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POPeration! Season 2 - Back In The Scrubs Teaser

POPeration Season 2 - Back in the Scrubs Teaser! Season 2 drops March 1, 2018


POP40 Wag The Dog Turns 20

It was 20 years ago this week that Hollywood started seeing the future in a little movie called Wag The Dog. After being caught in a scandal, the president does not have much of a chance of being re-elected. A Hollywood producer is hired to manufacture a war that the president can heroically end. Eric and Stacey take a deep dive into a movie that eerily mirrors today's political climate: political sex scandals, fake news and controlling the narrative to create a distraction in a...


POP39 Holiday Movies

Carolers caroling... Fireplace popping...Nutmeg swimming in a pool of eggnog. All that's missing is the perfect holiday movie. What's your Christmas movie crack? Listen as Eric and Stacey talk about the Christmas movies they absolutely love and the one movie that they loathe, actually.


POP38 Oh, Brother!

One of the more complex relationship to understand, the Brother/Brother relationship runs the gamut, dealing with rivalry, jealousy and honor. Eric and Stacey talk about five movies that deal with the brother to brother bond as a thread throughout. Whether you have a brother (or four) or are an only child, these movies will give you a look inside that particular sibling relationship, and why it fascinates us.


POP37 Titanic Turns Twenty!

Ah, James Cameron's baby is turning 20. Eric and Stacey gives Mr. Cameron the BEST gift ever: a full POPeration! dissection. From casting to plot and special effects, we take a deep look dive into what was the highest grossing movie of its time. There's blood in the water, but is it Jack's, or is it the stupid ol' lady who threw a million dollar necklace into the ocean?


POP36: Ultimate Holiday Playlist 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time to celebrate the best of the holiday season. Holiday music, that is. Come listen as Stacey and Eric put together their holiday music playlist for 2017. From Bing to Wham! to some modern day favorites, our music playlist will keep everyone in the holiday spirit all season long!


POP35: Thanksgiving at the Movies!

Ah, Thanksgiving! It's that time of year that marks that you're only a month away from Christmas. But that's not all. It's also a time to talk about what we're thankful for. Stacey and Eric talk about three movies that center around travel and the Thanksgiving holiday, and discuss that, even though it's a time for friends and family, it's not all wine and roses. Right before their final diagnosis, Eric and Stacey talk about a TV show that plays like a mini-movie, which we're hoping will...


POP34 Halle Berry

She's not just another pretty face, she's Academy Award Winner ®© Halle Berry. Listen in as Eric and Stacey talk about some of the highlights of her career (Monster's Ball and Dorothy Dandridge) and a few of the lesser moments (that "cat" movie). From Daytime TV to Oscar worthy performances, Halle Berry is absolutely one of the brightest stars in Hollywood!


POP33: Unfairest of Them All Revisited

With everything in the news regarding "Me Too", Eric and Stacey are taking a break this week to showcase one of our earliest podcasts in which they talk about how women are not treated as fairly in the entertainment industry. There are so many people affected by what has come to light over the last few weeks, and this episode means so much more with the recent events that have tarnished our entertainment industry as a whole.


POP32: Vampires Suck

Happy Halloween! What better way to kick off Halloween than by talking about one of everyone's favorite monsters: Vampires. From Nosferatu and Dracula to Angel and Edward, Eric and Stacey talk about why we gravitate towards the aura of the nightwalkers, and the characters in some of our favorite vamp movies, books and TV shows. Unlike those pesky neck biters, this show doesn't suck.


POP31: Sisters, Sisters

Sisters, Sisters! There were never such devoted sisters. The bond of sisterhood is strong in this episode as Eric and Stacey pour through books, TV and movies and talk about the bonds of sisters, whether they are blood or BFFs. From Pride and Prejudice to Twitches, these sisters have a bond that is nearly impossible to break.


POP30 Angela Lansbury

There is nothin' like a dame! Dame Angela Lansbury, that is. For over 70 years, she has entertained us from heart-pounding thrillers to an animated blockbuster to her murder-solving likable character, Dame Angela does it all, and Eric and Stacey talk about some of the highlights of her illustrious career.


POP29: Remakes

Once more, with feeling! Stacey and Eric dive into the Hollywood goldmine that is the movie remake. Whether it's a straight shot for shot redo, a brand new take on a well known story or just because the director thought a better movie could be made, the remake is a Hollywood device used to get a story out to a whole new audience. SPOILER: Eric and Stacey DEFINITELY have strong opinions on this subject.


POP28: Funny Girls Part 1

Move over, boys. It's LADIES' NIGHT! Stacey and Eric talk about the feminine side of stand up with the ladies that make them bust a gut. With so many funny ladies out there, there's not enough time to devote just one episode to them. From Netflix to Network TV, these ladies are some of the absolute funniest!


POP27: Holiday Movie Trailers 2017

An episode so big, we SUPERSIZED it! How do you know what movies to see on Black Friday? Eric and Stacey talk about lots of the films coming out this holiday season, and based their decisions on whether to see these movies solely on the trailers they viewed. It's a fun little game that everyone can play! Come join us!


POP26: Strong Black Women

This week, Eric and Stacey interview Amena Johnson and dive into the topic of strong black women in pop culture and look into the different types and how they are portrayed, both positively and negatively.


POP25: Funny Boys

Boys can be funny, too! Eric and Stacey give some examples of comics who stand out in stand-up who have the Y Chromosome.


POP24 Best of POPeration Season 1

Even a podcast deserves a "Best of" episode. While Stacey and Eric enjoy a weekend to themselves, we take a look back at the last six months of POPeration and pull segments from some of Eric and Stacey's favorite episodes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


POP23 Kevin Kline

He's not JUST Mr. Phoebe Cates, he's also an award-winning actor who can do anything. Eric and Stacey talk about all the anythings and everythings he's done throughout his career. Join us as we celebrate the legend that is... Kevin Kline.


POP22: We Heart Brits

We may be ugly Americans, but we sure as hell love the Brits! From music to TV and movies, the Brits seem to do it right all the bloody time. Stacey and Eric talk about the best of pop culture from across the pond, including some hidden gems of British entertainment you might not have heard of, but you will simply enjoy. God Save The Queen!


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