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Leading Behind the Scenes EP1: Finding Your Fit Between Strengths and Stretches - Devon Davey

Business success, especially entrepreneurial success, is about finding the right fit for your work, while also finding a harmony with everything else that affects your work. Business success is like relationship success. Sure, it would be wonderful to find the perfect match, but sometimes it’s even better to learn how to make an imperfect match fit. Communication and understanding allow unlike people to form mutually beneficial alliances. When alliances are formed, trust is born. It’s the...

Duration: 00:40:00

The Entrepreneur Family Ep 1: Entrepreneurship – The Entire Journey - Amrit Mansahia

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Entrepreneur Family, a new channel focused on how entire families share in the entrepreneurial journey and how it impacts not just the entrepreneur but their loved ones as well. Entrepreneurship requires that a risk-taking individual embark upon a journey: to launch their own business, using their own innovative ideas, in order to eventually earn a viable profit. Entrepreneur Amrit Mansahia discusses in detail with us her business journey, and the challenges she...

Duration: 00:25:53

EP 168: Stop Waiting for It to Get Easier - Jim Palmer (author, entrepreneur)

Small business marketing expert and entrepreneur Jim Palmer’s fifth book is entitled, “Stop waiting for it to get easier, create your dream business now!” The sentence explains itself. “There is no perfect time,” Jim says as he recounts his own experience: broke and heavily in debt, on unemployment for 15 months, suffering from a serious health issue. Jim started in a very low place, and he knows you should not wait for the time to be perfect to start your dream business. “It’s bigger than...

Duration: 00:32:47

EP #167: Think Big, Start Small - Andrew Davis (marketer, entrepreneur)

The title says it all, Thing Big, Start Small. This is the philosophy behind many accomplishments and dreams that individuals and entrepreneurs bring to fruition. Every big endeavor requires a step-by-step process of achievement. Innovative ideas are the big picture, each step turns that idea into reality is the small. Thinking big keeps eyes focused on the prize. Small achievements along the way are their own mini-prizes. Andrew Davis shares his big dream story in today’s interview. From...

Duration: 00:35:34

EP #166: Manage Your Boss, Staff, and Peers by Spending Time with Your Customers - Chris McGoff (Chairman, Founder)

Being a good manager and effective leader is not just about making decisions on your own, but about understanding how much decision-making depends on the customer’s behavior. In this podcast, we talk with Chris McGoff, founder and chairman of The Clearing, who has been helping big brands and the federal government drive change and find success for 30 years. Chris provides a simple visualization of how managers divide their time: customers to the east, peers to the west, boss to the north,...

Duration: 00:36:32

EP #165: Do and Believe That Which Moves You Toward Your Goals - Tom Bilyeu (Entrepreneur, Founder)

Tom Bilyeu, the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and life-long entrepreneur, chooses to focus on “everything being in my control.” While most people would agree in principle, they don’t often put it into true practice. Once you start working on the things that you believe in, it will not only be a motivating process, but will bring promising results. Much like the movie The Matrix, Tom’s philosophy is that “everything around us is a construct,” so by believing that everything is under our...

Duration: 00:34:22

EP #164: Context Matters - Christina Harbridge (Entrepreneur, CEO Alegory Inc.)

If you’re a long term Paper Napkin Wisdom listener, you may remember Christina Harbridge’s last visit EPISODE 47, when we had a lively discussion about shifting focus towards things that are enjoyable. If you’re just tuning in, Christina has a very interesting background. She has co-authored software, built a company that hit national revenue success, practiced acrobatic swing dancing, been a NASA test subject, and collaborated to design several large-scale metal sculptures currently on...

Duration: 00:31:42

EP #163: Practicing Patience - Jay Jackson (Entrepreneur, Founder)

In a society where people expect things to materialize instantly, many would be entrepreneurs expect the same, as it relates to success. However, in today’s podcast, founder of RYSE Media, Jay Jackson discusses how his view of entrepreneurship has evolved over the years and provides tips for the next generation of entrepreneurs. “Some people dream of success, some people wake up and work hard at it every day,” he says. With the insurgence of social media and the desire for instant...

Duration: 00:26:02

EP #162: Take Time to Smell the Roses - Allen Gannett (CEO, Entrepreneur)

As entrepreneurs, it’s often tough to take time to smell the flowers. Learning how to juggle endless to-do lists, a budding business and loved ones can be difficult for even the most seasoned entrepreneur. However, in this week’s podcast, Trackmaven’s CEO Allen Gannett explains why he is making it a point to take time to be appreciative. The 25 year old helms the fifty person B2B software company and managed to raise $26M. “I met investors who immediately fell in love with the business....

Duration: 00:32:50

EP #161: Be a Force for Good - Joey Womack (Social Entrepreneur, CEO)

It’s a tale as old as time - a regular human discovers their calling and springs to action. Our hero/heroin usually meets up with a mentor or a group of allies and they face a villain as a collaborative force. Joey Womack, CEO of Atlanta based Amplify 4 Good, thinks that entrepreneurs often follow a similar path. His organization uses a combination of out-of-the-box thinking, rapid problem-solving, and obsessive data tracking to help companies create impact. In today’s podcast, he talks...

