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Our weekly wrestling news and interview show
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Our weekly wrestling news and interview show








ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

As we were preparing today's show word broke that two WWE wrestlers had been medically cleared to return to the ring. The bigger news is one of those two is Bryan Danielson, AKA Daniel Bryan. Apparently this will be addressed tonight on SmackDown Live and it may have an effect on WrestleMania. Speaking of WrestleMania, the first preshow has started on the Network! Just kidding, but you are going to need a comfy chair and either a Stadium Pal or Depends. Although you did not see her, Ronda...


ERN Presents W.A.R-Wayback Wednesday With B. Brian Blair

Our long time listeners are very familiar with the name B. Brian Blair. One half of 1980s WWF star tag team The Killer Bees, Brian has been synonymous with professional wrestling since his days in his native Florida. His travels throughout the United States and the world include time spent with other legendary stars such as Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Garvin and many more. Now, he still makes appearances all over, including an upcoming date in the Chicago area this weekend. In addition to that, he...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

We want to extend our best wishes to Bobby Horne, AKA Sir Mo of Men On A Mission. They have found a donor kidney and he should be having the transplant surgery shortly. We are on the last stages of the road to WrestleMania with Fastlane having occured this past Sunday and the explosive RAW last night combined with what should be an interesting SmackDown Live with Shane scheduled to amke an announcement as well as Asuka making her first apperance on the blue brand after her surprise apperance...


ERN Presents Throwback Thursday-A Tribute To Outlaw Ron Bass

Original air date-3/8/2017 Yesterday we lost another one of the legendary stars of our industry, Outlaw Ron Bass. Ron was known for his bad attitude and his whip that he took to the ring. He wrestled throughout the NWA during their heyday, winning many singles and tag team titles, including titles with Barry Windham and One Man Gang. He also won tag team gold in Japan with Stan Hansen. In 1987 he joined the then WWF where he participated in both the inaugural Survivor Series and in 1988...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio

It will only be Sean and Steve tonight, Katie is unable to speak. Hopefully she'll be back with us next week. We are on an open situtaion tonight. We have reached out to our friends Paul Eubanks and Crusher Knopf. We don't know who will be on or what will happen, but we do know it should be interesting and fun.


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

After seeing that we lost our reviews of RAW and SmackDown Live in the wake of the other news we will spend the first hour covering both shows. Tonight is of course the go home show before Payback so we'll have to see how well Creative has set up making Sunday's event a must see. There is some very serious news we will be dealing with tonight, one story will cover a news story we broke several weeks back and a new one that broke this morning. The connection? Both people involved are...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio With B. Brian Blair

Our long time listeners are very familiar with the name B. Brian Blair. One half of 1980s WWF star tag team The Killer Bees, Brian has been synonymous with professional wrestling since his days in his native Florida. His travels throughout the United States and the world include time spent with other legendary stars such as Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Garvin and many more. Now, he still makes appearances all over, including an upcoming date in the Chicago area this weekend. In addition to that, he...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants - TNT - BRING The Turmoil!

Tonight on Rampage Rants Tuesday Night Turmoil we bring the turmoil yet again! We will be talking about the importance of following through with bookings whether it be the promoter or the workers. We will be talking the importance of not asking for someone's advice & then firing them when you don’t agree with the input your given. Too many people want to be handed ideas by other people & claim them as their own. We will be talking about theimportance of NOT booking yourself INYOUR OWNMAIN...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-Sam Houston Rides Again

We like him so much we've brought him back again! Tonight, for the third time we've brought back Sam Houston. His stories of traveling with his well known half brother Jake The Snake Roberts and partying with legendary NWA World Champion Harley Race have been entertaining you every time he has been on so we are bringing him back again.. Sam does also have a serious message along with the fun, that of a life that has turned around from the demons that were bound and determined to consume him....


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

We will be opening the phone lines early on as Katie found a very interesting and intriguing article concerning possible suitors for a sale of WWE. We'll discuss who the potential buyers are, what we think might be necessary for a sale to be approved, and what might be the historical event that might stop such a sale. A new faction has been formed over the weekend in NXT to feud with SAnitY and it includes a name familiar with Impact Wrestling fans. Another former Impact star has also...


