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Ep 62: Jason Burris (PATM Page Member & Local Community Shining Light)

This week I talk to Jason Burris, a Paint All The Minis page member and also someone who really cares about developing rpg/tabletop/& board gaming in his community. As we mention in the show Jason has been living in the same area for many years and has also been going to the same local game store. When he felt that the shop needed him he began to step in to help out in any way he could. Organising leagues, meet ups, painting clubs, youth rpg leagues etc. It has been great personally to...


Ep 61: Graham McNeil (Games Workshop Black Library/Riot Games League of Legends)

This week I talk to Graham McNeil a world famous author best know for his work in the Games Workshop Fantasy and sci fi universes. What I like most about this podcast is finding out about the person behind the printed names we see on the products we buy. Up until speaking to him, Graham was just a name on a book but I was delighted to find that he is a really nice guy and it actually made me want to follow his work a little more closely. Graham now works with Riot Games’ league of legends...


Ep 60: Stephan Rath (Award Winning Painter/Paint Handle Creator)

This week I talk to Stephan Rath, a native of Germany. Stephan is such a modest person, he explains amazing feats as mere trifles. He is not only a multiple slayer sword winning painter but he is also the creator of a great range of painting handles. Painting handles as you will hear in the show allow you to brace your hands for fine paint work and also enable you to manipulate your model and paint it without actually touching it yourself. I really enjoy Rathcore holders and backed his...


On Geeking Part 2

Hey, Josh and I get back together after another few months of gaming to chat about what we enjoyed. Remember this is just us and our thoughts, no product placement, advertising, or structured/well thought out reviews. Literally us just chatting over what we have played over the last few months and the things that stuck with us. Hope you enjoy!


Ep 59: Léonidas Vesperini (Mythic Games/Solomon Kane)

This week I talk once again to Leo vesperini of Mythic Games. I spoke to him back in episode 54 so if you havent listened to that then I encourage you to do so before you listen to this one. In our previous chat we talked about 2 kickstarters both he and Mythic Games had been involved in but we didnt really talk about him. So it was great to be able to speak to Leo again to find out more about his personal journey. His experience differs from a lot of other people in the sense that he got...


Ep 58: Randy Brown (Paint All The Minis Facebook Page Member)

This week I talk to Mr Randy Brown, the second of two podcasts I have done with Paint All The Minis facebook page members. It was a great chat with Randy about his experience and insight & I thank him for giving up some of his leisure time to speak to me. He is a fine example of th type of memeber we have on our page. Positive, helpful, and enthusiastic about hobbying/playing


Ep 57: Mantic Games (Ronnie Renton/What's happening in 2018)

This week I talk once more to Ronnie Renton of Mantic Games. I spoke to him back in episode 44 about his personal history and some of the things that he was up to at the time. He is a great character so I thought it was high time that I chatted with him again to see whats what. I do enjoy mantic games personally, and we talk about why in the show. It was great to hear about some of the great things upcoming from them in 2018.


Ep 56: Jody Boudreaux (Paint All The Minis Page Member)

This week I talk to Jody Boudreaux a paint all the minis page member. Over the christmas period I slung out a message for people who would like to come onto the show and then let the wheel of destiny pick two people. Jody was one of the two people. It was brilliant to talk to him. His episode is the sort I especially love, we met face to face which I much prefer, we just chatted about the hobby and the things we enjoy. As I always say the podcast is a chat with everyone and not just big...


Ep 55: Bryan Cook (Bolt Action Alliance/WWPD/Painting Tutorials)

This week I talk to Mr Bryan Cook from the island detention centre. Bryan has had an interesting experience in the hobby and is probably best know to date for his painting tutorials through the bolt action alliance and WWPD group. This is a group of people who create podcasts, news updates, and painting tutorials focusing on ww2 and the Bolt action tabletop game from warlord games. Bryan and he is the epitome of what we stand for as a Paint all the minis page and podcast. Positive,...


Ep 54: Léonidas Vesperini (Mythic Games/Mythic Battles Pantheon/Time of Legends: Joan of Arc)

This week I talk to Mr Léo Vesperini of Mythic games about their 2 most recent games, Mythic Battles: Pantheon, and Time of Legends: Joan of Arc. Mythic Battles Pantheon was a kickstarter campaign that is currently shipping around the world, and Joan of Arc’s kickstarter campaign has officially finished but it opens for late pledges on January 22nd 2018. So you can pick up both of these games if you so desire. It was a pleasure to talk to Léo and I really hope you enjoy the show.


