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This show is committed to bringing together the body of Christ across denominational, racial, and economical borders to demonstrate to America the power of Biblical unity.




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Violence, Trump, and the Racist Left

Where in the Bible does it say, “Violence is never the answer”. Where does it say that? If you have God-haters throwing urine at your wife, you are just going to sit by and watch it happen? You won’t defend the innocent? You won’t defend your family? What kind of man are you? Ecclesiastes says […]

White Nationalist History is Being Destroyed

We spend so much time looking at things we have no control over. We worry about things we can do nothing about. Yelling about the eclipse and whether or not it’s the end of the world. Or why the numbers all add up to the end of the 1000 year reign of Satan or some […]

The War for the West and “White Supremacy”

Jesus Christ is the center of western civilization. White people are the ones who have brought the gospel out and around the world. It is part of white countries’ civilization to be Christian. It’s just how it is, it’s history. The enemy is not simply western civilization haters. They are Christ haters. Conservatism is not […]

Misdiagnosis Leads to Improper Treatment

Jesus makes people uncomfortable. They don’t want to hear the J word. They want to go on living the life they enjoy, without being too convicted or being too convicting. They love the warm bath and will not, and even resist, anything outside their worldview. Even at a funeral, people will play the game and […]

The Seed the Devil Sows

The 501c3 Church is under the thumb of the government. When you marry the government, they start having a say in what you are talking about. Now, why is the government involved in the Church if there is a separation between Church and State? Why does the Church owe the government taxes when there is […]

The 501c3 Excuse of Weak Pastors

Christians are hoping for defeat. Nowhere in the Bible do God’s people get defeated. Listen, nowhere in the Bible does it say we get defeated. In this life OR the next. Christians are always saying, “We win in the end!” Where does the Bible say we lose now? Nowhere. This battle is waging, and God’s […]

Emotional Worship, Temptation, and Christian Self-Control

God’s not impressed by numbers. Man is, but God isn’t. What if through spreading the Truth we get it to the one person who needs to hear it? There is so much more going on in this world than we know. Your emotions betray you. Emotions are not worship. Feeling great is not worship of […]

Vanity, The Deep State, and Love of Money

Christians do not understand the power we have. We act like we have no power. We aren’t unified. Jesus Christ has given us power over darkness, but we don’t act like it. Don’t call yourself a Christian and deny the power thereof. Vain means, “Having no real value”. Using the Lord’s name in vain isn’t […]

Lying Media, Deceitful Politicians, and Unrighteous Taxation

We are surrounded by lies. Everywhere we look it is lies. There are lies on both sides of the equation. Republican, Democrat, left, right, conservative, liberal. There are lies on both sides. The affordable care act is a great example. By the way, those who vote to repeal under Obama switched votes when Trump would […]

Fatherless America

The Republicans hate Trump. He’s not part of the government class, so they have to destroy his agenda. In four years’ time, if Trump doesn’t take even more seats in the mid-term election for his party, he won’t make it. They will destroy him. He needs to raise up his own candidates to run in […]

Perspective is Everything

Churches don’t want people to move. They want people to sit. They don’t want you to learn new things or get outside the box. They don’t want to fulfill a real purpose. They want to absorb the information THEY want you to know, and if you go outside of that, it’s wrong. The perspective and […]

The SLB, Unrighteous Courts, and the Do-Nothing Church

What is the, “Salt and Light Brigade”? The SLB is a group of people dedicated to DOING something for Christ. We are going out and holding local governments accountable, training people how to be prepared for emergencies, rebuking the evil in our nation, and pointing those people to the only answer, Jesus Christ. The courts […]

Represent Jesus

What does victory look like? Jesus Christ is the victor, and we are his representatives. We don’t win in the end, God wins in the end. That’s how this game is played. He is the reason we live and the reason we do, IF He isn’t the reason, we are lost. We always must remember […]

Blind Watchmen, Your Rockstar Pastor is Lying

The pastors are leading God’s people astray. There were pastors all over Kentucky, with thousands of followers, and guess how many showed up to defend the unborn? None. These pastors are telling people that God exists to make them feel good. If you want Him enough, then He’ll come down and make you happy and […]

Operation Save America, Day 4

Operation Save America is still happening. The only group that can stop abortion is the Church. Going down to these events IS the gospel. It is living the life of Christ. Placing yourself where the evil is and fighting against it is being Christian. The spiritual war is very real. In Louisville there were skirmishes […]

Operation Save America Day 3 – Chet, John, and Mark

Another day in Louisville, Kentucky. The abortion movement isn’t just about abortion. It is invariably about the gospel of Jesus Christ. When you go down to advocate for the life of unborn children, the question of morality comes up. What morality protects life? Christian morality. Christianity is the protection of life. John Brockhoeft was arrested […]

Operation Save America, Day 2

The courts have suspended the injunction against pro-lifers. We are still legally allowed to practice free speech in Kentucky! The judge responsible for putting forth a restraining order on pro-lifers at the abortion clinic ruled yesterday that they wouldn’t resume deliberations, so it is essentially dead in the water. This is a victory. Remember folks, […]

Operation Save America, Day 1

Operation save America is happening now in Louisville, Kentucky. Families and individuals from around the country have decided to no longer, “Be pro-life”, but ACT pro-life. They are doing the deed and being where the murder is happening. Kentucky has one abortion mill left, and it’s in Louisville. If this place closes, which it has […]


Trump is waking up. He is realizing that he is not only fighting against the Democrats, but the Republicans also. None of them are on his side, and now he’s starting to realize what needs to be done. We believe everything coming out of the government-media complex. We hear things from people who have, “Authority” […]

Interview with the Activist Mommy – Men, Feminism, and Family

Pedogate is real folks. Christians don’t even want to believe it. Look around you? The ex-speaker of the house went to prison for child molestation. That’s third in line for the President. He went to prison for CHILD MOLESTATION. When was the last time you heard about this in your pulpits? The church has no […]
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