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Paranormal Sideshow Ep 35: To the Moon and Back

John and Stacey are back with another fun filled, awesome episode. On this show they talk about the moon landing, some updates for some recent news stories, and much more.

Duration: 01:18:36

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 34: Mysterious Booms

This episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast deals with some recent news stories about the mysterious booms that have been happening around the world, a mysterious airplane over Oregon, a few updates on previous stories, a homemade rocket launch, and much more.

Duration: 01:29:46

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 33: The 'Spectacular' Exploding Seashell

Join John and Stacey for the newest episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast! This episode covers the JFK files, some new discoveries in space and the Great Pyramid, more village troubles, odd things coming out of the ocean, and much, much more!

Duration: 01:28:25

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 32: Halloween 2

The newest episode is full of some Halloween discussions and stories. Also, a ton of news and updates about previous stories! Don't miss the fun!

Duration: 01:29:51

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 31: Beware the Village

This episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast covers some fantastic recent news and topics, including stories about bigfoot, ghost possession, aliens, space, and much more. John and Stacey also discuss the big announcement from ESO and some personal stories.

Duration: 01:50:27

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 30: Friday the 13th

John and Stacey are back with tons of new news and stories. UFO news, vampire hunters, missing cats, space news, time travelers, and much more. The couple are also joined by their friend Allen Marston, who talks about his experience at Scarefest and the effects of spending an entire weekend at a paranormal con! Don't miss it.

Duration: 01:55:57

Paranormal Sideshow Podcast Ep 29: The End is Nigh-ish

John and Stacey are back again with a jam packed episode of the latest news and discussion! They go in depth on several recent news stories and topics, and even throw in some personal experiences and opinions! Enjoy

Duration: 01:42:07

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 28: Possessed Nuns, Solar Flares, and a Dead Monkey Cult

John and Stacey are back with tons of new news and stories! On this episode they discuss some updates for previous stories, new FRB's, a letter written by a possessed nun, a strange case of twelve dead monkeys, and much more!

Duration: 01:37:36

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 27: High Strangeness

John and Stacey are back with more news and stories from the past week. They talk about the effects of the eclipse, some possible weather manipulation, and some strange personal events they encountered at some local haunted locations!

Duration: 01:07:10

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 26: The End is Nigh

Welcome back to another great episode! John and Stacey have had an unusually weird week, and feel compelled to talk about it (as usual). This episode is also full of recent news and stories and some great in depth discussion about inviting in negative spirits while investigating and conspiracy theories surrounding the upcoming eclipse! Don't miss it.

Duration: 01:20:46

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 25: Don't Touch The Dybbuk Box

This episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast is all about the weirdness of the past week! John and Stacey talk about some weird things that have happened, including an investigation with a special guest...a dybbuk box! Also, tons of recent news to discuss! Check it out!

Duration: 01:07:24

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 24: John and Stacey's Overshare Episode

It's time for the newest episode of the Paranormal Sideshow! John and Stacey are back with some rather personal stories and (way too much) information! They also (eventually) get to some recent news stories and events. Don't miss the fun!

Duration: 01:04:24

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 23: Full Moon Madness

This episode of the show was recorded at 3 am on the night of the full moon! Loaded with news and strange happenings, join John and Stacey for some interesting news, discussion, and fun. As a main topic, they discuss the recent events surrounding the show, Ghosts of Shepherdstown. Don't miss it!

Duration: 00:51:11

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 22: The Solid Gold Episode

On this solid gold episode of the Sideshow, John and Stacey go over some evidence from their most recent investigation. Joined by Allen and Travis, they discuss the evidence, and what happens when you get those controversial pieces! Also tons of news and fun.

Duration: 01:11:19

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 21: Holy Saint Brains! and Other Tasty Bits

Hello again listeners! This episode is loaded with great news stories including and interview with a billionaire about aliens, an update on a mysterious missing person, the brain of a saint that has been stolen, and much more!

Duration: 00:49:17

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 20: The Most Haunted Episode

Hello again listeners! John and Stacey are finally back after a few weeks off! On this episode, they talk about what they have been up to over the past few weeks. They also go over some of the best and most interesting stories from the past month. Unfortunately, some crazy, creepy stuff is going on at the same time!

Duration: 00:54:56

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 19: The Rogue Episode

This episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast has gone off the rails! Join John and Stacey and their friends Travis and Allen as they go rogue and change it up. The episode starts with some awesome news with the whole crew! Then, in the main attraction, the group discusses an overview about two popular "Earth" theories, the Flat Earth Theory and The Hollow Earth Theory. It's chaos right from the beginning, don't miss it!

Duration: 01:43:37

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 18: Extremely Weird News

This episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast covers all the weirdest recent paranormal news stories. John and Stacey talk about everything from Planet 9, two mysterious disappearances, the oldest known sign of life on Earth, mysterious holes, the best places to look for alien life in the universe, a girl raised by monkeys, and much more! Don't miss it.

Duration: 00:52:53

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 17: The Confederate Ghost

This episode of the Sideshow is chock full of news and discussion. John and Stacey talk about their recently completed (nearly) book. After the news, John shares a story from the book about The Confederate Ghost.

Duration: 01:04:33

Paranormal Sideshow Ep 16: A Haunting in Tennessee with Guest Mike Sears

On this episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast, John and Stacey are joined for the main attraction by their guest, Mike Sears. Mike shares his experiences and stories from his extremely haunted home. But first, of course, is a ton of news and stories! Don't miss this one!

Duration: 01:13:40

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