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PNR 202: Mayo Clinic Invests in Voice Search with Amazon

In this episode of This Old Marketing, Google buys HTC, talent is drying up in advertising, and the Mayo Clinic figures out how to dominate Alexa's voice search results. Rants and raves include predictive analytics and this week's This Old Marketing example is full of Fluff. This week's story links: SPONSOR: AHrefs Any listener that tweets using #thisoldmarketing between the dates of September 30 through October 28 will be entered into a drawing to win an annual Ahrefs account plus a...

Duration: 01:02:46

PNR 201: Advertising Groups Loathe Apple's New Browser Policy

In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss Apple's new browser settings that have the advertising associations crying wolf. Google kills their "first click free" setting for all pay walls and Rolling Stone gets put up for sale. Rants and raves include the fall of bundled television and the Ohio Lottery. This week's TOM example: Fearless Girl. OPENING SPONSOR - WIDEN and the Creative Workflow Workbook. Download at QUICK HITS Ad Trade Groups...

Duration: 01:07:19

PNR 200: Special 200th Anniversary Episode + Content Marketing World 2017 Wrap Up

A very special 200th anniversary show featuring some clips from the past and how the show made it this far (we really can't believe it). After a walk down memory lane, Joe and Robert focus on the orange week that was Content Marketing World and all the joyful festivities on audience building. In other news, the boys review the latest CMO trend findings while Facebook begins a billion-dollar push into original content. Rants and raves include Facebook metrics, Equifax and M&A is getting...

Duration: 01:34:36

PNR 199: Optimizing Ad Tech Is a Waste of Time

In this pre-Content Marketing World episode, Joe and Robert discuss the possibility of Google buying Marketo, and why the big money will continue to go to Marketing Tech (and away from Advertising Tech). Trade Desk tries to fight the ad fraud battle, and the boys believe this is one big waste of time. Rants and raves include Rob Scallon and Taylor Swift. This week's TOM example: Warsaw, Indiana. OPENING SPONSOR - WIDEN and the Creative Workflow Workbook. Download at...

Duration: 00:59:42

PNR 198: Advertising Industry Prepares for Plummet

In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss the latest quarterly results from WPP and how the slowing of advertising could mark something more than a cyclical blip. Add to that, Google begins to reimburse clients and agencies for ad fraud...but is it enough? The Washington Post adds artificial intelligence to native and Goop gets leveled by Truth in Advertising. Rants and raves include Australia (yes, the entire continent) and U-Haul Trucks. This week's TOM example - CTO...

Duration: 01:04:44

PNR 197: Could Apple Go Wrong with Its Billion Dollar Content Investment?

This week, Joe and Robert cover Apple's $1 billion dollar investment in original the rise and fall of fidget spinners and newsjackers on the eclipse. Is Facebook failing (or is the research behind it?) and do publishers realize how much their business model is actually changing? Rants and raves include Zillow's book on real estate and Harvard Business Review. This week's TOM example: AAHA Magazine. This week's links: QUICK HITS Apple To Spend $1Billion On original TV...

Duration: 01:02:33

PNR 196: Facebook, Google, Netflix & Disney Begin War over Content

In this episode, Facebook launches YouTube competitor Watch, while Netflix begins a buying spree for content brands. Disney pulls its content from Netflix and Google may possibly still buy Snap. In other news, Quartz has figured out how to deliver real results for branded content and email subscription has never been more important. Rants and raves include Deadpool and Time Inc. This week's TOM example: J. Walter Thompson. This week's story links: QUICK HIT NEWS Facebook Launches...

Duration: 01:07:24

PNR 195: Marketers, Not Publishers, Will Win with Long-Form Content

In the news this week: Apple hits record earnings, Google launches new SnapChat-like ad format, and AI bots begin to create their own language. Detailed analysis includes the marketing opportunity behind long-form content, while Hasbro's deal with Lions Gate goes south. Rants and raves include Stranger Things and the Facebook/Google duopoly. This week's This Old Marketing example: and Jim Cramer. Story links: QUICK HITS Apple Soars After Resilient iPhone...

Duration: 01:05:29

PNR 194: Brands & Billionaires Continue to Buy Up Media

In this new-look episode, Joe and Robert cover Lauren Jobs and her purchase of The Atlantic, Facebook's earnings release and what P&G did with $140 million dollars in marketing. The boys then go in-depth on how Hearst is experimenting with ecommerce and why Buzzfeed is launching a skillet for sale. Rants and raves include media buying and a content marketing swindle. This week's TOM: General Electric. This week's story links: Lauren Powell Jobs Buys Majority Stake In The...

Duration: 01:03:59

PNR 193: Amazon, Facebook and Google All Launch New Content Plays

The boys take aim at Amazon's new social platform Spark (thumbs down), Google's news feed (thumbs up) and Facebook's addition of branded sub-groups (jury's still out). Rants and raves include building something instead of measuring, and the craze to focus on technology over strategy. This week's This Old Marketing example: Emily McDowell Cards. This week's story links: Amazon Lures Publishers to New Social Network by Paying Them to...

