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Fantasy TV Shows - We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Although many fairy tales and legends have violent roots, we've become used to these stories being made for wide age range audiences. Yet, after researching recent fantasy-based TV shows, that may not be the case.

Duration: 00:31:09

Honoring Those Who Fight Wildfires, "Only The Brave" is reviewed

Only The Brave is a solid film that provides a glimpse into the life of the brave men and women who fight wildfires throughout our country. It covers the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, located in Arizona, who perished in a blaze during June 2013. Rod and Donna discuss the movie and something parents need to be aware of -- aside from the perils of fighting fires. Click the link and read our complete family focused movie review of Only The Brave.

Duration: 00:26:00

Are New Military Themed TV Shows Suitable for Teens?

In this edition of the Parent Previews Podcast we are covering three new military shows. VALOR is from the CW network and centers on a US Army base that is home to an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions. SEAL TEAM is about -- you guessed it -- Navy Seals. Four Seals work and train together serving their country in the most dangerous high stakes and clandestine missions around the globe. Finally, THE BRAVE takes place in the...

Duration: 00:30:50

Happy Death Day and the appeal of the Groundhog Day formula

In "Happy Death Day" a young woman repeats the same day over and over -- including her late night murder. Built on the Goundhog Day template, this is one of many recent movies to visit the repeating day syndrome. Rod and Donna discuss the appeal of these movies and why many of us enjoy the fantasy of being able to repeat a day until we get it "right". Click t to read our parent oriented review of Happy Death Day.

Duration: 00:25:10

Netflix. Amazon Video. Hulu. What's the Best and Worst For Family Viewing?

OTT or "Over The Top" services are Internet delivered content networks like Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu. They used to be known for movies and TV series, but now they produce much of their own programming. We discuss the good and bad of OTT with Melissa Henson from the Parents Television Council. She has recently completed a study on OTT services and devices that reveals the Over The Top landscape has ups and downs for family viewing. Specifically, programs being produced by OTT services...

Duration: 00:25:43

Blade Runner, The Mountain Between Us and My Little Pony are reviewed

Rod and Donna take a look at three movies releasing this week. While we don't typically review R-rated films at Parent Previews, we felt Blade Runner 2049 was an exception. First, there are many parents who will have seen the original as a teen and may be interested in knowing if this sequel is worth seeing with their own teens. In short, it's an incredible movie but there are reasons it's rated R. That being said, it's not a "hard" R, and with a little less nudity and profanity it would...

Duration: 00:32:02

New TV Series The Orville -- Is Seth MacFarlane Family Friendly?

Christopher Gildemeister from the Parents Television Council discusses the new TV series The Orville. The show is from comedian Seth MacFarlane. This new series, premiering Fall 2017, combines humor and adventure with a twist of Star Trek. However parents will still want to approach with caution, especially with younger viewers. MacFarlane's crude comedy is toned down significantly, but it still seeps through in moments. Read Christopher's complete review and thoughts on The Orville at...

Duration: 00:27:27

Flatliners and Mully are reviewed by Rod and Donna

Flatliners is a film with possibly dangerous messages. Mully is the opposite. Rod and Donna discuss both. Read our full review of Flatliners and Mully by clicking the titles. (Our online review of Mully will be available October 2, 2017.)

Duration: 00:27:16

Discover the best and worst of the Fall 2017 new TV shows

Anything good to watch on TV this fall? We talk with Christopher Gildemeister from the Parents' Television Council to discover the best and worst of the bunch.

Duration: 00:30:02

LEGO Ninjago preview and Kingsman 2

Rod and Donna take a preview look at LEGO Ninjago and The Kingsman: The Golden Circle. And for those of you looking for an evening in the family room, we offer two good choices.

Duration: 00:17:33

Looking at the summer movie drought an what's ahead

It's been a bad year for movies this summer -- and even more so for families. Rod and Donna look at some of the reasons why Summer 2017 has so underwhelming at your local theater. Then they look at what you can look forward to over the next few weeks. Finally, there are a couple of good choices on Blu-ray and streaming.

Duration: 00:29:44

Reese Witherspoon in Home Again is reviewed by Parent Previews

Home Again is a comdey romance update of a classic female fantasy: One woman with too many men. Rod and Donna take a look at the movie and discuss the positive and negative messages embedded in the story.

Duration: 00:18:28

Best Movies About Teachers

Looking for a way to get kids excited about school? Teachers make a huge difference in our lives and many movies feature true stories about great teachers. And you can click this link and read our full list of great teacher movies.

Duration: 00:26:01

All Saints and Leap! Movie Reviews from Rod and Donna

The faith-based movie All Saints and the animated Leap! are reviewed by family movie guide veterans Rod and Donna Gustafson.

Duration: 00:22:35

Logan Lucky -- Fun for adults but holds some negative messages for kids

Rod and Donna review Logan Lucky, a movie about a group of people who stage a heist at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Why is stealing so glamorous in movies? Listen to find out more...

Duration: 00:20:09

The Glass Castle and The Nut Job 2 - Movie Reviews for Parents

Rod and Donna look into The Glass Castle and then take a crack at The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature.

Duration: 00:23:53

The Dark Tower reviewed with Rod and Donna

Donna and Rod review The Dark Tower, a film by Stephen King featuring a young protagonist. Even more unusual: It's PG-13.

Duration: 00:20:00

Emoji Movie sends mixed messages

Rod and Donna review The Emoji Movie and Gifted, a new home video release. Finally they look at The Boss Baby, also available for home viewing.

Duration: 00:27:43

Dunkirk and Valerian and The City of 1000 Planets reviewed

"Dunkirk" and "Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets" are reviewed by Rod and Donna on today's show.

Duration: 00:31:04

War For The Planet of the Apes Review

Rod and Donna discuss the third (and perhaps final) movie of the Planet of the Apes prequels: War For The Planet of the Apes.

Duration: 00:27:41

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