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The Raptors Making LeBron & The Cavs Angry | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #63

In todays podcast we discuss Toronto Raptors Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James Kyrie Irving The Elite corpsing WWE Batista Toronto Maple Leafs Jack Johnson Columbus Blue Jackets YouTube views subscribers Dailymotion Abraham Bible Chris Matthews Bill Cosby pill Hillary Clinton water Golden State Warriors Pick 6ix Drake Donald Trump Masai Ujiri Valerie Plame Twitter crowdfunding Toronto Blue Jays Josh Donaldson Baltimore Orioles Manny Machado immigrants GM autonomous car selfdriving car 2019...

Duration: 00:18:34

The NAFTA Waiting Game | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #62

In todays podcast we discuss Canada US Mexico NAFTA Tim Hortons union Team Canada Olympic Hockey PyeongChang 2018 Donald Trump shithole countries immigration Toronto Raptors Cleveland Cavaliers Drake Pick 6ix Wade LeBron James Jay Bruce New York Mets Toronto Blue Jays Serge Ibaka NHL AllStar Game Anthony Duclair Chicago Blackhawks Arizona Coyotes Richard Panik off side Isaiah Thomas Diet Coke 7Eleven James Johnson Andrew Wiggins Charles Oakley Houston Astros Deepak Chopra Toronto Maple Leafs...

Duration: 00:35:45

Have The Wheels Fallen Off The Raptors' Season? | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #61

In todays podcast we discuss Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry injury Brooklyn Nets referees LeBron James San Jose Sharks Winnipeg Winnipeg Jets Paul Maurice Peter Schiff US Dollar bubble burst BitCoin antidiscrimination laws NASA drill Yellowstone volcano Bubonic plague Arizona New Mexico Stan Lee Democrats GOP Senate Net Neutrality Tie Domi Johnny Manziel CFL XFL Tiger Cats Gerrit Cole Pittsburgh Pirates Houston Astros Karlsson Ottawa Senators Cody Franson Chicago Blackhawks Toronto Maple Leafs...

Duration: 01:01:45

NFL Wild Card Playoffs | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #60

In todays podcast we discuss NFL Playoffs Titans Chiefs Marcus Mariota Wildcard Playoffs Buffalo Bills Jacksonville Jaguars Toronto Blue Jays Yangervis Solarte Padres LeBron James Browns parade Sweden Lias Andersson silver medal World Juniors Donald Trump Jeff Sessions Republicans states rights weed tax dollars MODOK Mark Hamill Michael Wolff Steve Bannon Baron Corbin Thornton Kadri playoff beards Tim Hortons RBI tips Scarborough Turn Down For What figure skater Russia investigation Lakers...

Duration: 00:20:08

Tim Hortons Twitter War | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #59

In todays podcast we discuss Tim Hortons Twitter War minimum wage Ontario Kadri Thornton beard barber HP batteries Intel Meltdown Spectre Apple iOS Macs Safari Flames Jagr Jon Gruden Raiders Andersen Leafs Raycroft Chris Jericho NJPW Kenny Omega Trump climate change weather bomb Team USA World Juniors Canada Sweden White Sox Soria Bill Belichick Jeff Sessions marijuana DEA opioids Google Play Android users Antarctic iceberg Cody Rhodes expanding shoes CTE NFL eggs pregnancyAlso we are on...

Duration: 00:28:21

Intel Chip Flaw - Millions of Computers Vulnerable | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #58

In todays podcast we discuss Intel Chips Meltdown Spectre AMD ARM microprocessors Donald Trump Steve Bannon Tim Hortons minimum wage NJPW WK12 Wrestle Kingdom 12 Chris Jericho Kenny Omega Cody Rhodes Republicans Bill Shuster Beregevin Pacioretty Carey Price Montreal Canadiens Habs Karl Malone Smackdown Live Buffalo Bills Bills Mafia Dalton charity Denis Shapovalov Marvin Lewis Bengals Carson Palmer NFL donations Andy Cohen CNN NYE Expos World Series The Looking Glass water Russia treasonous...

Duration: 00:17:03

RAW Talk 2018 | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #57

In todays podcast we discuss 2018 WWE RAW Kane Brock Lesnar Samoa Joe Roman Reigns Jason Jordan Seth Rollins Elias Bo Dallas cowbell The Club Kurt Angle John Cena Womens Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Rough Night Very Bad Things NHL Winter Classic shadows Rangers Sabres Lundqvist Pointless podcast Kevin Pereira studio atheists agnostic USA Hockey Brian Gionta Olympics transabled Raiders Jon Gruden New Jersey Devils Eddie Lack Calgary Flames Elias Pettersson Vancouver Canucks Sweden video games...

