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Learn from the leadership journey of purpose-driven Greater Washington DC DMV CXO Leaders & Changemakers (Tuesdays) and leadership insights from top Global CEOs, Thought Leaders & Best Selling Leadership Book Authors (Thursdays) so you can align better with your purpose, grow professionally with meaning, and have a greater impact. Twice a week Mahan Tavakoli sits down for intimate conversations with diverse purpose-driven leaders to learn from their leadership journeys so we can all improve, grow, and lead as true partnering leaders. Conversations with Greater Washington DC DMV purpose-driven leaders including David Rubenstein, Jean Case, Marty Rodgers, Rosie Allen-Herring, David Gardner, Charito Kruvant, Tien Wong, Irma Becerra, Richard Bynum, Nicole Lynn Lewis, Tony Pierce, and Linda Rabbitt. Impactful insights from Global Thought Leaders including Ken Blanchard, John Kotter, Charlene Li, Ram Charan, Gary Bolles, Aaron Hurst, Natalie Nixon, Greg Satell, Azeem Azhar, Rich Diviney, Maz Jobrani, Vanessa Bohns, Patrick McGinnis, and Michele Wucker. The Partnering Leadership podcast is available on all podcast platforms and at Follow the Partnering Leadership podcast on LinkedIn: Twitter: @PartneringLead Instagram: @partneringleadership Facebook: @DMVchangemakers Unleash Your Team's Potential: Follow Mahan Tavakoli on LinkedIn: Twitter: @mahany Email: