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Play That Funky Music | The Freshest Funky House

Since this was already finished, I thought I'd throw this up instead of making ya'll wait until next week. Play That Funky Music is just that; it's fresh, it's phatt and it's funky! That means there won't be anything for next week as I've blown my wad until I get in the mood (to be creative) again. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album : Play That Funky Music Genre : House, Disco, Funky Year : 2017 Total Time : 01:44:56 1. Inner City - Good Life 2017 (Extended Mix) 2. Gianni Bini & The...

Duration: 01:44:56

Sade | The Diva Series

Surprise! After it was brought to my attention that the David Morales remix of 'Surrender' (which heavily samples 'I Never Thought') featured in volume 3 of the Legacy series was virtually non-existent, I decided to dive deeper into my collection of Sade remixes and then went on a hunt to see what all was out there. As it turns out, there are a multitude of fans (as myself) and a boatload of bootlegs to accompany the fervor surrounding this band and its beguiling lead singer. This attests...

Duration: 02:09:54

David Morales | Legacy pt. 4

We have finally reach the end of our tribute to one of the most prolific and unquestioned godfather's of house music. David Morales Legacy pt. 4 picks up where the others left off and throws in several obscure remixes like Janet Jackson's 'When I Think Of You', Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and First Choice's 'Love Thang'. It also includes some very early remixes that were the tipping point of 80's house, which later evolved into 90's house. Song's like Jody Watley's 'I'm the One You Need'...

Duration: 01:27:01

David Morales | Legacy pt. 3

This is David Morales Legacy pt. 3, which get more into the type of house music he's known for. Over course I included Mariah Carey's 'My All' which is epic in every way possible and a remix that I NEVER even knew existed! As ya'll know, I am a HUGE Kristine W fan and how it escaped me after all of these years that there was a David Morales remix of 'One More Try' is beyond me. I literally have everything she's ever done. How this slipped underneath my radar is beyond me because it was...

Duration: 01:39:11

David Morales | Legacy pt. 2

David Morales Legacy pt. 2 delves into the more commercial aspects of his career. Many of these songs were wildly successful not just in the clubs but on Top 40 radio as well. The songs stay true to his style but showcase a more diverse side with heavy influences in the Urban and Latin landscape in music at the time. No doubt, a lot of the songs here will bring back some fond memories. Enjoy! Album : David Morales | Legacy pt. 2 Genre : House Music Year : 2017 Total Time : 1:32:42 1. Lisa...

Duration: 01:32:41

David Morales | Legacy pt. 1

David Morales (born August 21, 1961) is an internationally acclaimed Grammy Award-winning American house music DJ and record producer. In addition to his production and DJ work, Morales is one of the most prolific remixers of all time, transforming many pop music songs into club-friendly dance tracks. Born in New York City, he is of Puerto Rican ancestry.[1] That's the jest of what you get when you visit his Wikipedia page. To everyone else, David Morales is a prophet; a truly gifted DJ...

Duration: 01:29:47

Sia | The Diva Series

Sia has been on my shortlist for a long time as a Diva Hall of Fame inductee. The problem as I always saw it was putting together all of the songs from an extensive career that goes back to the late 90's that were in a variety of genres and BPM's. After all, it wasn't until the middle part of the millennium that critics and folks really began to take notice of this brilliant singer/songwriter. I was introduced to her be an old friend Leann about 9 years ago when her album Some People Have...

Duration: 02:01:36

Summer Edition 2017 v2 | The HOTTEST Circuit Beats will Leave You Moist!

Well, we've made it through the very long hot summer and I'm fulfilling my promise to bring you volume 2 of the Summer Edition 2017. Originally, I thought I wouldn't have enough to fill out this second set but boy was I wrong. In fact, I had way too much. After listening to this at least once, I went back and cut out a lot of fat that didn't need to be included. Regardless, this is still one helluva monster mix! We've got brand-spanking new music from one of our favorite leading ladies...

Duration: 02:18:25

Beach Party 2017 v2 | Even More Hot Summer Dance Hits!