Duration: 00:23:17

Ajit Pai "Ho Ho Whoring" Around For The Big 3 | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #56

In todays podcast we discuss Ajit Pai Net Neutrality FCC ZeroRating Toronto Blue Jays Josh Donaldson Bitcoin Warren Buffett FOMO India Ponzi Scheme credit cards cryptocurrency The Miz Kenny Omega Laura Dern Nike Toronto Raptors City jersey Baron Davis Forrest Gump Stan Lee Apple iPhone battery AppleCare Zack Gibson Climate Change Donald Trump Boston Red Sox Manny Machado New York Yankees Yu Darvish Baltimore Orioles Environment Canada Hillary Clinton Fatty Arbuckle Edson Barboza Barack Obama...

Duration: 00:29:26

Rest In Power Johnny Bower | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #55

In todays podcast we discuss Johnny Bower Toronto Maple Leafs holiday shoppers sales records drones YouTube views subscribers Trump glowing orb pic James Bond movie villain Ted Cruz band NFL Patriots James Harrison Steelers Redskins Smackdown Live AJ Styles Kevin Owens Jinder Mahal US Title Ruby Riott John Cena WrestleMania Fastlane main event CM Punk Chicago Dolph Ziggler Shawn Michaels Corey Graves coffee enema Halo Guillermo del Toro UFO Fukushima Hyosube Japanese folklore hair bathroom...

Duration: 00:10:36

The Day After Christmas Podcast | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #54

In todays podcast we discuss Christmas Christmas spirit Christmas decorations Chuck Berry Run Rudolph Run Little Queenie Jack Frost Star Wars The Last Jedi Vietnam vet Jocko motivation incarceration Red States algorithms Facebook Twitter RAW The Bar CM Punk Elias John Cena Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins Jason Jordan Renee Young Asuka Shinsuke Nakamura Paul Heyman Guy Brock Lesnar American Alpha NBA Xmas games Cavs Warriors Lebron James Kevin Durant foul flop Justin Trudeau birthday FBI Trump...

Duration: 00:51:03

American Exceptionalism? | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #53

In todays podcast we discuss Michael Moore Where To Invade Next American Exceptionalism Italy paid vacation lunch France Norway prison system An Inconvenient Sequel Al Gore India asphalt NBA Christmas games Russian submarines North Atlantic Marines women relationships Loblaws foodbank gift card Vice News Shane Smith sexual harrassment sexual assault Blue Jays Josh Donaldson Cardinals rebuild SpaceX Jeff Bezos Amazon skullshaped asteroid weed Akeem Kwanzaa Christmas presents radioactive milk...

Duration: 00:22:19

This is the XFL...AGAIN! XFL 2.0 | Papa John's Brain Droppings Podcast #52

In todays podcast we discuss XFL Vince McMahon Johnny Manziel Colin Kaepernick anthem knee concussions UN General Assembly Jerusalem vote Canada abstained Ukranian translator Russian spy Opioid crisis Kratom Loblaw Gift card bread fixed prices Toronto Raptors OG Anunoby tax bill law UFO Pentagon King Arthur Guy Ritchie World Chess Championships logos christmas tree toppers Beyonce Hillary Clinton Trump Merry Christmas Christmas tree Jingle Bells Macho Man Randy Savage TJ Miller Christopher...

Duration: 00:49:04

WWE Clash of Champions

In todays podcast we discuss WWE Clash of Champions Randy Orton Rusev AJ Styles Jinder Mahal John Cena Dolph Ziggler Usos Locked Down Baron Corbin Sami Zayn Kevin Owens New Day Bludgeon Brothers Kronik The Ascension Charlotte Mr Kennedy Shane McMahon Corey Graves Dasha Hogan CM Punk Melnyk Ottawa Senators Giants Evan Longoria Rays Sam Kinison Dodgers Matt Kemp Braves Adrian Gonzalez Scott Kazmir Brandon McCarthy Charlie Culberson Yankees CC Sabathia DeMarre Carroll Raptors Nets Leafs XFL...

