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103: Exponential Healing - Dr. Hollen Meyer - Doctor of Chiropractic & Transformational Speaker

Hollen Meyer is a Doctor of Chiropractic. She’s been an employee, a business owner – created a J.O.B. for herself, then expanded her practice with a team of doctors. This has also allowed her to follow her passion and her calling to increase her reach for “exponentially healing.” She has since created an online health & wellness program (“Own Your Health Revolution”), she’s the spokesperson for Functional Health & Wellness, along with mentoring other healthcare professionals across the...


102: Growing Weeders Into Leaders - Leadership Lessons from the Ground Level - Jeff McManus

Jeff McManus grows things. As the Director of Landscape Services at the University of Mississippi, he grows plants...he grows people...he grows ideas. Jeff is a problem-solver, understanding that doing more with less is a 21st century mandate. Faced with a multi-million dollar landscaping beautification project, a demand for excellence, high productivity, and with a stagnant budget, Jeff knew that growing the people was critical to growing the plants. Understanding that all humans either...


101: Driving Engagement Through Social Impact and Purpose - Dustin Joost - VP of Sales & Marketing at YourCause

Dustin Joost is most passionate about how technology can empower individuals to achieve collective impact. As VP of Sales and Marketing for YourCause, he leads a team responsible for building the Global Good Network, partnering with companies to connect their employees to the causes they care about through employee giving, volunteering, and corporate philanthropy technology. Joining YourCause as an early employee, he has overseen the Global Good Network’s growth to more than 250...


100: How to Achieve Success - Julian Placino - Creator, Pathways to Success Podcast

Julian Placino is a Recruiting Professional with 11 years of experience in agency and corporate staffing. He’s been instrumental in advancing the careers of hundreds of technology, creative and sales professionals around the country. Today, he leads talent acquisition for Bottle Rocket Studios, one of the premier mobile development firms in the world. Julian is the Creator of the Pathways to Success Podcast in iTunes where he conducts in-depth interviews with world-class performers to...


99: Finding Your Passion and Inner Badass - Donnie Boivin - Success Coach & Speaker

Donnie Boivin is Success Coach, Speaker, and an all-around good guy. He spent over 18 years as a straight-commission salesperson, executive, and ultimately sales trainer. He has spent years motivating and inspiring thousands of people to get out of their own way and RUN LIKE HELL. He's known as the go-to coach for helping people achieve higher levels of success by discovering their passions and then teaching them how to go for it. Donnie Boivin challenges success minded people, and...


98: The Art of Negotiation & Persuasion - Russ Riddle - The Anomaly at Law

Russ Riddle is a senior legal executive with 12 years of in-house and 14 years of law firm experience in guiding C-Suite leaders and senior managers through the legal gauntlets of modern business. His law practice has served such notable clients as Barney® the purple dinosaur, Bob the Builder®, Thomas the Tank Engine®, the voices of Jimmy Neutron® and Larry the Cucumber®, as well as countless companies and entrepreneurs. Russ is a past president of the North Texas Chapter of the National...


97: Making Impact Through Social Entrepreneurship - Dylan Rafaty - Chief Navigation Officer at DylanLlisted

Dylan Rafaty is the Founder & Chief Navigation Officer at DylanListed. DylanListed leads the way in providing Transition Support Services for Families of People with Disabilities and assisting Businesses achieve Disability Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Dylan is also the Founder, Executive Director/Chairman of DylanListed Connect. DLC is a Texas 501c3 Nonprofit membership-based organization focused on Cross-Disability Community Building, Social Engagement with Abled Population through...


96: Starting Your Own Non-Profit - Bryan Townsend - Co-Founder, Trigger’s Toys

Bryan Townsend is the Co-Founder of Trigger’s Toys, a non-profit organization whose mission is to alleviate the financial and emotional stress of sick children and their families. Together with his wife and Co-Founder Stacey Townsend, have raised over a million dollars towards the mission of Trigger’s Toys. Bryan would tell you that Trigger’s Toys started because he needed to scratch a personal itch to give back to the community. Little did he know that one trip to the hospital with his...


95: Discovering Your Inner Changemaker - Jay Wong - Host of The Inner Changemaker Podcast

Jay Wong is a serial entrepreneur, business advisor, real estate investor and host of The Inner Changemaker; rated #1 Self-Help Podcast on iTunes. Jay’s mission is to create empowering media that summarizes all of the great lessons covered in on his show by other successful changemakers, in hopes that these combined journeys will help business owners grow their business through online marketing and elevate their leadership. With interviews from game-changing entrepreneurs such as Bob...


94: Higher Profits, Increased Efficiency and Faster Growth - Andrew Louder - Founder of Louder Co.

Andrew is the founder and CEO of Louder Co., a company of Operations Specialists that are driven to help their clients operate more efficiently, experience higher profits, and achieve growth faster. Louder Co.’s clients have coined them as their Chief Improvement Officer where they’ve generated over $100M in revenue, $100M in savings, and countless hours of operational efficiencies for those clients. Louder Co. has been built to take on fun, impactful projects to make a lasting impact on...


