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PAH Ep 21 - Victims of the System

The Twenty-First Hour. Papa Anarchy breaks down the system of the society of which we live in and the victim mentality of racism as well as how EVERYONE is victim of how we are designed to live our life from our education system to be a employee for the majority of our lives.

Duration: 00:55:17

PAH Ep 20 - Ignorant Americans

The Twentieth Hour. Lady Anarchy returns to the show and talks about the state of things in today's world and break down what we define as Ignorant Americans

Duration: 01:11:30

PAH Ep 19 - Technical Difficulties with Mario

The Nineteenth Hour. Papa Anarchy attempt to live stream his first ever video Podcast with the return of the guest Mario as they talk more WWE but technical difficulties arise so he chooses to record the video, and once again technical difficulties arise.

Duration: 01:11:31

PAH Ep 18 - The Music and Thoughts of Integ

The Eighteenth Hour. Papa Anarchy is speaking with Inland Empire artist Integ in the episode. They talk about Integ's music and his inspiration behind it all and then they get breakdown their thoughts on society, social media, life and money.

Duration: 00:57:42

PAH Ep 17 - It'sa Rasslin' witha Mario Pt 2

The Seventeenth Hour. Papa Anarchy conludes his conversation with Mario about the WWE and this time he's talking about the future as well as CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, and the infamous Chris Benoit. Also Mario talk about his love of The Chive.

Duration: 01:01:41

PAH Ep 16 - It'sa Rasslin' witha Mario Pt 1

The Sixteenth Hour. Papa Anarchy bring in his friend Mario and they break down the WWE and professional wrestling as a whole as they talk about how they got into wrestling, who their favorites are, and much more in the 2 part conversation.

Duration: 00:58:49

PAH Ep 15 - The Return of PA Hour

The Fifteenth Hour. Papa Anarchy is BACK and he is here with his wife to tell you the story of this past year and how they struggled and got through it all. From how they lost almost everything to building their own business. This one is a must listen.

PAH Ep 14 - Gay Marriage, Racism, and Donald Trump

In this episode, Papa Anarchy talks about Gay Marriage, racism in America, and Donald Trump running for president and the stupidity of it all!!!!

PAH Ep 13 - The Return of Esto

Guest Esturado return once again as we talk baseball, basketball, football, and of course WWE and NXT.

PAH Ep 12 - Inner Demons of Alcohol and Addiction

In this episode, Papa Anarchy discusses his battle with overcoming alcohol addiction and offers his story to inspire others to find a clear path

PAH Ep 11 - Social Commentary with Addy Award Winner Justin Valdivia

In this episode I sit down with 2015 Addy Best of Show Inland Empire, CA Award Winner Justin Valdivia as we talk art, design, music, racism, black culture and the media. And how it all influences society to stereotype people.

PAH Ep 10 - The Pursuit of Happiness and A Peace of Cancer

Papa Anarchy sits down with Bella, the founder of the blog "A Peace of Cancer", and discusses the pursuit of happiness and the details of her blog to be released on March 20th. A must listen for those who find themselves in the dark with depression and sadness.

PAH Ep 9 - Evil Palm Oil

The Ninth Hour. Papa Anarchy talks with guest star, Mercedes, about the damage that palm oil does to the Earth and animals. Discover just how bad it of and what actions we can take to stop the damage that it is causing in this important episode!!!!

PAH EP 8 - Dreams

Papa Anarchy talks about following your dreams and gives examples of successful people who have. And why it is important to follow your dream.

PAH EP 7 - Shenanegans with Qeetra

(Pilot Episode 7) Shenanegans... That's all I have to say about that

PAH EP 6 - Lifting The World Off My Shoulders

(Pilot Episode 6) In this episode, Papa Anarchy exposes a piece of his life that has weighed him down and partially motivated him to become Papa Anarchy. The inner demons are released and no holds are barred

PAH EP 5 - America's Games and Rasslin' Feat Esturado

(Pilot Episode 5) Finally, Papa Anarchy lands his very first guest on the show. His good friend, Esturado. They talk baseball, football, WWE, and share a few beers while doing so.

PAH EP 4 - Earthquakes, Work, and Memorial Day

(Pilot Episode 4) In episode 4, Papa Anarchy goes on another random blurb show after promising to get a guest on the show but plans didn't fall through. He talks earthquakes, his crappy job, and as a Veteran, the importance of Memorial Day

PAH EP 3 - Try This Again

(Pilot Episode 3) Papa Anarchy goes on a random blurb show, throwing everything including the kitchen sink to provide a entertaining show after failing to produce a entertaining show about baseball.

PAH EP 2 - Life and S**t

(Pilot Episode 2) In the very first full hour podcast, Papa Anarchy talks about life and experiences and gives some wisom to his listeners and follows it by discussing what makes him mad
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