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It is our goal to provide interesting and relevant content every show that will help you to perform at your very best as a natural athlete.

It is our goal to provide interesting and relevant content every show that will help you to perform at your very best as a natural athlete.
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Madison, WI


It is our goal to provide interesting and relevant content every show that will help you to perform at your very best as a natural athlete.






P4P Real Talk, The holiday edition.

On this episode we chat about the holidays and the many issues that come with them. Thanksgiving might have been hard on the diet, but Christmas and New Years seems to be hard in all the other areas. We will be here tonight to guide you through the potential tough time you might be having. Stay tuned

Duration: 00:59:11

P4P Real Talk w/Eric Murphy, Men’s Physique Pro

On this episode, we get to chat with a young man that we have seen do great this year on the pro side of competition. Eric has done well each time he has graced the stage in the pro ranks and we will don out how he has remained so consistent in doing so. Stay tuned

Duration: 01:00:56

P4P Real Talk with Chris Goodman, Female BB Pro and Judge

On this episode, we chat with Chris Goodman about her life in competitive natural bodybuilding. There are many facets to a show going well and she has been one of the many people who have seen all sides that have to happen for it to be successful. We will chat with her about some of the many aspects and discuss way to help in its constant improvement. Stay tuned

Duration: 01:00:44

P4P Real Talk w/Brittany Ramos pt.2

On this episode we finish with tough topic of family suicide and the ramifications that come all of it. We dealt with the subject and now we will finish answering the tough questions. Brittany has let us know that no question is off limits and she wants to do all possible to ensure no other family has to deal with such a tough time and incident. Stay tuned

Duration: 01:00:36

P4P Real Talk w/Brittany Ramos, Natural Bikini Pro

On this episode, we chat with Brittany Ramos, a natural bikin Pro who somehow found a way to find balance during a VERY unbalanced time in her and her family’s life. We have seen her shine on stage, but the backstory of how much it took for her to get to he stage might brighten you day and help motivate you enough to get through your own personally tough times and journey. Please stay tuned

Duration: 01:02:54

P4P Real Talk from the supportive side of natural bodybuilding.

On this episode, we chat with Mark South about his life and way of being there and supporting his woman, Teneka Hyndman, during her turns of prep and motherhood. Stay tuned and listen as both Des and I speak with Mark and learn what it takes to help and support someone in a successful way. Please stay tuned

Duration: 01:02:56

P4P Real Talk with Justin Firgaira and Teneka Hyndman, an Aussie Thanksgiving

On this episode, we chat with two living icons who have much to be thankful and wish to share it on a day of thanksgiving! Wont you share in this festive day and help us celebrate!

Duration: 01:01:29

P4P Real Talk tackling the latest industry scuttle

P4P Real Talk tackling the latest industry scuttle

Duration: 01:00:35

P4P Real Talk with Christina Protina, Womens World BB Female Champ!

On this episode, we chat with Christina about her recent string of big show wins and how much it takes to be a consistent winner of them. We will also be doing the updates that we wanted to chat about on Tuesday and we will have Christina helping us out with that as well because she has competed and won at all three shows! Talking with a champion and you will be able to listen to it all! Stay tuned!

Duration: 00:44:58

P4P Real Talk with Noel Brue, and updates from weekend shows.

On this episode, we chat with Noel Brue about her top three showing at the IPE Worlds, and get everyone up to date on all the shows and placing from this past weekend. Some really big names in the natural community were out and about as fans and on stage alike. We get to chat with one of those big names in Noel Brue. Stay tuned!

Duration: 00:59:54

P4P Real Talk with Micheal Lipowski

On this episode, we chat with Micheal Lipowski about one of his recent posts on social media. We have talked about some of this issue before, but now we get down to the nitty gritty of what we have currently been referencing. Please take the time to listen and then after all of the fact, make your own decision when all the facts are laid out.

Duration: 00:32:00

P4P Real Talk: Losing Before you Step on Stage Part II

Desiree and Kaelin are back with an update on the news story they broke on the last show and have details that will be important to athletes trying to do their due diligence and use the WADA site.

Duration: 00:43:50

P4P Real Talk about losing even before you step on stage

On this episode, we chat about a very heartbreaking incident that has recently occured for a very big and popular show that many sought to compete. One, sadly, found out that because of a banned substance, could not do so. The very real and sad part, is that the coach and the company are very well trusted in the natural industry...what could go wrong? EVERYTHING!

Duration: 01:02:50

P4P Real Talk with Transformation Competitor, Tamra Antenucci, The Purple Warrio

#teamawesome caught up with Tamra the Purple Warrior (aka Tamra Christine Antenucci) -- a 2017 NGA Natural Peoria ChampionshipsTransformation competitor. Tamra has epilepsy and a rare autoimmune disease that causes her to visit doctors sometimes as many as 15 times a month. Her goal is to raise awareness for people with disabilities. Tonight, Tamra joins Desiree and Kaelin to dive a little deeper into overcoming debilitating disabilities.

Duration: 00:57:37

P4P Real Talk: Three Shows, Two Hosts

Natty competitions. 3rd party testing products. And, stuff.

Duration: 01:00:03

P4P Real Talk with the real deal, Karri Lamke Mayhem winner and Pro

On this episode, we get to catch up with Minnesota Mayhem winner, Karri Lamke, since I had such a hard time trying to catch up with her at the Mayhem show itself, lol....well anyway, I get to make amends during this show and find out how she created and maintained such a high caliber physique for a great part of this season! Stay tuned for this one and have your questions ready! She has a following, so I know that will not be an issue for this show!

Duration: 00:59:58

P4P Real Talk with the Australian Amazon, Teneka Hyndman

Ok, listeners, this is another one of your asking, We finally were able to have one of your favorites on the show. Teneka Hyndman is a very well known competitor in her own land and here as well. We will be chatting with her about her many competitions, challenges with travel, and how she is able to hold her own on so many countries and international stages. Stay tuned for this one, BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT!!! Lol This will be a fun show!

Duration: 00:57:35

P4P Real Talk about competing at the DFAC Worlds, going international

On this episode, we chat with Angela ProYeo and Derek Davis about what it takes to compete on the international stage, and how things are changed forever when the realization sets in that you won for your nation. These moments have yet to catch on with the natural bodybuilding side of the nation, but once you have stepped on an international stage, things will never be the same again for you! Take a listen to see just what we are referring!.

Duration: 00:59:59

P4P Real Talk about poor sportsmanship, with guest PNBA BB Pro Ebong Stancil

On this episode, we chat with Ebong Stancil, a veteran of the natural bodybuilding stage about something that all of us have seen from time to time while competing......poor sportsmanship. It happens and it should not. We will be speaking about why it should not be happening at all, and speak about the much better avenues about speaking your mind in a much better atmosphere. No one likes to lose, and no one likes a sore loser, one is better than the other.

Duration: 00:59:56

P4P Real Talk with NGA Masters Bodybuilding Winner, Curt Ziegler

Still fresh off of their trip to Pennsylvania, Desiree and Kaelin catch up with one of the guys that eluded them at the NGA East Coast Natural -- Curt Ziegler. Although he had a tough class, Curt came out on top in the Men's Light Weight Open Bodybuilding category and gave the Overall Men's Bodybuilding winner a run for his money. #teamawesome is looking forward to learning more about his interesting background leading up to competing on a natural stage.

Duration: 01:00:59

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