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084: How to Start a Podcast from Start to Finish

Today I go over all of the details on how I started a Podcast. Kara wrote in with the following questions and I answer every single one in great detail. Enjoy and let me know if you start a Podcast!! What equipment did you start with? Where did you buy it? How did you prepare? How did you set up interviews and prepare for those interviews Editing, do you outsource a company that helps with editing? Did you have them all recorded before you started posting? How did you promote it? How to come...


082: Why Giving Matters

Do you ever have a book sitting around for a long time but never make the time to get around to reading it? Okay, I have more than a few of these, but The Go-Giver is probably the shortest book that has been. Yesterday, I gave myself a rare off-day and decided to pick up the book. Actually, I won't lie, I threw a delicious smelling bath bomb into my tub and started reading it in there! To my pleasant surprise, the book wasn't like a typical business book jam-packed with practical info but...


081: How to make your One Life Count

Yooooolo! That's right, I'm bringing back that obnoxious cliche phrase that went viral a year or two ago. But to be honest, I wish it hadn't been simply a fad. If you weren't in the YOLO loop, it stands for You Only Live Once, and people used it mainly to describe silly things like having a huge piece of cake or staying up all night in Vegas. But I wanna get down to the real, serious - and fun - meaning. Do you think about it very often? I know I forget a lot. I get wrapped up in day to...


080: Winning by making Others Feel Awesome

Do any of you have an Alexa Echo? I got one for Christmas and even though I thought I wouldn't use it that much, I'm constantly talking to her. She tells me the weather, gives me morning inspiration, helps me study Arabic, and reads me free Audible books, which brings me to this topic! My current one is How to Win Friends and Influence People. Now, I've heard of this book a million times, I think I even have an ancient copy sitting around. But for me, I always think reading current books...


079: How to Thrive with your specific Personality

Oooooh! This is a fun one! So I recently helped launch a church campus and as part of Fresh Life Church's Crash Course, you go through a series of personality tests, one of which is I'm sure most of you have done personality tests sometime in your past. I always found them somewhat hard to understand - they describe you in letters and give a little generic description and, whatever. But not this one. This one is dead on. For real though. Once you finish, it gives you...


078: Conquering a Fault: Patience

All of last year I was in a rush. A rush to make things happen. A rush to make money. A rush to stand out in the world. A rush to look successful. That rush not only broke me totally down emotionally but didn't leave me conquering much of anything. It was disheartening and annoying. And I was most mad at myself. Mad that I couldn't just make everything happen the moment I wanted it all to happen. Mad that my investments weren't panning out the way I'd planned. I'd hired a business coach...


077: Do you Add or Subtract Energy around others?

Do you ever find yourself in situations where all of the people around you are totally bringing you down? Like, you walked into a place filled with energy but left completely a bad way? It's a real thing. There are energy-suckers out there. They are alive and well and much to my dismay, I occasionally feel myself being one. Not that I intentionally do it. Maybe something bothers me and I decide I "need" to debate it. Maybe someone achieves something but I don't feel like they...


076: Six Questions to Ask Yourself at the Beginning of a New Year

I love setting goals for myself when a New Year rolls around. I've been doing them in the same journal for about the past 6 years and it's so fun to look back and see that because even when I don't accomplish the goal in the year I wrote it, I usually do sometime in the next few years. This is great, especially for people like me who never think I'm doing enough...turns out, I'm doing exactly what I want if I would just be a little more patient! If you're a goal setter, awesome! These...


075: 2017 Wrap-Up: What I’ll do More and Less of Next Year

On Instagram recently I encouraged everyone to take a few minutes to jot down notes about their year. I think it's extremely important to look over your past year in order to recognize everything you accomplished, and what you can do better. Some of my favorite accomplishments were: Finished visiting all 50 states Took 87 flights Put myself through an online business course for 6 months Celebrated my 30th birthday in London Sold a lot more art and put on classes Went to Morocco twice by...


074: The Total Money Makeover that I Avoided

This is kind of a weird podcast for me because if you've listened to any, you know that I'm all about positive thinking, an optimistic mindset, and just going for things. I can't even tell you how hard it is for me to sit down and look at spreadsheets and budgets, even calendars, because, I just don't operate that way. So there's this guy...maybe you've heard of him. Dave Ramsey. If you haven't, you might be hiding under a money rock, seeing that he's written tons of stuff on finances, but...


