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This show is committed to bringing together the body of Christ across denominational, racial, and economical borders to demonstrate to America the power of Biblical unity.

This show is committed to bringing together the body of Christ across denominational, racial, and economical borders to demonstrate to America the power of Biblical unity.
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This show is committed to bringing together the body of Christ across denominational, racial, and economical borders to demonstrate to America the power of Biblical unity.




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The Gatekeepers


The Evil of Multiculturalism

Conservatism isn’t Christianity. They are nothing alike. Conservatism is a pretend version that has nothing to do with repentance. “I’m a conservative” is what they say. It means nothing, other than you are part of the problem. Multiculturalism is societal AIDs. It destroys cultures when they think everyone is the same, all things are equal, […]

Roy Moore Libertarianism

The corruption in government didn’t happen by accident. We have been moving towards this under the power of high government officials. Don’t miss this folks, the people high in government are working against all things Godly. Given that, Judge Roy Moore is a light at the end of the tunnel. He is a great example […]

Get Off the Pew and Get Into the Game

There are lots of events coming up with Pass the Salt. Get off the pew and get on board. Stop waiting for someone else to show up! You are the one who needs to show up! Get up and build the Kingdom with other like-minded people! We have got to DO SOMETHING. How come we […]

The Narrow Path

The loss of a loved one is hard, and it happens to everyone. The loss of a wife is even harder, because the two become one. When you lose your wife, it is like losing part of yourself. Remember folks, there is more to the spiritual realm than we know. Most people are lost. We […]

The Swamp Rats and Eternity

There is something going on November 4th. ANTIFA is stirring up trouble and they are planning on attacking first responders. They are trying to start a civil war. Who knows how this will play out, but understand the full picture. There is more going on here, keep your eyes open and look for the deception. […]

A Strong Delusion

A strong delusion has been pulled over the eyes of Americans. We believe lies, and we like it that way. The shooting in LA, either a lie or they aren’t telling us all the facts. Why? The MSM lies continuously about everything they report, and people still listen. We are lied to about abortion, and […]

The SOLID Rock

Be Ye Separate. Christians do not belong in this world. We serve another master, and that is Almighty God whom through Jesus Christ sacrifice and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are able to serve properly. We are SUPPOSED to be persecuted! We are SUPPOSED to be separate. We are SUPPOSED to believe differently […]

Build Your Downline

There are lies all around us. The police are lying to us, or they are not telling us what is going on. The government is lying to us. Businesses are lying to us. We are surrounded by the lies of Satan, what do we do? BUILD A DOWNLINE! Get up, get together, and DO the […]

LA Shooting and MK Ultra with Russ Dizdar

We do not know what happened in LA. We may never know, but we do know there are holes in the story. How could this have happened? How did a man, never having experience with guns, become and expert and able to shoot people from 800 yards away? Russ Dizdar has an answer. Demonic Ritual […]

Las Vegas and the Signs of the Times | Pass the Salt Live | 10.2.2017


Good Old-Fashioned Values

We have to bring back the old-fashioned values. Our children are wayward because we did not train them up. We didn’t do our job, and they went off and are living in sin. When you allow rebellion, you get rebellion, that’s the way it works. It works from a country perspective, and it works in […]

Phony Christians

We become that which we tolerate. When you are parent, and you tolerate disobedience, guess what? You get disobedient children. When you are a parent and you tolerate sin, guess what? You get sin in those people you have authority over, ie your family. Christians do not tolerate sin. I’ll say it again. Christians do […]

Judge Moore Isn’t Afraid

Judge Roy Moore Won! There is at least one Christian in government office. Understand this, God allowed Judge Moore to win against the wishes of Trump, against the wishes of the entire political class, and against the wishes of the swamp. God is doing something and we have to start paying attention. Get with the […]

The Evil in the NFL

The Salt and Light Brigade is still down there in Texas. We have helped feed people, and are now helping people clean out their houses. Rich rented a Bobcat and cleared out an entire lot for some people. This would’ve taken them days and weeks on their own. Rich, Ray, and others did it in […]

NFL Free Speech?

The NFL knows what it is doing. They are tearing down another American institution that used to stand for some sort of virtue. Hard work and learning how to take the hits of life. As everything else in the country, anything masculine needs to be torn down. Therefore these players are being used as a […]

Rapture Fever

Where did this, “Rapture Fever” come from? Why are Christians so ready for the end of the world and leaving? Where is the Bible does it say God is going to spare you from the pain? Guess what, it doesn’t say anything about it. If anything, Christians are told to endure until the end. That […]

The Petro Dollar Deception

Operation Save America rescuers were found innocent from any charges in Louisville. This is a verdict that happened because 11 rescuers blocked the entrance to an abortion mill in Kentucky, they were arrested. Now, they are found innocent of any wrongdoing. There is still light in America. The Deep State wiretapped President Trump before he […]

Men of Courage

Christian men are ashamed. They are ashamed because they know they should be doing something, and they aren’t. They are being lied to by the culture about their purpose, and it is killing them inside. It’s not that you lack courage, it’s that you’ve never used it for Christ. In your work, you face fears […]

America’s “Sex Education” is Sexual Degeneration

Alfred Kinsey has destroyed the proper idea of sex in America. Alfred Kinsey was a pedophile, a homosexual, and he is the foundational resource for our sex education in this country. He developed, through fake science, all the principles we use today to think about sex. His reasoning has fueled the, “Sexual Revolution” which has […]
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