Some how, some way I managed to pull it off. I've two, count them TWO hot off the presses sets for you folks this week. Kicking it off, I bring you Beach Party 2017 volume 2 with smoldering EDM/Dance hits that are currently ripping up the charts and dancefloors across the globe. Beware, we are in that period where everyone is chasing after the same sound, though I did my best to shake it up a little to keep things as fresh as possible. It's just hard to do considering what I had to work...

Duration: 01:54:13

MADONNA Birthday Celebration 2017 | The Diva Series

It's time to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E the birthday of the most enduring ICON of the past 30 years...MADONNA! As usual, I gather up the best of the best bootlegs of her work that have been re-imagined for today's dance floors. Each year after posting a new podcast, I setup a Madonna folder where I throw in any new bootleg I come across. Typically, it builds up over the course of that year and I use it as a basis for the next set. Frankly, the mixes are beginning to become a bit thin; especially...

Duration: 02:14:20

Ariana Grande | The Diva Series

From Nickelodeon to worldwide superstar, the road to stardom has been pretty much smooth sailing for the pint-sized DIVA, Ariana Grande. Granted, she isn't earning that status because of some ongoing Twitter feud with one of her contemporaries or because she's a femme fatale or even because she has a reputation for being difficult to work with. Quite the opposite, she's earned it because she's a genuine talent who is vocally gifted, genuinely sincere and backs it up with her beauty...

Duration: 01:28:32

Selena Gomez | The Diva Series | Expanded & Remastered

Since the original release of Selena's induction into the Diva Hall of Fame in May of last year, her star has been burning even hotter with collaborations from Kygo & Charlie Puth in addition to several more releases from her platinum album "Revival". As such, I decided to go ahead and update and expand the original release with the latest chart toppers to make it more complete. Back in March, I had some downtime and decided to catch up on some of the Oscar-nominated movies from 2015 I had...

Duration: 01:37:44

Beach Party 2017 | The HOTTEST Dance Hits of the Summer!

Just in time for your weekend pleasure, I'm dropping the MASSIVE Beach Party mix that's bound to fuel your summer celebrations! This unabashedly commercial set kicks off with the would-be/should-be summertime hit 'Good Time' by the former lead singer of the Gap Band, Charlie Wilson. While the original is outstanding in its own right, the Moto Blanco remix adds that extra summer feelgood-ishness that makes you want to get up and DANCE! I just wish there was a full version available but I'll...

Duration: 01:33:09

Pool Party 2017 | Funky House Music for Your Summer Parties!

It's officially time to kick this shit into gear! Party Favorz is dropping the Pool Party 2017, which is some serious FunkyDiscoHouseShit on the masses. Formerly known as Beach House, Pool Party continues the trend in the summer's biggest funky house music currently trending. As the music becomes more intricate and diverse in its offerings, I developed an entirely new (to me anyway) of looking at the tunes and dropping them into the mix for a more cohesive flow. You'll likely won't notice...

Duration: 01:55:11

Deep & Funky 2007 pt. 2 | Expanded and Remastered

As promised, I'm sending part 2 of the Deep & Funky 2007 Year-end Edition. This set is packed with several of my personal favorites including Booty Luv's "Boogie 2nite", Cahill's "Trippin On You" Degrees of Motion's updated "Do You Want It Right Now" Tony Moran & Martha Wash's "Keep Your Body Working" Nowak's Boogie Oogie Oogie inspired "Stand Up" Mika's "Love Today" Roisin Murphy's "Let Me Know" and Fish Go Deep's "The Cure and the Cause". Actually, I just love all the songs. This was an...

Duration: 02:01:01

Deep & Funky 2007 pt. 1 | Expanded and Remastered

In my last post, I asked if anyone had some older mixes that I long ago lost due to a hard drive crash. I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Dean and Marshall for making it happen. The BPM Edition 2009 v5, which was originally 4 sets has been combined into two and is now available for the first time in years. Five sets of the BPM Edition 2009 v1 and the 2 set Funky Edition 2008 v1 and v2 have now been combined into one are also available. I had a problem with the Year-end Edition 2007: Deep &...

Duration: 02:14:15