Duration: 01:04:30

PNR 192: No, Not Everyone Should Do Content Marketing

Joe and Robert cover why a number of publishers are cutting their own advertising and how Fender is taking a page from "Killing Marketing" and developing their own guitar lessons. Joe cuts in early for a rant about Gary V's latest post and why it's bad advice for marketers. Robert then rants about programmatic and raves about Deloitte. This week's TOM example: UBS. This week's story links: Online Publishers Try Reducing Ads to Boost...

Duration: 01:00:08

PNR 191: The Solution to Facebook's Fake News Problem

It's a miracle! In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert actually arrive at a probable solution to Facebook's fake news problem. If only Mr. Zuckerberg were listening. In other news, the boys discuss research around artificial intelligence and marketing, and how everyone thinks they know but they really don't know. Rants and raves include agency changes and more AI. This week's TOM example: The US Postal Service. This week's story links: Facebook found a new way to identify...

Duration: 00:57:17

PNR 190: Could Digital Advertising Be Ready to Pop?

In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the state of digital advertising based on multiple reactions from the Cannes Advertising Awards in France. In other news, yet another article discusses loathing the term content marketing. Needless to say, Joe and Robert have staunch opinions on the matter. Rants and raves include CPA Australia and why content creators are crazy. This week's This Old Marketing: Botticelli. This week's story links: At Cannes, The Great Gusher...

Duration: 01:06:05

PNR 189: Special Episode - How We Create Content

In this very special episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert detail how they write, manage their day, search for content ideas, create PowerPoint presentations and much more. The boys also include some predictions for the last part of the year, (including a SnapChat explosion at Cannes) as well as a TOM from Kawasaki. This week's show links: SPONSOR - GoToWebinar and their eBook "Why Webinars Help Marketers Win: Start Rocking Your Lead Gen with Webinars". Download it now at...

Duration: 01:01:15

PNR 188: NYTimes Shows that Email Is the Next Best Thing

This Old Marketing this week includes an overview of the NerdWallet model, and how they went from zero to over $500 million in revenues through a content-first approach. The New York Times is killing it with email newsletters, while the new marketing opportunities are on retention and loyalty. Rants and raves include net neutrality and YouTube's ad crisis. This week's TOM example: Mobil. This week's story links: Top of the Show Sponsor: VideoBlocks/AudioBlocks Bundle Package for $149 -...

Duration: 01:06:48

PNR 187: Is Google's Ad-Blocking Plan Good or Evil?

Some see Google's ad-blocking plan as a pure goodness for those who want a better digital experience. Others see this as a long-term plan that keeps Google's monopoly in place. Discuss... In other news, Anheuser-Busch buys an online community and the craft brewing industry goes crazy. Rants and raves include authenticity and licensing revenue. This week's TOM example: McKinsey Quarterly. This week's story links: Top of the Show Sponsor: VideoBlocks/AudioBlocks Bundle Package for $149 -...

Duration: 00:59:53

PNR 186: Mary Meeker Dedicates Entire Slide to Content Marketing

In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert dissect Mary Meeker's Annual Internet Trends report...and guess what? It actually mentions content marketing this year. Woo hoo! In other news, Amazon, Netflix and Google continue to gobble up content opportunities. Rants and raves include no wasted opportunities. This week's TOM example: Land Rover. This week's show links: Top of the Show Sponsor: VideoBlocks/AudioBlocks Bundle Package for $149 - Mary...

Duration: 01:07:15

PNR 185: Facebook Is Worth $400 Billion and Just Getting Started

Joe and Robert review the top US Media Trends, which include local newspapers, the future of television, and how Facebook is just getting started. In other news, Edison Research finds that Facebook is indeed dominating the smartphone, while there still might be opportunities in podcasting. Rants and raves include last-click attribution and Walkers Crisps. This week's TOM example: Williams Sonoma. This week's story links: Top of the Show Sponsor: VideoBlocks/AudioBlocks Bundle Package for...

Duration: 01:03:12

PNR 184: Don't Just Publish Content; Monetize the Audience

In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss why (and if) corporate storytelling is fading and, if so, what are the solutions. The publisher is still a critical position and Conde Naste launches eCommerce boxes. Rants and raves include McDonald's and Daddy hair care. This week's TOM example: Jan van der Heijden. This week's story links: Does Corporate Storytelling Work - Some Megabrands Say...

Duration: 01:05:10

PNR 183: In 10 Years, Content Marketing Will Be Just Marketing

In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the latest financial report from Snapchat and how Snap needs to focus on their targeted audience and revenue per user. Then, in a Gartner article, the boys discuss that inside the next decade, content marketing will be so embedded into marketing that it will lose its name. Rants and raves include Wendy's chicken nuggets and the Vivendi/Havas merger. This week's TOM example: United Feature Syndicate. This week's story...

Duration: 00:59:46

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