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London, United Kingdom


A new podcast dissecting British politics -- two more voices join the chorus of commentators, but hopefully reasonably insightful and occasionally even entertaining ones.




71: It's always about Boris

What is Boris Johnson up to? Does he want to be sacked? Does he still think he's in with a chance of the top job? Or does he just want to highlight how weak Theresa May is? We ask why he's undermined the Prime Minister, just as she's about to set out her strategy for Brexit. Meanwhile, Sir Vince Cable genuinely thinks he could be the next PM, as UKIP consider a leadership candidate who's too extreme for most of UKIP.

70: Shut up and do as you're told

Brexit is back in the Commons, and it turns out "take back control" didn't really apply to MPs. Plus, who leaked that top secret immigration plan? How on earth did Theresa May convince herself she could stay in office for five more years? And how did her scripted soundbite end up sounding a bit like "let them eat cake"? Meanwhile, Labour won't stare directly at The Sun, and we learn Stormzy's word of the week...

69: So, the President's a racist then...

How should Theresa May treat Donald Trump, now he's confirmed his racism and bigotry? We look at a depressing, horrifying couple of weeks in the US. Back home, we're on a slow train north -- because all trains in the north are slow, and that won't be changing anytime soon. Plus the curious personality cult around Jacob Rees-Mogg, and the ridiculous displays of mourning as Big Ben is silenced.

Duration: 00:25:27

68: Nothing about this is normal

In a summer special, we catch up with Simon Marks, 20-year-plus veteran of Washington DC reporting, who spends his time covering the Trump White House. We discuss the sleepless terror of watching the President, and how this whole fiasco could come to an end. Plus we try to answer the question - what on earth does Trump actually do all day?

Duration: 00:23:37

67: Cabinet at war

The Cabinet explodes into full-on civil war, but Theresa May is powerless to stop it. In an End of Term podcast, we assess the state of the government going into the summer break. Plus Vince Cable returns as Lib Dem leader, and we're all going to have to work forever.

Duration: 00:22:09

66: Money's Too Tight to Mention

Britain deserves a pay rise, say half the Cabinet. Not on my watch, say the other half. We explore the Cabinet battle over the public sector pay cap. Meanwhile, Labour's harmonious post-election mood disappears as internal hostilities resume. Also, after the disaster at the Grenfell Tower, isn't it time to pay more attention to what's going on in Britain's Town Halls. And, facing the threat of a lightning Donald Trump visit, we're rude about the leader of the free world. Once again.

Duration: 00:26:03

59: Don't Look Back in Anger

After the horror of the Manchester bombing, the General Election campaign resumes after a 3-day pause. We talk about the political response to events in Manchester, and the likely next months on the campaign trail. Plus the UKIP candidate who's reaching for the stars.

Duration: 00:23:43