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My intention is always to help you remain in Divine flow, help you embrace life with passion and appreciation, find balance, perspective and ultimately a joyful and rewarding life! PURE Talk Radio provides me with the venue to do just that in a really big way! Join me on this amazing adventure as I share my journey to uplift and empower others through motivating and inspirational show topics, powerful life-changing stories and contributions from our phenomenal guests! It’s all about Empowerment. It just keeps getting better and better!




4723-22 Street Lloydminster, SK S9V 1L7 (306) 825-0799


Today I Promise Myself

A declaration of intention and a commitment to follow through; a promise is a promise. If you are like most people, you make commitments to others all the time.

Duration: 00:54:38

Stinky Piles of Poo!

Finding joy in your life may not always be easy but it is possible! We can all experience hard days and "stinky piles of poo" show up in everyone's lives. The question isn't whether it WILL happen, but more importantly, HOW we choose to deal with them when they do. Leah Carey joins Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk Radio where she shares her journey from chronic depression a.k.a her "stinky piles of poo" and how she has used them to her advantage, ultimately finding her way to miracles everywhere....

Duration: 00:54:42

Special Encore Presentation: Your Story Matters

We all have a story to tell. Who we are, where we have been and what we have done; our achievements and our challenges, every aspect of our story matters! Join Bonnie Wirth and her guest Angela Schaefers on PURE Talk Radio and find out the importance of overcoming shame and guilt, learn how to to value your story (your experiences). Your story matters. It can heal, encourage and inspire others and sharing your story is not only important but necessary in living life purposefully.

Duration: 00:55:50

Sweet Dreams

Good night, sweet dreams! We all dream when we sleep, even if we cannot remember our dreams, they are still a part of our slumbering. Sometimes dreams are disturbing, others are sexy and some are just out-right silly; surprisingly many of them relating to what is concerning us in our life. Our dream state can even be a refuge or a nightmare. So what if these dreams and nightmares could actually assist us in our day-to-day life in remarkable and enriching ways? What if dreams were Divine...

Duration: 00:49:24

Discover Your Emotional Age™ and How it is Impacting Every Aspect of Your L

Most of us know scientists have determined that although we all have a “Chronological Age”, we also have a “Biological Age”. For example, you could be 45-years-old but biologically be closer to 60 (or vice versa). But did you also know you could be 45-years-old chronologically but “emotionally” be closer to that of a rebellious, reckless teenager? Or on the other hand, you could be 20-years-old but “emotionally” behave more like a 60-year-old, highly-responsible, extremely mature, and...

Duration: 00:55:07

Special Encore Presentation: Breakthrough to Success

So what would it take for you to feel happier, more successful and more fulfilled? How do you make your dreams come true? How do you create more love, joy, and abundance in your everyday life? Join Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk Radio for an ultimate conversation with Jack Canfield! Jack has the ability to take you from where you are to where you want to be in your life. Discover what may be holding you back from creating the life you truly desire to be living, learn how to dissolve your...

Duration: 00:55:15

Kindness IS Love in Action

Even in today’s world, it is possible to adopt love and kindness as a way of life. Kindness IS Love in Action. So how do we get into that mindset of making this a part of our daily lives and our way of Being? “The Kindness Guy”, Hay House author and Founder of the Kindness Center Michael J. Chase joins Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk Radio to discuss his new book “The Radical Approach to Loving Everyone; a four-legged approach to enlightenment”. Michael will share the importance of...

Duration: 00:55:08

“What Happens If I?”

Whatever the soul gives, the soul lives and the Universe hears how we feel. Emotional action/reaction in that everything we express out into the Universe returns to us to experience. What we give, is what we get! By recognizing the powerful energy we are, and knowing that we are in charge of the emotional existence, we can make conscious in the moment choices to live and experience life in happier and healthy ways. Besty Thompson joins Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk Radio to discuss how one...

Duration: 00:56:02

Embracing Health; Meals that Heal Inflammation

Arthritis, allergies, heart disease and digestive issues are all linked to inflammation. Super foods can be medicine to our body! Not only can these foods transform our health, balance our hormones and neurochemistry resulting in increased happiness and joy, they support a “Live It” instead of diet way of being! Join Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk Radio as she welcomes her brilliant and inspiring guest Julie Daniluk, author and nutritionist. Learn how to create health, vitality, and live your...

Duration: 00:55:15

Special Encore Presentation: Time for Meditation

Most of us are over-stimulated and over-scheduled. Many of us feel stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious and even depressed. This can have a direct result on our physical, emotional and spiritual health. What if the antidote that we are searching for is as simple as creating “Time for Meditation”? Meditation offers us a way to pull back from the daily stresses and problems in life; a way to unplug, unwind and take a break. Sarah McLean joins Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk Radio to share her wisdom...

