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Episode 83: Oliver Queenie Was a Blond

Bringing a Sword to a Catfight; It’s-a Me, Pennywise; The Booyah Emote; Teenagers with Attitude; Raccoon SEO; Circe’s Spa Day; You Say You Want an Evolution; Sorry, I Didn’t Want to Hear WicDiv Spoilers, So I Don’t Know What to Put Here; Ocular Android Lubrication; The Man of Steel Sometimes; Opening Doors; Brony Bars; Forbush Man Returns; Jameson’s Pent-Up Lectures; The Folly of Nick Fury, Jr.; Aphra’s New Boss; Doggone It; IISG: Lon Chaney, Jr. Walking with the Queen; LBCBR: Rags to...

Duration: 01:40:42

Episode 82: Way Down in Kokomo

Here Comes the Sun; Kung Furry; DeadPopeil; Return of the Jedha; Galactus Hates Mondays; Cable-Cutting; Lemonade Springs; True or False?; Storytime with Bruce; Hal the Flasher; Out of Time; Staff Infection; Newsbreak; IISG: Unloading on the League; LBCBR: Tromboned (Moon Knight #188 - 5:42, Master of Kung Fu #126 - 13:09, Spider-Man Vs. Deadpool #23 - 16:29, Runaways #3 - 19:23, Star Wars #38 - 23:06, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl # 26 - 27:29, Despicable Deadpool #289 - 31:48, Rock Candy...

Duration: 01:20:23

Episode 81: Is Batman a Furry?

Bruce in the Doghouse; Holy Paternity Suit, Batman; Emo Batman; Extreme Spelunking; Shocking Returns; Supervillain Ethics 101; Read All About It; Steve Rogers Truthers; What Do Pym Particles Smell Like?; Brousins; Sinister Six Returns; IISG: Like a Wrecking Ball; LBCBR: Words, Words, Words (Batman #34 - 5:11, Batman: The Dark Prince Charming, Vol. 1 - 8:32, Batman: The Devastator One Shot - 15:42, Justice League #32 - 19:50, Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #1 - 21:45, Deathstroke #25 -...

Duration: 01:06:05

Episode 80: How to Handle a Rogue Polar Bear

Edging Ackbar; Sartorial Redundancy; I’m Not Rappaport; He’ll Rip Your Lungs Out, Jim; Flash vs. Sonic Footrace; Brian’s Discretion; Goliath the Floofer; Bat of War; Nastygrams; Micro to Macro; Wishing on a Star; Ruptured by Dr. Manhattan; Pha-la-la-la-la-la-logical; LBCBR: A-dressing Swamp Thing (All-New Wolverine #26 - 4:15, Amazing Spider-Man #790 - 8:12, Silver Surfer #14 - 11:25, Jughead: The Hunger #1 - 13:50, The Flash #33 - 18:02, The Ruff and Reddy Show #1 - 23:02, Teen Titans...

Duration: 02:07:13

Episode 79: Tidbitting

Dreamweaver; Brain Drain; Thick, Dark, and Imposing; Rockin’ with Daken; Amazing Friends; Bat-Family Meeting; What Is Dead May Never Die; Everybody Wants to Rule the World; High Hopes; Good Vibrations; Ain’t No Party Like a Stark Party; Heads-Up; Getting the Band Back Together; Gwen’s Punk Phase; Hard-Havering Heroes; IISG: Hey Brian; LBCBR: A Nippy Nuclear Winter (Vampirella #7 - 8:20, Kid Lobotomy #1 - 13:42, Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #1 - 16:58, All-New Wolverine #25...

Duration: 01:56:54

Episode 78: Horror Spooptacular! 2: Electric Spoopaloo

Working Out the Kinkles; Well Played; Where’d Ya Get Them Peepers?; Hollywood Horrors; Gettin’ Juggy with It; Dreamy Psychopaths; They Got Better; Full Contact Hopscotch; Brother’s Keeper; And What Do We Do with a Witch?; Something About Eve; Dirty, Magic Money; Young Guns; High Steaks; Bugging Out; Beating the Devil; We Shall Haunt on the Beaches; Tricksy Bobbittses; That Voodoo That You Do; The Devil’s Chord; InSPECTRE General; Reasons to Avoid Flavor Aid; Field of Screams; This Odd...

Duration: 02:20:57

Episode 77: Days of Jokes Past

With Bat-Like Tread ; 50 Shades of Bruce; This Little Pyg Had None; Like an Ogre; Mr. Napier, If You’re Nasty; Moose Wants Pants Too; Party Like It’s 1999; Some Assembly Required; Superior Hawkeye; No Time for Losers; Purple and Terrifying; Inhumans Comics Are Good; Spidey’s Man in Chair; Unholy Rollers; Platonic Symbiosis; Little Deathstrokes; LBCBR: Golden Boy (All-Star Batman #14 - 7:26, Batman: The Dawnbreaker One-Shot - 11:33, Batman / The Shadow #1 - 18:43, Batman #32 - 22:33,...

Duration: 02:01:59

Episode 76: Cocteau/Burr Begins

What Is a Legacy?; Spider Hang Sesh; Capstone; Mephisto’s Aside; The End of Fury’s Road; Paint It Black; Like a Batarang; Dick Gets Around; To Protect and Serve; Batman and Robin; The Importance of a Good Wrap-Up; Stjepan Time; An Critical Message for Steve Trevor; Orcjectification; Reading by Whale Lamplight; IISG: What Goes Down; LBCBR: The Limits of Alex’s Masochism (Marvel Legacy #1 Walkthrough - 8:32, Generations: Miles Morales Spider-Man and Peter Parker Spider-Man - 42:13,...

Duration: 02:04:59

Episode 75: Love Is a Weapon

The Speed of Vengeance; Mr. Freeze’s LARP Session; Comics Sans Horse; Fight the Mans!; Sibling Rivalry; Super Hero Buddy System; The Important Lesson Hammer; Our Apologies to Jeff Lemire; IISG: Enter Cola Goth; Coming Soon; LBCBR: Last In, First Out (Batman: The Red Death One-Shot - 5:45, Nightwing #29 - 11:50, Batwoman #7 - 16:50, Angelic #1 - 20:45, All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #10 - 27:14, Avengers #11 - 29:49, Generations: Ms. Marvel & Ms. Marvel - 34:21, Black Hammer #13 - 40:06,...

Duration: 01:45:12

Episode 74: Please Don't Bully Brians

Not in Kansas Anymore; Batman’s Worst Nightmare; The Worst Theme Park; Shapely Comics; Confusing Showers; Orcs Among Us; The True Meaning of Adulthood; Pool Party; The Kids Aren’t Alright; Something About Steve; IISG: Pepsi’s Bespoke Person; LBCBR: Brian’s Lament (Action Comics #987 - 0:53, Dark Knights: Metal #2 - 12:50, Teen Titans #12 - 22:02, Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special - 25:18, Mister Miracle #2 - 32:24, Realm #1 - 39:57, Amazing Spider-Man #32 - 41:17, Gwenpool #20 -...

Duration: 01:36:40