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Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown is a comedy podcast panel show set in award-winning sketch team Pappy's fictitious flat and with different excellent comedian houseguests each episode.

Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown is a comedy podcast panel show set in award-winning sketch team Pappy's fictitious flat and with different excellent comedian houseguests each episode.
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London, United Kingdom


Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown is a comedy podcast panel show set in award-winning sketch team Pappy's fictitious flat and with different excellent comedian houseguests each episode.




Festive Special 2017

Christmas Special 2017 It's Chriiiistmaaaaaaaaaas! ...and Elis James and Andy Zaltzman are the gifts that keep on giving in this typically, nay, traditionally shambolic and festive episode, stuffed (like a badly prepared turkey) with anger, singing, improvisation, accordion music, Advocaat and a chainsaw. Want to give us an Xmas gift? Some people think that giving cold hard cash as a Christmas present is a bit of a faux pas. Luckily, we don't think that at all, so if you want to slip some...

Duration: 01:01:32

Series 7, Episode 6 (Clean The Fridge)

Aisling Bea and Steve Hall are Pappy's housemates for a special episode recorded at the 2017 Latitude Festival. As well as battling it out to see who has to clean the fridge, the teams look forward to Fleet Foxes and discuss the relative merits of Mumford & Sons and their takeover of the festival main stage under the guise of 'Gentlemen Of The Road'. Also... making hot things cold, a Roonerism Spound and a sexy, noisy Beef Brothers. Oooh yes, I like that! Technically this is the October...

Duration: 00:47:01

Series 7, Episode 5 (Lay The Table)

Rose Matafeo and John Robins join Pappy's for a bumper episode - so bumper in fact that it is arriving at your ears more than a month late! Sorry! It's many attractions include impromptu Bill Withers singing, Rose drawing a blanc, John eulogising about Marie Rose sauce, Matthew threatening to call the whole show off if people don't behave, Ben misbehaving and Beef Brothers getting a little bit too 'real' for Tom. Huge thanks to everyone who has donated money to Flatshare Slamdown - it is...

Duration: 00:58:16

Series 7, Episode 4 (Stained Carpet)

Josh Widdicombe and Joe Wilkinson are Pappy's guests in a show recorded in June 2015 which Producer Ben has been psyching himself up to edit ever since. It features the first ever live Quickfire Round jingle, a couple of good games and a vat full of white wine. Also watch out for evolutionary biologist Simon Watt making an impromptu appearance as a cricket-style 'runner', assisting one of the teams when the official house guest becomes somewhat debilitated! Simon was at the recording...

Duration: 00:46:41

Series 7, Episode 2 (Clear Out The Attic)

Roisin Conaty and Joel Dommett are Pappy's house guests in a show that features high singing, confusing listing, one testicle and Matthew having a breakdown. And, as you'll hear in the podcast, we've now set up the means for listeners to bung us a few quid if they enjoy this episode and the many others we've spewed out in the past - you can find out more about that here: Of course, your help spreading the word about this episode and the show in general is also...

Duration: 00:52:22

Series 7, Episode 1 (Bleed The Radiators)

Tom Allen and Phil Wang join Pappy's in the first episode of the new series! Keen eared listeners will spot a few refinements, additions and omissions to the classic #flatslam format... ...not really! It's the same old gubbins, lovingly packaged this time round into a convoluted radiator-themed flat-centric argument. Within you will find really hot rapping, hard-hitting moral lessons, a toilet-based beef and high scoring agogo. As it is a new series, your help spreading the word to the...

Duration: 00:50:51

Bonus Holding Alt Special 3

Here's the final 'special' episode made out of live show intros to recordings of Flatshare Slamdown from the last series (the fun bits before the podcast itself starts). Brace yourself to hear about various types of fake egg, the glamour of photocopiers, Fanshaw attempting to crack his own version of S-Town, Achilles, inverse Mum slams and potatoes. Alongside Pappy's you'll enjoy the dulcet tones of Kevin Eldon, Ed Gamble, Eleanor Tiernan and Lloyd Langford. We're back with a new series...

Duration: 00:25:32

Festive Special 2016

Ho Ho Ho! Eleanor Tiernan and Lloyd Langford are Pappy's little helpers for this very merry festive special. It's crammed full with yuletide goodies, including... Clare Balding, geese, the Irish Times, a shelf, Naughty Peter, robins, 'tree flips' and Advocaat! If you want to give us a Christmas present, then what we'd love is the gift of exposure. Help us spread the word about the show: gift it to a friend, secret-santa it to your entire following on social media... or why not make a loved...

Duration: 01:08:48

Series 6, Episode 10 (Do The Ironing)

Natasia Demetriou and Milton Jones join the teams in a cut-throat battle to avoid doing the ironing. As you'd expect, the show features reggae, murder, philosophy and a quickfire round theme-based bomb shell. Please help spread the word about the show to all your iron and ironing-obsessed friends through all the usual channels.

Duration: 00:51:52