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A weekly look at the things parents are talking about, complaining about, and obsessing about right now.

A weekly look at the things parents are talking about, complaining about, and obsessing about right now.
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A weekly look at the things parents are talking about, complaining about, and obsessing about right now.




Speed Round: Neighborhood Holiday Decorations

We've noticed an uptick in inflatables and projections; when did those become such a thing? We're divided on whether they should be put away immediately or deserve an A for effort.

Duration: 00:06:01

Speed Round: How Neighborly Is Your Neighborhood?

When it comes to neighbors, some of ours are good friends we'll miss when they move, some are like grandparents to our kids, and some we barely wave at from our driveways.

Duration: 00:04:12

Speed Round: Do You Buy Service Agreements for Products?

Seems whenever we buy an appliance or furniture or anything tech-y, we're offered the opportunity to shell out some additional money to extend a warranty or compensate for possible damage. Do we pay our money, or do we take our chances? Depends on whether kids are involved.

Duration: 00:03:27

Round 2: The Good Place, The West Wing, and Waitress

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode: 00:34 The Good Place: We're in the home stretch of season 1 (episodes 9, 10, and 11). Complications are multiplying, robots are rebooting, and we're still laughing. 08:18 The West Wing: "Process Stories" (season 4, episode 8) is a target-rich environment for friendship, love, romance, and possibly some sexual harassment (oops). Mentioned: The West Wing Weekly podcast. 18:03 Challenge Round: Waitress: Since she was about to see the...

Duration: 00:33:39

Episode 197: We've Got Issues

00:37 Holiday Baking: Nicole worries about homemade goodies for a party, and Catherine ("Turnips!") and Terri ("Storebought!") try to help. Mentioned: Speed rounds on memory and wholesale club shopping. 06:07 What's Theirs Is Ours: It's a recurring feature on the podcast: DIY therapy. This week, making kids' issues and struggles our own. So bad! So inevitable! 23:43 Friday Speed Round: Favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments: We are firmly in favor of kid-made items, travel souvenirs, and general...

Duration: 00:43:13

Speed Round: Do You Shop in Wholesale Stores?

Sometimes bulk buying at places like Costco makes sense, but other times, we'd just as soon go to the regular grocery store a whole bunch of times during the week.

Duration: 00:04:37

Speed Round: Facial Hair for Men: Pro or Con?

A funny article by Brian Grubb of Uproxx on "The Mustaches of Godless, Ranked" inspired us to see if we had strong feelings ourselves about men's mustaches and beards. Which led to another question: Is it possible to order your husband to grow some facial hair back without offending him?

Duration: 00:04:05

Speed Round: Dry Skin Remedies (and Whining)

It's dry-skin season, at least for the two non-Californians among us, and that means either disgusting greasy lotion stickiness or constant itching. Terri's hoping for some go-to moisturizer tips. Maybe you have some? Help out in the comments. (Mentioned: Gold Bond, Kiehls, CeraVe, our podcast episode on habits.)

Duration: 00:06:34

Round 2: The Good Place and Hill Street Blues

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode: 01:12 The Good Place: Things heat up for Eleanor in episodes 6, 7, and 8 of season 1, as she narrowly avoids a trip to the Bad Place (for now). 12:52 Challenge Round: Hill Street Blues: Terri challenged Catherine to watch the premiere episodes of seasons 1 and 3. Thanks to iTunes, we actually watched the second episode of season 1 too. This show may be (much!) darker in visuals and atmosphere than The Good Place, but both are...

Duration: 00:29:54

Episode 196: Making Small Talk

00:32 It's Getting Cold in Here: Two out of three of us are shivering through this podcast. The transplanted Canadian just wishes she were. 04:55 Teaching the Art of Conversation: Is there a way to help kids and young adults learn how to gracefully merge onto the conversation highway? 24:00 Friday Speed Round: School Board Meetings: It's the teacher among us who has most successfully avoided attending these exciting events. 31:08 Interview of the Week: Catherine talks to Meghan Corridan, a...

