craft and has done much in the local community to let his fans and peers alike know about the natural side of the bodybuilding community. He has also done something that many do not know until much later in their careers...and that is beat a cheater at a natural show on fair ground and equal territory. We will chat with him about his night routines,...

Duration: 01:03:29

P4P Real Talk about when winning is all that matters.

On this episode, we chat about when a natural athlete gets too close to the wanting to win, that winning is all that matters and becomes a demon intead of a goal that can be achieved positive and successful manner. When that happens, many dark things begin to happen that will take away more than a trophy or a prize, your very reputation is lost as well. In a spiritual sense, your own soul.

Duration: 00:59:57

P4P Real Talk about a united natural bodybuilding

On this episode, we Des and I will talk about a unique way to unite an industry set on showing how all of their own orgs are the best of the best. You will simply have to tune into this show to see what we are gonna be talking about, because I will not be able to help it make sense without giving the full spectrum of what we will be saying. I know it is a real tease to say it that way and I do apologize, but tune into tonights show and it will begin to make sense.

Duration: 00:58:09

P4P Real Talk with Financial Personal Trainer, Jenn Smith

Friends don't let friends live paycheck to paycheck. On this episode, Desiree and Kaelin get down and dirty on what it takes to improve your financial health with entrepreneur and Financial Coach, Jenn Smith. If you're working to improve your physical health to live a longer and happier life, shouldn't your financial health be able to keep pace? www.reversingretirement.com

Duration: 00:58:58

P4P Real Talk with Competition Photog, Liquid Spectrum

Tonight, #teamawesome hosts the talent behind competition photog, Liquid Spectrum, to discuss how to make the most of your posing to get the best stage shots. Say, "Muscle!"

Duration: 01:03:06

P4P Real Talk Unity and Natural Growth...Among Other Things

Tonight, it's just #teamawesome pondering unity and natural growth within the natural community. There may be some other deep thoughts that pop up. You never know what Desiree and Kaelin will get into. But, you know you don't want to miss it!!

Duration: 00:48:33

P4P Real Talk with the Lamke's

On this episode, we talk with the husband and wife duo that are the Lamke"s. Fresh off of their combined hardware wins at the NGA USA, we will chat about the prep, the workouts and all the other things that a husband and wife had to deal with during their time leading up to and their time on the actual stage! For those of you who are in relationships that involve fitness, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!

Duration: 01:00:23

P4P Real Talk with Jack Halverson

Ok, we might have fooled you guys just a little with the promise of having Jack on the show, but this time it will happen for sure! As much as we try to have an ironed out shedule, things happen and our guests sometimes have life happen and simply can not make it on the show. This time we are making sure we are free and clear to do this one. So please, stay tuned and be ready to ask your questions.

Duration: 01:07:12

P4P Real Talk with TheFlex Williams

On this episode, Desiree and Kaelin chat with TheFlex about his time in the natural bodybuilding community, what it was like to win his pro card as well as his boxing golden gloves championship belt, FOR THE SECOND TIME! This is one of the pioneers of the Monster Monday at MidWest Muscle! We extend him many congratulations and look forward to this show with grins all around!

Duration: 01:01:18

P4P Real Talk doing Real Talk with Vicky McCann and Mara Winters

On this episode, we are truly stepping out of our comfort zone and doing a show that will challenge the industry. We have seen enough things that have our minds and thoughts questioning the sincerity that seems to be lacking on the part of some in the industry. We have asked Vicky and Mara to come onto the show to speak to us about some of the ways this can be addressed and fixed. SOMETHING CLEARLY HAS TO BE DONE and sticking to the status quo as the community grows is just not practical...

Duration: 01:02:22

P4P Real Talk with NGA USA Promoter, Jack Halverson

On this episode, we get to chat with Promoter, Jack Halverson, fresh off of his Promotion debut of the NGA USA in Madison. We will chat with him about his worries going into the show, and what he feels he needs to make the show even better next year! Stay tuned!

Duration: 01:00:40

P4P Real Talk: Surviving the 4th of July Holiday Season

Holiday's can be tough when you're in prep mode. Desire and Kaelin are going to touch on how to make the most of your 4th of July holiday without feeling like you're missing out.

Duration: 00:47:08

P4P Real Talk about judging shows successfully according to criteria

On this episode, we cover the aspect of judging with some now firsthand knowledge. I have been allowed to be a judge at more than one show and we will be joined by a fellow judge and competitor, Courtney Mighell. Sitting on "the other side" was quite the adventure and we learned quite a bit. We can take that knowledge back to our respective gyms, friends, and fellow competitors and inform them of what is expected. Not a idea, but actual facts of what is expected in the respective classes...

Duration: 01:06:00

P4P Real Talk with Natural Pro Mara Winters

On this episode, we chat with Mara Winters about the one question that seems to come up from time to time when competing. To stay in the natural community and compete, or to compete in the enhanced community and remain a natural athlete. There are many that feel as she does and we have asked her to be on to speak about what even makes this thought available to such high caliber natural athletes.

Duration: 01:41:17

P4P Real Talk with the Promoter...Romer Mendez

On this episode, we chat with Romer about some of the issues that continue to plague the natural community and inhibits the growth of the sport as a whole. The subject being bad coaching, poor diets, and the lack of health for the competitors. It is not an easy topic, but one we must deal with in a successful fashion. Romer, being a promoter and wanting the best for the athletes that compete at his shows, has a human side and a business side to see the improvement on this topic. We will...

Duration: 01:01:49

P4P Real Talk with Dr. Peter Fitschen.

On this episode, we chat with the man himself, Dr. Peter Fitschen. He will tell us all about how to stay fit and fabulous, and if we want, even stepping on stage and competing. The biggest part of the show will be dealing with the still present underfeeding and underdieting of the competitors. There is still a problem in this sport as Des and I have learned firsthand. We will address this until it has been weeded out of our industry. Anyone competing should have the best chance and the...

Duration: 01:06:59

P4P Real Talk with NGA Spartan Classic Promoter, Benjamin Scott

Join Kaelin and Desiree as they chop it up with Benjamin Scott -- NGA Titan Class co-promoter, CEO of Guerrilla Supplements and Founder of and Master Trainer at Scott Fitness Consulting. They're going to be keepin' it real, while they find out what it's been like his first year as a promoter and what we can expect at the Titan coming up this weekend, June 17....among other things.

Duration: 01:00:30

P4P Real Talk about real issues for females during prep!

On this episode, we chat with Christine Tama about some of the tougher questions females have to deal with when doing a successful prep. There are just some questions that have to be asked, and not enough good information circulating to have a true and definite answer. Christine will join us to answer these tough questions responsibly and fully!

Duration: 01:03:29

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