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For Puerto Rico, the aftermath of Hurricane Maria 'looks like a humanitarian crisis'

People are running out of supplies, and it's unclear whether help is on the way.

Duration: 00:07:55

Instead of fighting global competition, Alaska's salmon industry is (reluctantly) embracing it

Alaska’s salmon fishermen were nearly destroyed by a worldwide glut in farmed salmon. But they went from fighting global competition to embracing it.

Duration: 00:08:08

North Korean hackers are trying to steal bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

North Korea is making a play on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Duration: 00:03:50

Ireland's youngest PM is under tough criticism

Some on the left had hoped the new taoiseach, as a gay man and son of an immigrant, would usher in a progressive agenda for his center-right party, Fine Gael. But Varadkar has held fast to his conservative politics, and that’s proving to be a lesson for the left.

Duration: 00:04:31

After generations working in coal, young West Virginians are finding jobs in solar

West Virginia's economy has long been reliant on coal. But as coal jobs dry up, many are looking for jobs beyond coal.

Duration: 00:06:41

Wealthy Russians are having babies in the US, for passports

The Daily Beast is reporting that rich Russians are coming to the United States to give birth to get US citizenship for their babies. Many are being steered to Donald Trump-brand properties.

Duration: 00:04:55

Silicon Valley takes a stand against President Trump's DACA decision

Tech industry leaders, from Apple to Facebook to Google, are calling on Congress to restore the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Duration: 00:03:58

Syrian refugees resort to child labor in Lebanon

To get through a hard day's labor, refugee children sing work songs, they told The World’s Richard Hall.

Duration: 00:04:37

Why scrapping DACA could cost the US billions

President Donald Trump is expected to make an announcement Tuesday on the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Eliminating the program would not only have devastating psychological effects on current DACA recipients and their families, but the potential to negatively affect the US economy, according to various studies.

Duration: 00:04:32

Humans are damaging the fragile Galapagos ecosystem. Maybe coffee can help save it.

The Galapagos Islands are known for the astonishing wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin. But the unique ecosystem of the isolated Pacific islands is in trouble, and now it’s getting an assist from an unexpected source: a local coffee plantation.

Duration: 00:04:28

When life gives you too much rain, make beer with it

Amsterdam has a beer habit. It also has a big flooding problem. Now a local entrepreneur is trying to put the city's thirst for beer to use in reducing its flood risk.

Duration: 00:03:43

Seattle becomes first US city to try dockless bike sharing, the system that’s transforming China

Seattle had bike sharing, but the system didn’t work out. But the new system — dockless bike sharing — is already off to a hot start.

Duration: 00:06:08

Brazil defies (positive) expectations

Roiled by two years of recession, the impeachment of one president and indictment of another, and its worst corruption scandal ever, Brazil is not exactly on the path predicted at the beginning of this century, when it was hailed as one of the globe's most promising rising economic powers. What happened? Inequalities and imbalances at home may have been papered over in boom times, but they didn't go away, and now Brazil's leaders face the challenge of finding a more sustainable and...

Duration: 00:29:05

From gutting sardines to shipping pregnant cows, this Maine port wants your business

Eastport, Maine, used to be the sardine capital of America. When the industry dried up, the town did, too. But the city still has a big asset: the deepest natural harbor in the continental United States.

Duration: 00:05:40

Why China is sending jobs to Africa

Manufacturing jobs may have moved to China … but not all of them have stayed there.

Duration: 00:13:49

Spain tries to speed up — by putting siestas to bed

That long lunch might sound nice but Spaniards are tired of being out of sync with everyone else.

Duration: 00:02:52

Trump pushes a plan to reduce legal immigration, prioritizing English-language and job skills

President Donald Trump announced the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy legislation on Wednesday, saying it "would represent the most significant reform to our immigration system in half a century."

Duration: 00:16:09

South Africa's cautionary tale

It wasn't so long ago that South Africa was seen as the natural leader of its continent, with bright economic prospects and a nascent, post-apartheid democracy. It developed strong trade ties with China, and, in 2010, was named one of the BRICS countries — with Brazil, Russia, India and China, the economies seen by some investors (the term was coined by a Goldman Sachs executive) to be the era's dynamic up-and-comers. But it hasn't quite turned out that way. This year, South Africa dipped...

Duration: 00:39:13

The UK joins a move to ban gas and diesel cars by 2040

Britain plans to outlaw the sale of new diesel and gasoline cars and vans starting in 2040. But what are the hurdles to going electric?

Duration: 00:08:02

The street food vendor whose cart was flipped over is getting an outpouring of support

An incident involving a street food vendor in Los Angeles is intensifying a debate over legalizing street vending in the city.

Duration: 00:05:22

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