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Popular Pageant Problems and How to Solve Them

Pageant girls (and guys) from all over the world email, message, and tweet us their questions (i.e. conundrums). In this episode, Jesse and Steven talk about a few of the more controversial and popular ones that they receive and give you their verdict on what you should do. Want daily practice questions? Follow us on Instagram @PageantPlanet to get yours! Want to find a pageant you qualify for? Visit, Want to purchase a Gift Card?...

Duration: 00:33:35

5 Tips for Finding Success After Not Winning

Have you been competing in pageants and not won your desired title? Are you looking for solutions as to how you can win your dream title? In this episode, Steven & Jesse cover 5 tips that will help you succeed.

Duration: 00:39:11

Goal Setting 101

In this episode, Steven shares how he used goals to meet his wife and shows how you can leverage goals to win the crown. Also, Jesse and Steven discuss barriers to goal setting, how to overcome laziness and excuses, and how you can stay on track despite setbacks. Need help training for your pageant? Visit, Want do review our packing list? Visit,

Duration: 00:34:11

Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is our favorite time of year. It's truly magical but the thing that makes it magical might be different than what you think. Enjoy this gem from our founder, and if you're looking for a last minute Christmas gift we encourage you to consider purchasing the Pageant Box by visiting, Also, if you have not yet downloaded our 233 free practice interview questions then visit, to get your...

Duration: 00:05:37

How to Get in Control of Your Interview

Description: Getting control of your interview will help you score better and create an environment that has more predictable questions and conversation. In this episode, we share 3 strategies that will help you gain control of your interview. Oh, and for convenience here are the links mentioned in this episode:

Duration: 00:38:55

5 Ways to Market Yourself During the Holidays

During this episode, Steven and Jesse talk about how you can market yourself to build your network, secure sponsorship money and cultivate relationships with your director and titleholders. Listen in to learn about these 5 unique strategies! Oh, and the promo file is a throwback... Visit, to order yours today!

Duration: 00:36:46

Miss Universe Recap + Coaching Feedback

In this episode Jesse and Steven recap the changes the Miss Universe organization implemented including how they selected their Top 16 and they also give feedback to the contestants who competed in the pageant. If you're looking for the product promo of the week you can find it by visiting,

Duration: 00:36:58

How to Create Quality Practice Pageant Questions

Pageant interview can be hard for those who do not know how to prepare. This episode Steven & Jesse talk about how you can create quality interview questions based on your bio sheet, current events and pageant system. If you want to download our free practice questions that are age and gender specific then visit, to get your copy.

Duration: 00:31:41

What is People's Choice Award? Is it Important and How to Win it?

If you are not sure what the People's Choice Award is or if it's even important than you'll want to listen to this episode. Jesse and Steven talk about when you should pursue People's Choice and when it's not worth the energy. As always if you're interested in working with Pageant Planet you can visit,

Duration: 00:28:23

How to Succeed in a Glitz Pageant

Glitz pageants are a unique subculture inside the culture of pageantry. Certain rules that apply to Glitz don't translate in the world of natural pageants and vice versa. In this episode, Jesse and Steven break down what a Glitz pageant is and how you can succeed as a contestant/parent of a contestant.

Duration: 00:31:40

How to Overcome Haters

No one makes it out of life without having at least one person hate on, make fun of, or talk down to them. You will be no different. So if you are feeling discouraged by the opinions of others then you are going to love this show.

Duration: 00:25:51

10 Newbie Mistakes Every Pageant Girl Makes

If you're new to the pageant industry there are things that you think are cute but they just do not translate well. Listen to this show and save yourself some embarrassing moments. Start to look like a pro by not looking like a newbie.

Duration: 00:29:20

How to Show Personality On-Stage

Are you looking for a way to showcase your personality on stage to make a favorable impression on the judges? If so, then you're going to love this episode featuring Kendra Hale, USA National Miss 2017 who shares with Jesse and Steven how she showcased her personality and won the National Title.

Duration: 00:41:31

10 Products You Need in Your Makeup Bag

During your pageant, you are on the move and depending on the system you might not have easy access to your hotel room where you can go back and freshen up. In this episode, Jesse & Steven discuss the 10 items that you need inside your makeup bag. Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram @PageantPlanet to see our questions of the day and discover more tips that will help you succeed in pageantry.

Duration: 00:32:08

How to Standout During Opening Number

Are you curious about how to standout during opening number? Do you want to know how to quickly learn your routine? Listen in as Jesse and Steven share their pet peeves and discuss how to succeed during opening number!

Duration: 00:28:43

7 Pageant Cliches to Avoid When Competing

Using pageant cliches can make you sound like a "Pageant Patty" and ultimately hurt your scores. In this podcast Steven & Jesse talk about common pageant sayings and discuss why they are used and how to avoid them.

Duration: 00:29:06

Miss America 2018 Recap

Miss North Dakota was crowned Miss America 2018 last night and today Steven and Jesse talk about the pageant, the changes the Miss America organization has made and we discuss the standouts of the pageant. Listen in and then weigh in on your opinions about our opinions.

Duration: 01:01:15

10 Items You Need to Pack For Pageant Week

Do you ever get to a pageant and say I WISH I would have known to pack that? Most of us have. In this episode, Steven & Jesse talk about 10 items that are vital to you having a successful pageant. Hey, they even talk about how to get more sleep at night. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:30:27

How to Talk About a Hard to Talk About Pageant Platform

There are certain platforms that are just hard to talk about and maybe even a little scary to promote. In this week's show Steven and Jesse talk about how to present these challenging platforms inside the interview room.

Duration: 00:19:18

How to Effectively Filter Opinions in Pageantry

From wardrobe to hairstyles to interview strategies and beyond you don't have to go very far to find someone who has an opinion on what is in style, what will not win and what looks best. But, how can you as a titleholder make sense of those opinions? In this episode, Jesse & Steven cover opinions and how to filter out the ones that do not work for you.

Duration: 00:27:18

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