ERN Presents Throwback Thursday-PWR Presents PWR SLAM! Ladies Night

Original air date-2/15/2017 Back in the early days of our industry, with the exception of women booked by The Fabulous Moolah, womens wrestling was merely a side attraction, not something you would focus your main event, let alone your entire card around. The landscape has thankfully changed for the better and womens matches and titles now not only get attention, they are many times the main events. With the internet buzzing about both WWE Womens Champonships changing hands within 24 hours...


ERN Presents W.A.R._Wrestling Authority Radio-Insane House Party

We want to express our sympathy to those affected by today's tragic shooting in Florida. Since our revamping of our program under the W.A.R. name, Crusher Knopf has been a mainstay of our program. In addition to his time as an active wrestler for Jim Crockett Promotions, later to become World Championship Wrestling, Crusher has turned his efforts to promoting and he and many of the roster of his promotion, Georgia Extreme Wrestling, have been on our program many times. Tonight, as part of...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

One has to wonder in the "creative" landscape known as WWE if by next week's Elimination Chamber go home show if it will be turned into a 30 man match the way they keep adding people. If the landscape were not clear as mud during the finish to last night's RAW, the live video WWE did on Facebook made it that way. Friday night, both Impact, in a joint promotion, with Wrestle Pro out of New Jersey and Ring Of Honor ran competing live events with Impact broadcasting on their Twitch channel and...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-Dynamo Pro Wrestling Edition

Several weeks back, we were approached by officials from Dynamo Pro Wrestling out of St. Louis. After several false starts, we finally got eveything arranged and tonight Dynamo Pro takes over the show. We will be joined by these great guests: Luke Roberts Snitch Brandon Espinoza Makaze All of these people are very accomplished wrestlers, including Luke, who also serves as the Media Director for the promotion. We are thrilled to have all of these fine talents on our airwaves tonight, we hope...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil Hair of The Dog 2

Tonight, we are FINALLY going to put the Zero 1 Gary Jay/Jake Parnell controversy to bed! We are going to talk about a note we recieved after Wednesday's show from someone who claimed to be a part of the promotion, but we found out otherwise. We arree also going to expose more information about the match we did not know last week that Crimefighter, who was a witness to the event, apparently didn't feel was important enough to mention to us. Joining us once again will be former Windy City...


ERN Presents: Throwback Thursday W/ Scorpio & Bolin

NOT A LIVE SHOW! Who would have thought we would reach this milestone? Tonight we celebrate our ONE HUNDRETH EPISODE! While we've had our ups and downs it's been through the dedication of not just our hosts, but you, our listeners, that we have kept this going. Tonight we are bringing back our Spotlight and welcoming back our friends from PWA in Springfield, Il. They have another great event planned for central Illinois this weekend that they will talk about. We are very happy to have them...


ERN Presents W.A.R. Radio "How Far Should The Curtain Be Opened?" W/ LOTS

Evolution Radio Network Proudly Presents: Wrestling Authority Radio (W.A.R. Radio) TONIGHT on W.A.R. We Pose The Question.... "How Far SHould The Curtain Be Opened?" We will have lots of guests calling in to debate this. Last night on TNT we had a very boisterous discussion about an event that happened this past weekend in Southern Illinois. Part of that discussion included should you expose the base parts of the ring in front of a live crowd. Without having promoted our show in certain...


ERN Presents Rmpage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

BREAKING NEWS- Impact Wrestling announcer/producer Jeremy Borash just signed a deal with WWE! We will discuss the situation and what he might be involved in. With the strain's of Joan Jett's classic "Bad Reputation" and a finger point at a sign, the wrestling business was changed without a word. Rowdy Ronda Rousey, probably the biggest name in the UFC ranks, played the world, including celebrity news site TMZ, when she claimed she was off to Columbia for a movie shoot, only to suddenly show...


ERN Presents Throwback Thursday-An Evening With Les Thatcher

Original air date-1/27/17 Bring your notebooks and TAKE NOTES! What you are going to recieve tonight in two hours for FREE others have had to PAY to get! PWR SLAM! is priviledged to present to you "An Evening With Les Thatcher". You will hear two hours of instruction, stories and jokes from one of the most well known trainers and promoters the wrestling business has ever had. The list of wrestlers who have spent time under Les' tutelage is a Who's Who of the business, including Matt Stryker,...


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