Duration: 00:32:04

EP# 160: The Entrepreneur Formula - Maxim Wheatley (Entrepreneur)

Is there a formulaic way to build a great startup? Today’s guest, Maxim Wheatley thinks so. Maxim comes from a very diverse background - he is an award-winning product leader and innovator, with proven success operating at the intersection of business development, innovation, and product strategy. Additionally, he is the co-founder of LifeFuels, a company that aims to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to to diagnose, manage, and cure health ailments. Maxim’s...

Duration: 00:37:23

EP #159: The Rule of Threes - Jane Atkinson (Entrepreneur, Coach)

We’re just a few days away from 2017! If you’re like most business owners, you’re looking for ways to evolve your marketing strategy next year. If so, this podcast is my New Year's gift to you. Former Paper Napkin Wisdom guest Joe Calloway recommended today’s guest, and I’m so glad he did. Jane Atkinson has over 25 years of experience securing top-tier speaking gigs for Fortune 500 C-Level executives. In today’s podcast, we discuss her method that ensures success for her campaigns. Her...

Duration: 00:24:12

EP# 158: Get Back to Basics - Bill Dallas (Serial Entrepreneur)

Over the years, Paper Napkin Wisdom guests have described ways for entrepreneurs to structure their business and life in a way that gears them for success. While some topics have been complex, today’s podcast gets us back to the basic. Serial entrepreneur Bill Dallas explains his guiding principles in business and life for the past three decades. “Pairing means with meaning is the only way to live a full life,” he asserts. “Means” refers to the problems entrepreneurs solve, while “meaning”...

Duration: 00:37:41

EP# 157: Raising the Dial - Jason Barger (Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author)

Just in time for Christmas, there’s cold weather in the upcoming forecast here in Ottawa. So it’s fitting that today’s podcast discusses ways to raise the temperature on company culture. If you’re a long-time Paper Napkin Wisdom fan, you’re familiar with Motivational Speaker and Leadership Consultant Jason Barger. In today’s chat, we focused on how companies can collaboratively create and maintain a positive culture, or in Jason’s words, “Be a thermostat; proactively set your temperature.”...

Duration: 00:31:00

EP #156: Chief Door Opener and Holder - Bill Treasurer (Entrepreneur, Author)

The world loves leaders. We write books and television shows about them and promote leadership as one of the defining qualities of a successful person. However, today’s guest Bill Treasurer, has a somewhat unorthodox take on what great leadership should really look like. After spending the last two decades as an author and leadership development coach for Fortune 500 brands, he has concluded that we have been wrong in our approach to the concept and essence of leadership. “The first law...

Duration: 00:20:37

EP #155: Making Action Your Default - John Henry (Entrepreneur, VC)

Many entrepreneurs, both budding and seasoned, can sometimes find themselves in a standstill due to lack of action. But how can entrepreneurs make “action” their default? If you’ve been following our show, you’ll know that a motto of mine is “make it bad, then make it better.” Today’s podcast guest, John Henry explains why the motto “default to action” has become one of his guiding principles. “You’ll be surprised what you can build if you default to action,” says the 23 year old...

Duration: 00:29:18

EP #154: Celebrate Accountability - Blair Glencorse (Social Entrepreneur)

Power is an interesting concept. Few other nouns evoke such a visceral response quite like the five letter word. Today’s Paper Napkin Wisdom guest has a unique take on power and has used this philosophy to guide his organization, Accountability Lab. “The best thing you can do with power is give it away,” says Blair Glencorse. While many people seek to “change the world” by gaining power through political or economic means, Blair notes that the people who actually inspire change are those...

Duration: 00:28:51

EP #153: Scrimmaging Your Way to Success - Nathan Jamail (Bestselling Author, Speaker)

Now that football season is back in full swing in the U.S., there’s no better time to discuss scrimmaging. However, we’re not talking about the traditional sports term in today’s podcast. Author and Motivational Speaker, Nathan Jamail recently released “The Leadership Playbook”, a guide which discusses the importance of coaching employees versus managing them. A common theme in the book is the importance of scrimmaging. “Scrimmaging is getting into character to prepare for an upcoming...

Duration: 00:35:16

EP #152: There's No Lock on the Cage - Zahra Al-Harazi (Entrepreneur, Speaker)

We have all been there. Feeling caged and unable to move forward due to real or perceived fears. But what if you realized that the cage was unlocked, and all you had to do was walk out? Zahra Al-Harazi, founder of Foundry Communications and UNICEF’s Canadian Ambassador, explains how entrepreneurs can overcome these boundaries. “There’s no lock on the cage,” she says, “No matter what cage you place yourself in or where others may put you, there’s never a lock there.” Growing up in Yemen,...

Duration: 00:31:26

EP# 151: The Heart of Who - Val Jon Farris (Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor)

255,207. Search “leadership” in Amazon and that’s the number of publications that will come up. With the plethora of ideas out there, is it possible to get to the heart of what leadership truly is? Val Jon Farris, CEO of Diamius Multinational Consulting Firm thinks so. With over two decades of experience conducting leadership development programs, he recalls that the more classes and seminars leaders go to, the more jaded they become. “It diverts them from their innate knowledge of...

Duration: 00:50:48

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