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Ryan Markley and Justin Ozinga love to talk about the lives of US Presidents almost as much as Donald Trump loves orange slice candy. On POTUS Life, they offer up a humorous look at what Presidents are made of and how America keeps it up. First up is his excellency, George Washington - the pride of Mount Vernon. Join us as we breakdown his life and legacy.








Washington #13 - Redcoats Red Snow

On the day of our lort and savior's birthday 1776, George sets in motion a plan to embarrass the British, leverage a strategic advantage, and crush the Hessians in Trenton. This show covers some pretty epic moments in early American history. One scene from today's episode was reimagined by painter Emanuel Leutz. 'Washingtons crossing the Deleware' is one of the most iconic images of the revolutionary war; however, the image is far from what actually happened that cold Christmas day 1776.

Duration: 01:16:34

Episode 9 - Magic Mike XXXL

Every leader needs a few good men… When it came to George’s security detail, he wanted a few good looking men. George was oddly specific about the men he entrusted to make sure he was safe. As we learn, he should have been a little less concerned with looks and a little more concerned with their loyalty towards him.

Duration: 01:32:28

Episode 8 - The First Continental Breakfast

If you could pick anyone from any period in time; who do you think could have done a better job at being the general of the revolutionary forces? We had a few ideas… Also on this episode, we discuss two of Washingtons closest friends, what he does to stop the spread of diseases and the way he felt about the treatment of POWs during the Revolutionary War times.

Duration: 01:14:52

Episode 7 - Public Enemy & Co.

Our pal, and first president of the US, George Washington didn’t start the American Revolution by himself. He definitely had some friends that radicalized his beliefs as well as helped shape his thoughts into actionable concepts. We briefly touch on the first and second continental congress. Then we get into the shit… George becomes general and the Americans get their first taste of battle.

Duration: 00:58:59

Episode 6 - George and His Benjamins

George Washington may be on the $1 bill, but he was certainly not a man made of money. George loved the finer things in life and wasn’t afraid to spend those Benji's to get them. What’s a man to do when he seems to outspend himself at every turn? … That discussion and more on this episode of POTUS life.

Duration: 00:59:48

Episode 4 - Spanish Fly For A White Guy

In today’s episode of POTUS Life, we take a look at the sex life of our first President. We also do some exploration into the subject of slavery in America. Because nothing says ‘future award winning podcast’ like sex and slavery.

Duration: 01:03:14

Episode 3.5 - A Drunken Discussion of the Seven Years War

This inbetweenasode is brought to you by some really tasty whisky… Apparently we forgot to talk about the French and Indian War / Seven Years War / Third Silesian War / Pomeranian War in episode 3. The War of Many Names occurred between the events of episode 3 and episode 4. This War really sets up the events of the Revolutionary War. Because of its importance, we wanted to make sure we brought you a mostly complete and accurate account of what went down. Enjoy :)

Duration: 00:34:12

Episode 3 - Into the Woods

So, George decided to take a few trips into the woods... SPOILER ALERT... Nothing ends well. This episode we take a deeper look into the bumbles of Fort Necessity and Braddock's Campaign.

Duration: 00:50:47

Episode 2 - Boy George

Join us as we take a stroll through George Washington's childhood. First, we focus on how George's family arrived in the new world (aka America). We then dive into what little we know about his upbringing. To finish the episode off we follow young George as he delivers a message to the French. Where he treks deep into the Ohio wilderness and plays a little Indian dress-up.

Duration: 01:13:50

Episode 0 - A Preface

Just a few quick notes before we get this thing going.

Duration: 00:01:01

Episode 1 - An Introduction

We are glad that you decided to check out our silly little podcast about the presidents. Our podcast is dedicated to taking a look at the lives of the American presidents through the lenses of pop culture and comedy.

Duration: 00:22:22