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Navigating Your First TV Writing Job ft. Britta Lundin (Riverdale) (PT67) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick invite Britta Lundin, story editor on The CW's Riverdale and author of Ship It, to discuss everything you need to know about your first TV staff writing job and working on a popular show. What is the process of getting staffed on a TV series? What is the experience of working in a writers' room for the first time? How do you approach the "room etiquette"? From pitch to draft, and season to episode, what is the writing process like on Riverdale? How do you adapt your voice to...

Duration: 01:03:13

TV Censorship (PT66) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick discuss the evolution of censorship on TV and the involvement of "standards & practices". What is considered censorship in television? How is sensitive content categorized? What are differences in TV censorship across the world? How have sensibilities changed across the years? When can standards & practices influence TV writing? Plus, we answer our very first voicemail. The Paper Team bleeps itself... SHOWNOTES Content Paper Scraps: Rolling submissions and visa questions...

Duration: 00:52:57

Adapting Content for TV (PT65) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick share their experiences adapting preexisting material to television, from established novels and properties to historical events. What constitutes an adaptation? How do you balance existing content and personal take? How close should you stick to the original source? How do you stay historically accurate while telling a compelling story? When should you spec an existing property without having the rights? Plus, a new venue for feedback and an update on the Fox Writers Lab....

Duration: 00:53:07

Halloween on TV (PT64) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick mark Halloween by looking at iconic TV episodes celebrating the holiday and what makes them so special. How does Halloween translate to television? What are some of the best Halloween episodes? What makes a good Halloween story? The Paper Team scares itself... SHOWNOTES Content 1 - Some Halloween history (00:46) 2 - Elements of Halloween TV episodes (08:17) 3 - Favorite Halloween episodes (17:23) 4 - The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror (29:24) Resources and Next Week On (36:48)...

Duration: 00:39:15

Assisting a TV Literary Agent ft. Matt Thilenius (CAA) (PT63) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick invite Matt Thilenius, TV literary assistant at the Creative Artists Agency, to discuss the role of agents representing TV writers. What is the relationship between TV literary agents and TV writers? How do agents operate during staffing season? How do they find new clients? What are tips for writers looking for representation? How often should writers be generating new material to best help their agent get them work? The Paper Team finds a rep... SHOWNOTES Content Assisting...

Duration: 00:38:31

Meetings 101: Generals and TV Staffing (PT62) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick discuss the basics of meetings for TV writers. From generals to staffing, here are some tips and tricks to get and ace your own one-on-ones. What are the different types of meetings? How do you get in the room? How should you prepare for a general or staffing meeting? How do you make a good first impression? What are dos-and-donts during and after your meeting? Plus, we answer additional questions from our "Writing your first TV pilot" Scriptchat session. The Paper Team takes...

Duration: 00:39:47

Teasers & Cold Opens (PT61) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick discuss the importance of teasers in television writing and key elements that make cold opens effective. What is the point of opening scenes? What makes a good teaser? How do you reveal character, story and theme in those first few pages? Are there teaser differences between comedy and drama? Plus, we talk 2017 Emmy winners and the revamped Fox Writers Lab. The Paper Team opens up... SHOWNOTES Content Paper Scraps: Emmys 2017 & Fox Writers Lab (00:28) 1 - Why are teasers and...

Duration: 00:40:00

Tone in TV Writing (PT60) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick discuss the importance of tone in TV shows and how to establish it in your own writing. What is tone in television? Where do TV shows fit on the scale between farce and gritty realism? How can you establish tone through story, character, themes, and world? How do you keep a consistent tone in your TV script? Plus, we announce brand new episode transcripts. The Paper Team goes dark and gritty... SHOWNOTES Content Paper Scraps: New Paper Team transcripts (00:23) 1 - Defining...

Duration: 00:40:40

Managing TV Writers ft. Daniela Garcia-Brcek (Circle of Confusion) (PT59) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick invite Daniela Garcia-Brcek, manager at Circle of Confusion, to discuss the ins-and-outs of managing TV writers. What is the relationship between managers and screenwriters? What should TV writers do before getting a manager? How do managers find their clients? What are differences in representing TV writers, feature writers and playwrights? What kind of material attracts managers? When should you let go of your representatives? The Paper Team gets signed... SHOWNOTES Content...

Duration: 01:04:41

Inspiration vs. Stealing in TV Writing (PT58) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick discuss the differences between inspiration and stealing in screenwriting and television. What constitutes an original idea? Where is the line between inspiration and stealing? Where can you get inspiration from? What is considered an homage? How many different stories are there to tell? Plus, an answer to how many episodes of a TV show you should watch before speccing it. The Paper Team pays homage... SHOWNOTES Content Paper Scraps: Episodes to watch before writing a TV spec...