Duration: 00:54:01

Special Encore Presentation: The Mind and Body Connection

Your thoughts become things! And no truer words have ever been spoken than in reference to the connection of the Mind and the Body. The human body is a beautiful temple for your Spirit and it graciously stores the emotional energy of whatever it is that you are not able to process and release. It is believed that every dis-ease and disorder is a manifestation of an underlying emotional root cause. When you can heal the emotional state of being and mind-set you can indeed heal the body....

Duration: 00:55:09

The Journey of Our Soul

Most of us wonder about life and death. We know we are here and alive because we think, feel, and act; but have we lived before? Concepts like reincarnation, past lives, near death experiences and astral travel may be in fact the journey of our soul. Douglas De Long joins Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk Radio for a fascinating conversation that will introduce you to concepts that go beyond the physical realm. They will discuss the contribution and value this information has on the present; the...

Duration: 00:54:32

(5) Steps Toward Self Mastery

Self-Mastery begins with self-awareness, which means being conscious of what we are thinking and feeling at any given moment. When we change our state of mind, we change our energy. Managing our ups and downs becomes easier, we are able to embrace expanded perspectives and we actually create opportunities. Our thoughts, vibrational set points and actions allow us to claim our Divine Inheritance, gain a closer relationship with God and experience harmony and flow in our life. Join Bonnie...

Duration: 00:56:34

Living the Feng Shui Way

Feng means wind and Shui means water. So what does Feng Shui have to do with ones state of mind and spiritual well being? A whole lot! The philosophy of Feng Shui is how we live our lives. Join Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk radio as she welcomes her guest Bridget Saraka for an enlightening conversation on how to create a vibrant feeling of joy and harmony in your life through this ancient art and science. Balancing energy through Feng Shui to enhance and compliment your life experience may...

Duration: 00:53:44

Time for Meditation

Most of us are over-stimulated and over-scheduled. Many of us feel stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious and even depressed. This can have a direct result on our physical, emotional and spiritual health. What if the antidote that we are searching for is as simple as creating “Time for Meditation”? Meditation offers us a way to pull back from the daily stresses and problems in life; a way to unplug, unwind and take a break. Sarah McLean joins Bonnie Wirth on PURE Talk Radio to share her wisdom...

Duration: 00:54:01

The Power of Your Words

The words that we speak have an impact on our lives and the lives of others, especially children. Becoming conscious of words and how they contribute to our life and the lives of those around us can literally change the entire direction of our experiences. Our words are energy and that energy carries a vibration that through our own conscious awareness and choice can enhance life dramatically. While there are many components to this, our words are an ever present factor in the co-creation...

Duration: 00:54:31

Heart to Heart through Music

Music creates a positive outlet for our life and can completely transform not only our day to day way of being but our whole entire world! It produces beauty with form and harmony and it is in that vibration and energy that it heals. When we connect to music, we are in essence connecting to each other and that includes animals, plants, and every living thing because it travels from our heart into the heart of another. Through the expression of ideas and emotions significant to our heart,...

Duration: 00:55:50

Trance Mediumship and Apportations

We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Life Experience and in this expansiveness of understanding of our existence, recognize that in the vibrations of love, light and truth, All things are possible. You are invited to explore the possibility and potential of your highest and truest self through the teachings, principles and vibrations of the Ascended Masters. Join Bonnie Wirth and her guest Rev. Mychael Shane on PURE Talk Radio for an in-depth and enlightened conversation about “Trance...

Duration: 00:54:40

Joy of Self-Acceptance

We have been bombarded with everyone else’s truths; from our parents to teachers to society in general. There may even be times when we losetrack of what our own truth represents and even what it really is. This becomes apparent when we accomplish what we think we want in our life only to find ourselves unfulfilled or unhappy; especially when our truth is not considered mainstream. When we truly accept ourselves and others for their brand of uniqueness, even if it is the opposite our own...

Duration: 00:54:29

Healing Miracle of Music

Music is a Powerful Healing tool; it affects people on deep levels emotionally, physically and spiritually. It stimulates, motivates and inspires. It has the power to help us feel good because it touches the very core of our humanity... the Soul! Music is a beautiful way to tell a story and share a message with the world and through our mind and emotions music can reduce stress by bringing relief by raising our vibration. It can be from singing, humming, toning, whistling, beating a drum...

Duration: 00:53:33

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