Duration: 00:56:10

Star Wars The Last Jedi Review

In todays podcast we discuss Star Wars The Last Jedi Review The Force Awakens Net Neutrality FCC ISPs Congress tax bill Wired social credit society China USA Canada Diddy curling NASA Google solar system Steve Bannon Roy Moore Gucci Mane Morgan Spurlock Super Size Me Jurassic Park amber tick Machado White Sox Orioles Sarah Palin Kinsler Angels Joe Smith Astros Seth Myers Doug Jones Alabama FoxConn Indians amp Melvin Upton Jr Also we are on iTunes Subscribe download and review at...

Duration: 00:12:05

Alabama Teaches Roy Moore How To Dougie

In todays podcast we discuss Alabama Doug Jones Roy Moore Senate Senator election Donald Trump pedophile winter exercise Auston Matthews Leafs Mike Babcock Texans Savage concussion CTE Buffalo Bills Colts Toronto FC MLS Cup MLS Seattle Sounders Manny Machado Red Sox Yankees Blue Jays Ross Atkins Donaldson Jay Bruce Carlos Gomez Carlos Gonzalez Eduardo Nunez Star Wars The Last Jedi Sarah Huckabee Sanders Apple Shazam WWF RAW Razor Ramon Goldust Shawn Michaels Vader Hulk Hogan Undertaker Macho...

Duration: 00:58:25

Giancarlo Stanton A Yankee! The Evil Empire Has Returned!

In todays podcast we discuss Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Marlins trade Jeter Ohtani Angels Blue Jays Harper Machado Donaldson MLB Bitcoin Donald Trump Canada NAFTA Trudeau Raptors Marc Gasol Grizzlies Roy Moore MediEvil PS4 Whamageddon Mariah Carey house party free housing right computer simulation unstable society Ajit Pai FCC Vice News Tonight Pyramid of Greatness Ron Swanson Nick Offerman Konnan LAX Impact Wrestling singapore cane sun damage eyes eclipse Iannetta Rockies hipsters Hitler...

Duration: 00:40:54

Why Do People Vote Like They're In The 1%, When They Aren't?!

In todays podcast we discuss tax bill government shutdown Donald Trump Roy Moore FBI Flynn Comey Silence Breakers Al Franken Conyers Frederik Andersen Leafs Mariners Ohtani Dee Gordon Seattle NHL Rogers Blue Jays 76ers Nets Jahlil Okafor Trevor Booker Broken Woken Matt Hardy California LA wildfire Olympics Russia Ovechkin Bettman Eisenhower Military Industrial Complex gerrymandering algorithm God art science Jesus stars light space universe Kane RAW voicebox Jeff Hardy King Mabel Saddam...

Duration: 01:21:14

Trump is in Trouble

In todays podcast we discuss Donald Trump Bob Mueller Mike Pence Mike Flynn Jared Kushner James Comey Putin Republicans Russia FBI EU NATO US Cold War Western Democracy Roy Moore Fox News Rex Tillerson KT McFarland Watergate Nixon Tax Bill White House obstruction Lindsey Grahm CNN robots Elon Musk Gregg Zaun Rogers Sportsnet Raptors Drake Braves Blue Jays Andrew Tinnish Flatearthers Kim Jong Un Rudolph reindeers George Foreman heavy bag Marine Iguanas Godzilla Hawaii Sand beaches Parrotfish...

Duration: 00:41:43

Matt Lauer, Yet Another Creepy Fuck

In todays podcast we discuss Matt Lauer Geoffrey Rush JayZ Donald Trump EI North Korea Kim Jongun Avengers Infinity War Justice League Ruby Riott Stanton Marlins Giants NFL Eli Manning Giants Justin Trudeau calendar Jaguars Colts Broncos Bills beard baubles beardaments hipsters Christmas Santa Claus Nancy Grace Al Snow Jim Bakker Bluedgeon Brothers Smackdown Live Kronik WCW Flatearthers Tye Dillinger Bitcoin McCutchen Pirates Charlie Rose Billy Bush Harvey Weinstein Kevin Spacey Conyers Roy...

Duration: 00:48:56

1 Bitcoin Worth 1 Trillion Dollars?!

In todays podcast we discuss Bitcoin Grey Cup Toronto Argos Donald Trump Nancy Pelosi Conyers Al Franken Roy Moore Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas RAW Bo Dallas Curt Axel Elias Matt Hardy Bray Wyatt The Shield Seth Rollins Roman Reigns Finn Balor Vince McMahon Samoa Joe Absolution Democrats Republicans Superman Justice League Gold Disney GE Raptors Grizzlies Marc Gasol Andersen Maple Leafs Stanton Dodgers Marlins Time Magazine Man of the Year Person of the Year Kaepernick Harvey Weinstein women...

Duration: 00:46:11

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