Duration: 00:35:53

TV Casting ft. Becca Burgess (Last Man Standing/Undateable/Cougar Town) (PT57) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick invite Becca Burgess, casting associate on ABC's Last Man Standing, NBC's Undateable, and TBS' Cougar Town, to discuss how casting works in television. What is the casting process for TV shows, pilots and regular episodes? What can TV writers learn from casting? How much interaction does casting have with writers and producers? What are differences between casting comedy and drama? How does casting approach writers' character descriptions? The Paper Team gives a read......

Duration: 00:37:09

Immigrants: We Get the TV Job Done! (PT56) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick share stories about being immigrants in the US and working in the TV industry as foreigners. Should you move directly to Los Angeles or first get experience somewhere else like New York or Vancouver? When would a show hire you if you're not a US citizen? What are cultural differences and initial difficulties to watch out for when moving countries? What is the visa and green card process for TV writers? What are some unique setbacks of being an immigrant in the TV industry?...

Duration: 00:56:06

TV Writing Competition Winners: What Happens Next? (PT55) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick invite three TV writers to discuss what comes after winning a major screenwriting or TV writing competition. Guests include: Talia Gonzalez (Teen Wolf/iZombie) from the 2013 Tacking Board Launch Pad Feature Competition, David Hoffman (Timeless) from the 2015 Launch Pad Pilot Competition, and T.A. Snyder from the 2017 Launch Pad Pilot Competition. Why is entering screenwriting competitions important? What should you look out for before submitting a script? What should you...

Duration: 01:04:24

Analyzing Great TV Pilots: Case Studies of Alias, Community, Homicide, The O.C., Scrubs and 3rd Rock from the Sun (PT54) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick break down six iconic TV pilots to look at what makes them great TV scripts (Alias, Community, Homicide, The O.C., Scrubs and 3rd Rock from the Sun). What makes a memorable TV pilot work? How do they introduce characters in unique ways? How do they set up the world and engine of the show? What rules do they bend or follow, and why? What TV writing lessons can you learn from them? Plus, we discuss how seriously you should take glowing feedback from screenwriting competitions....

Duration: 01:06:22

Weaving Storylines: A/B/C Stories (PT53) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick discuss the importance of weaving A, B and C stories in TV writing, and interesting ways of doing it in TV scripts. Why is it important to cut between storylines in TV? When should you start and end each storyline? Which storylines should you spend more time on in your TV script? ...Related posts:Act Breaks (PT15) From Outline to (First) Draft (PT28)

Duration: 00:38:05

TV Production Coordinating and On-Set Producing ft. Mary Bonney (Running Wild with Bear Grylls/The 5th Quarter) (PT52) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick invite Mary Bonney, production coordinator on NBC’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls and Go90’s The 5th Quarter, to talk about on-set producing and being a production coordinator in television. What is the role of a production coordinator and on-set producer in TV? What is production’s relationship with scripts? What are the differences ...Related posts:How to Be a Great Production Assistant (PT09) TV Budgeting and Line Producing ft. Maggie Herman (Bosch) – On the Road at SDCC...

Duration: 00:49:07

TV Dialogue 101 (PT51) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick look at the importance of dialogue in TV writing, and give an overview of what makes it stand out. What can you use dialogue for? What makes good or bad dialogue? How do you introduce character quirks in the dialogue? What are some common pitfalls in dialogue writing? How do you fix ...Related posts:Being in a Writing Team ft. Kelly Lynne D’Angelo (PT12) Exposition in TV Writing (PT24)

Duration: 00:40:00

The Paper Team 50th Episode Special (PT50) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick celebrate the fiftieth episode of Paper Team with a special look back at the first year of the podcast, including updates on past episodes, guests, and other news. What are some of our own favorite moments and episodes? What are the most popular Paper Team episodes? What new lessons have we learned ...Related posts:TV Budgeting and Line Producing ft. Maggie Herman (Bosch) – On the Road at SDCC 2016 (PT10) Introducing Paper Team – A podcast about television writing (and...

Duration: 01:16:32

Current Programming at a TV Network ft. Dana Bramble (The CW) (PT49) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick invite Dana Bramble, coordinator in current programming at The CW, to discuss the ins-and-outs of working in the scripted side of a TV network. What happens after a pilot gets picked up? How is current programming different from development? What notes do network executives give? How does staffing season operate for current ...Related posts:Goal-Setting as a TV Writer: Planning Your Year Ahead (PT26) TV Spec Script 101 (PT34)

Duration: 00:36:52

TV Prose and Scene Description 101 (PT48) - Paper Team

Alex and Nick discuss why scene descriptions in TV scripts are so important, what to focus on in your TV prose, and treading the line between writing a script as a technical document versus a reading experience. What makes good or bad prose? What are some examples of compelling scene descriptions? Should prose be efficient ...Related posts:From Outline to (First) Draft (PT28) Act Breaks (PT15)

Duration: 00:33:45

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