073: Learning to Walk After 9 years Paralyzed | Greg Durso

Greg is back on the podcast again today, to talk about his experiences this year with the Indigo ExoSkeleton, a device that allows him, as a paraplegic, to walk on his own. It's really cool science and I got him on here to explain it to us and talk about his experience with it. In this episode he touches on: What it's like to have something taken away and then given back 10 years later. How do you even go about re-learning something like walking Tricks to getting out of bed if you're...


072: Underneath our LAYERS

In Morocco, I found myself wondering what was underneath the headscarves some women wear; who was that person really. In general, I find myself wondering that about people as I watch how they interact and go about their day. Look around you. What layers do you see? For me, I see a painting sitting on my floor. It may just look like a ski painting, but when I think about the layers that it took to create it, I'm reminded that I painted it because I lived in Aspen, I learned to ski there, I...


071: Turn stress around in 4 EASY steps

A few weeks ago I spent a couple weeks in Morocco. One night at the beginning of my trip, I woke up frantic and unsettles, knowing I was jet-lagged but stressed that everything was possibly not going perfectly. I almost walked outside my room at midnight to try and get some wifi and external comfort but knew if I was going to grow and make this a good trip I needed to train myself to beat the stress from within. I had been reading some books about getting stronger mentally and knew this...


070: Notes from ConvertKit Conference’s speakers – PT. II

Over the summer I went to an absolutely incredible conference put on by the email service ConvertKit. It was my first time in Boise, a place I'd wanted to visit and a very convenient spot as it's just the state next door. I wanted to share some notes with you all, to provide a bit of inspiration and motivation in short doses of notes that I took. PART II Add my personality to everything. Don't be a copy. Love what you're doing, but put an invoice behind it. Automate systems, not...


069: Notes from SETH GODIN & more speakers at ConvertKit’s Conference – PT. I

Over the summer I went to an absolutely incredible conference put on by the email service ConvertKit. It was my first time in Boise, a place I'd wanted to visit and a very convenient spot as it's just the state next door. I wanted to share some notes with you all, to provide a bit of inspiration and motivation in short doses of notes that I took. When I do something awesome, don't automatically look at who's doing it better. Keep the joy! -Ask yourself: Can I feel the joy now? (Because you...


068: Bringing EXCELLENCE to work & life

"Excellence creates comfort. We never, ever compromise on quality. The message deserves nothing less." -Crash Course, Fresh Life Church I've been a Christian my entire life. Growing up in a conservative, and slightly boring, Lutheran church, and then branching out to contemporary megachurches once I got in college. From college on, I moved around a lot at that point and found it fun to attend many different churches, which also made me notice differences and similarities that made churches...


067: Answering Tim Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors Questions

For this episode, I decided I would go through the questions Tim Ferriss has been asking on his new Podcast. I think questions are an art form and having the right questions can be really exciting for listeners. Since he has developed this skill very well, I'm going to share them. I think sometimes we go through life not even knowing exactly what we stand for, and I know I found a few of these hard to answer, specifically #3. It's always good to take some time to know where you stand so...


066: 30 Wealthy Affirmations

If you haven't listened to episode 65 prior to this, that's a good intro, but if you just want to dive right into Wealthy Affirmations, here they are. There are 30 and I will say each one twice, so that you can repeat it with me the 2nd time. Do this every day and watch your mindset around money change right before your eyes! I have a positive money mindset I deserve wealth and prosperity I see abundance all around me I choose to feel good about money I have confidence in my ability to...


065: Do you use more POSITIVE or NEGATIVE Affirmations?

Do you use affirmations?? I've been back and forth about them, but recently have decided to go ALL IN. Because really, what's the point in only going half into things? That's like saying you want a chocolate cookie but are only going to use half the ingredients or half the heat. Probably not going to get your desired outcome, right? If you aren't familiar with affirmations, they are basically sentences that you repeat to yourself or listen to, that ingrain certain thoughts into your...


064: My exact method of using EVENTS to attract NEW CUSTOMERS

A few months back I started really focusing on doing more art. It's always been a side-passion of mine, but as I had more and more people requesting my services, I realized it would be really easy to make money with art. Becoming a full-time artist meant I had to think about creative ways to bring in money, not only for surviving but because I was interested in seeing which methods could bring me the most consistent income. Today I'm telling you about one of my favorite sources of income...


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