93: Mastering the Craft of Creativity - Bob Stromberg - Comedian, Speaker & Podcaster

From his home in St. Paul, MN Bob Stromberg travels continually performing his very unique blend of original story, standup and shtick. His work has left lasting impressions on Fortune 500 companies, raised multimillions for non-profits, garnered literary and theater awards and broken box office records in the US and Europe. The London Times said “ He’s a genuinely funny man”. The Chicago Sun Times called him, “... a mesmerizing physical comedian.” Most impressively, Bob has joined a very...


92: Reasons to start your own Business - Joe Scott - YouTube Creator & Founder of Cankerboy

They say that one of they keys to successful entrepreneurship is to find a person’s pain points and create a solution for them. This is what Joe Scott’s business Cankerboy does - literally. After suffering with canker sores his entire life, Joe created as a blog to post research and test and review products to serve as an information hub for people like himself. Over time, he discovered a simple vitamin formula that worked and now sells it as a supplement you can order by...


91: Keys to Success on YouTube - Joe Scott - Founder & Creator of Answers with Joe

After growing up in a small town, Joe Scott became an advertising copywriter by day and screenwriter by night, making the indie film Ocean Front Property in 2005, and serving as a screenwriter on multiple indie films. He eventually turned his attention to YouTube where he created a channel called Answers With Joe, which currently has nearly 75,000 subscribers. He works with businesses helping them manage their YouTube channels and runs his own business called Cankerboy where he sells an...


90: TEDx Speaker - Robert James Collier - Founder, Entrepreneurs Dinner

Robert James Collier is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner which hosts dinners for entrepreneurs, freelancers, models, artists, creatives and more, to share: These events are held at beautiful and exclusive private venues. The Entrepreneurs Dinner experience is complete with private chefs cooking delicious 4-course meals, bartenders serving drinks and videographers to capture the entire event. Robert was recently invited to give a TEDx talk on, “How Great Businesses Close the Intimacy...


89: Losing 120 lbs the DopeFit Way - Brandon Mersier - Founder of DopeFit

Brandon Mersier is the Creator and Founder of DopeFit (Defying Other People’s Expectations Forever Internally Training), whose mission is to inspire 1 billion pounds of weight-loss around the world. After losing 120 lbs, Brandon has set out to help others achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals. On this episode, we discuss Brandon’s transformational journey and keys to losing the weight and keeping it off. Topics: Connect with Brandon: WebsiteInstagramFacebookTeam Billion...


88: Mindset, Self-Awareness, Goal Setting - Raj Daniels - Author of For You, From Me

Raj is an experienced business consultant and for over 20 years has been involved in business ventures across several verticals as a consultant, owner, investor and advisor. He has a personal passion for strategy and vision building that has allowed him to lead successful strategic initiatives for both profit and non-profit organizations. And he is an evangelist for the Dallas startup ecosystem and community builder. Raj is a firm believer in contributing back to society and has given...


87: Finding Purpose, Discovering Values and Loving What You Do - Calvin Carter - Founder & CEO of Bottle Rocket Studios

Calvin Carter is the Founder and CEO of Bottle Rocket Studios, a multidisciplinary mobile studio that connects future-focused brands to their customers through sophisticated yet simple mobile experiences. Prior to launching Bottle Rocket, Calvin ran a private equity and business development company that completed many successful projects and made equity investments into 16 companies, many of which were technology focused. He has founded or co-founded several other businesses, including...


86: Digital Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Business - Joel Widmer - Founder & CEO, Fluxe Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategist and entrepreneur Joel Widmer understands how to help businesses systematize marketing success. He is the Founder & CEO of Dallas-based Fluxe Digital Marketing—a marketing shop that specializes in helping companies turn their best ideas into consistent content for lead generation and retention without writing a word. Fluxe was started after Widmer saw too many brilliant people and businesses struggle through the same grind year after year—trying to create...


85: Building Community to Grow Your Business - Jasmin Brand - CEO of Launch DFW

Jasmin Brand is President of DARBY JAMES, an experiential marketing agency and digital publisher dedicated to American cities and the people and brands that make them great. DARBY JAMES specializes in building continuous online and offline engagement using strategy, creative content, influencer management and strategic events. Jasmin’s diverse clients have included: Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, City of Dallas, YMCA, Mockingbird Station, Watters Creek , Elfa, Greek Food Festival of...


84: Bridging the Gap Between Millennials and Baby Boomers - Tony Fleo & Sean Caho - Social Venture Partners of Dallas

On this episode of the Pathways to Success, we discuss how to bridge the gap between Millennials and Baby Boomers. Tony Fleo is the CEO of Social Venture Parters Dallas. He has more than 30 years of experience in assisting enterprises grow in organizational strength, funding, and staff and board development. His extensive background in psychology and systems theory, coupled with his hands-on experience leading organizations to fulfill their missions, enables him to bridge the gap between...


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