Duration: 00:49:32

Speed Round: Favorite Christmas Movies

It's the most wonderful time of the year for watching those films that fill us with holiday joy, including Love Actually, Elf, and ... Toy Story?

Duration: 00:03:41

Speed Round: Do You Switch Your Closet Over for the Season?

For those with petite closets and serious weather shifts, it's the most arduous time of the year as the T-shirts and shorts go away and the sweaters and long pants emerge. No need for that in your life? Know that Terri is super-jealous.

Duration: 00:05:26

Speed Round: Invent a New School or Personal Holiday

"Homework Catch-Up Day," "Stress Overload Day," "I Can't Find Two Matching Shoes" Day, and other day-off excuse we'd like to be able to make.

Duration: 00:04:45

Round 2: The Good Place, The West Wing, The Big Sick

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode: 00:34 The Good Place: We gobbled up three episodes ("Tahani Al-Jamil," "Jason Mendoza," and "Category 55 Emergency Doomsday") like so much Thanksgiving gravy and stuffing. Mmm, stuffing. 07:52 The West Wing: On "Election Night," we get a little bit of everything: triumph, tears, LOLs, and a growing sense of dread for Sam Seaborn. Mentioned: the West Wing Weekly podcast. 18:39 Challenge Round: The Big Sick: Catherine challenged...

Duration: 00:31:53

Episode 195: Force of Habit

Welcome to our new schedule: Group chats every Monday morning, with Round 2 on Tuesdays and speed rounds Wednesday through Friday. 00:31 Cyber Monday Shopping: Will we be proactive about replacing things that are about to break or just keep clinging to them because we fear change? 07:40 Make It a Habit: We have a checkered history when it comes to habit-forming. Does it count if we're good at creating the same good habits over and over again? 22:32 Friday Speed Round: We Can't Remember:...

Duration: 00:39:41

Turkey Day Replay: How Early Is Too Early for Christmas Music?

From November 29, 2016: The seasonal music switch is officially flipped now to Christmas tunes, whether we like it or not. And since so many folks seem to be picking not at this post-Thanksgiving moment, we thought we'd figure out when exactly we think the carols and crooning about chestnuts should properly begin. Day after Thanksgiving? December 1? Two weeks before? Eve of?

Duration: 00:04:14

Turkey Day Replay: Holiday Foods We Love or Loathe

From November 27, 2016: Happy Thanksgiving! Are you eating a lot of traditional family foods today? Do many of them involve cream-of-mushroom soup, marshmallows, or Jello? We run through the many possibilities for turkey-day cuisine and draw the line at the things we will not eat. Or will, enthusiastically!

Duration: 00:10:22

Round 2: Dancing with the Stars, The West Wing, and Thanksgiving TV Comedies

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed episode: 00:42 Dancing with the Stars: We have a winner! And a couple hours of faffing about! And a merciful lack of barefoot contemporaries! And shirtless reindeers! 15:47 The West Wing: Speaking of winners, President Bartlet triumphs in a debate in "Game On." And we win because Joshua Malina's character, Will Bailey, arrives on the scene. 28:06 Challenge Round: Sitcom Thanksgivings: Terri challenged Catherine to watch two...

Duration: 00:42:18

Turkey Day Replay: Foods Our Kids Won't Eat

From November 4, 2016: It's no surprise that some of our kids won't eat vegetables, but do we really have a kid who won't eat chocolate?

Duration: 00:05:47

Turkey Day Replay: Where Do You Stow Your Winter Gear?

From December 2, 2016: Maybe you decorate your home with trees and ornaments and wreaths this time of year, or maybe you just decorate with the jackets and scarves and gloves and hats and boots that get flung about. Since none of us has a glorious HGTV-touted mud room, we talk about where that stuff ends up.

Duration: 00:07:30

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