Ep 53: Tuomas Pirinen (Legend of Tabletop/GW/Reforged Studios)

This week I talk to Tuomas Pirinen, another gent who I would firmly place in the Legend category when it comes to tabletop games. Tuomas worked his way up through games workshop in the 90’s and the naughties and amongst other things he was games designer for Warhammer Fantasy and also most notably Mordheim. He then took a jump into the world of video games. As always it is an interesting insight into the industry but more importantly one of someone who was passionate and enthusiastic to do...


Ep 52: Henry Faulkner (Autokill/Dice Mechanic Games)

Hey there! This week I talk to Henry Faulkner one half of Dice Mechanic Games. As you will hear in the show Henry and his pal Owen just decided to make games for fun and to see what happens. It is a great story and I hope that Henry continues to develop his ideas and his game Autokill, a car based skirmish game set in a semi apocalyptical world. As he mentions in the show he is looking for people to assist in playing/developing the game so if you want to support him then check out the...


Ep 51: Alessio Cavatore (River Horse Games/Kings of War/Bolt Action/GW)

Hey,This week I talk to Alessio Cavatore who has an amazing array of experience and insight, he is another true legend of tabletop gaming! Alessio was a key figurehead at Games Workshop for a number of years and at one time had 40k, fantasy, and The Lord of The Rings under his remit. Once he left he created lots of other games most notably Bolt Action and Kings of War. He now runs River Horse Games and has an amazing 2018 planned for us all, prepare your gaming schedule accordingly! I had...


Ep 50: Jason Rutherford (Legends of Kalidasia)

Hello and welcome to episode 50 of the paint all the minis paint ramble podcast.This week I talk to the creator of the Legends of Kalidasia universe and tabletop game Mr Jason Rutherford. Jason has crafted an entire universe of Aliens and political intrigue for the setting of his space combat game, it was great to hear about his work and his passion! I hope you enjoy the show!


Ep 49: Ash Barker (Guerrilla Miniature Games Youtube Channel)

Hello and welcome to episode 49 of the paint all the minis paint ramble podcast. The show where I talk to anyone and everyone about the painting/modelling/tabletop gaming industry and learn about their insight and experience. This week I talk to Mr Ash Barker of Guerrilla Miniature games. Ash has a rich history in the world of tabletop gaming and he currently runs a you tube channel with a plethora of content from laid back chats about games to battle reports, reviews of new gaming...


Ep 48 Leland Martel (Painting by Leland Martel Facebook Page,PATM Page member)

This week I talk to Leland Martel a paint all the minis page member, a content producer and former miniwargaming bat rep creator. He runs a page now called painting by leland martel on facebook so go and check that out. What I loved about our chat and Lelend in general was just how laid back & open he is. Also and I know I say this a lot too but just how much of a good guy he is, I bet it would be great to play games with Leland, I am sure they would be a fun experience for both parties....


Ep 47: Paul Winter (Warmaster Podcast, Warmaster Revolution)

This week I talk to Mr Paul Winter of the Warmaster Podcast and also a major advocate/mobilising force behind keeping the old GW game warmaster alive through the unofficial creation of warmaster version 2, warmaster revolution.As always we delve into his story and his current antics! Give Warmaster a look see if you havent already!


Ep 46: David Witek (Garagehammer Podcast)

I speak to Dave Witek, of the garage hammer podcast. Dave has been part of the podcast for a good number of years and they focus on all aspects of the game and hobby from playing, painting, scenarios, news & gossip etc. if you are into fantasy/AOS then I reccomend giving garage hammer a go, they are up to episode 181 so there is a great back catalogue you can delve into. Its fun, laid back, and informative and that ticks all the boxes for me so go and give them a listen. I hope you enjoy...


Ep 45: Gav Thorpe (Award Winning Author & Legend of Lore!)

This week I talk to another Legend of the industry, Mr Gav Thorpe. Gav had many roles within Games Workshop over a number of years but is probably most renowned for his writing. He has written a great number of novels & stories that I wont list here but there is a link to his website on the description below so you can go and check him out. It does need to be said that he has both invented and also added to an astonishing amount of the Warhammer world both fantasy and 40k and without him...


Ep 44: Ronnie Renton (Mantic Games)

In this special early release show I talk to Mr Ronnie Renton about all things Mantic. Ronnie formed Mantic about 8 years ago and over that time he has produced some cracking games. What initially drew me to Mantic was the ethos behind the games. As we discuss in the show I have found Mantic games to be very reasonably priced and are also very welcoming, they are not overbearing, they ease you into the action and make the game fun and ingratiating. Mantic currently have an active...


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