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Welcome to a new kind of pet show. Our animals give us love, comfort and support — – are we doing the best we can for them? “Paws and Effect” investigates the human-animal bond and reports on the exciting new work of pets, as our sympathizers, social support and intuitive friends. We keep you up to date about controversial issues in care and training. If you want to understand your pet better, if you are committed to considering the full range of issues that shape our animals’ lives — check out Paws & Effect. Your pet will thank you. Sit — stay — listen!




Paws & Effect – The Fascinating Kuvasz and Quirky Ibizan Hound

This week, we learn about the fascinating Kuvasz from Hungary and the quirky Ibizan Hound from the Spanish island in the Mediterranean, with stories from people who love them. Snoopy Goes Shopping for the vitamin-mineral supplement Pet Tabs. Paws for the News about the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, help for pets after Japan’s… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Canine Reproduction, a Difficult Dog Finds a Trainer, and W

This is a mixed breed show — an update on the tiny puppy Fig’s fight for survival; a reproduction expert, Dr. Michael Petranto, on common breeding problems; a hard-to-place Pit Bull and Michael Badial, the trainer who saved his life, and Snoopy Goes Shopping for a new, natural dog treat, antlers. In Paws for… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Secrets of Miniature Schnauzers & the Unusual Dog Treat fro

There are secrets that only Miniature Schnauzer owners know; hear from the president of the American Miniature Schnauzer Club, John Constantine, about what makes the breed #12 in the AKC’s most popular dogs in the nation and how to adopt one of your own. Snoopy Goes Shopping for Bullysticks, an amazingly delicious treat that is good… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – New Ideas in Dog Training – It’s Not The Dog, It’s The Rela

Two fascinating young trainers who are working at the cutting edge of the canine mind — Michael Badial and Amy McCaa of Lead the Way. In Paws For The News — Labs keep football fans safe; Dr. Phil’s rare Korean Jindo; parents of a slain solider adopt their son’s working dog; and investigating a dog sledding… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Westminster Dog Show and Understanding Dachshunds

Westminster Dog Show is a big deal in the lives of dog show exhibitors. We’ll here about what’s coming up from David Frei, Westminster Director of Communications. Then, hear about the differences between three coat types of Dachshunds, from Michael Reed of Saytar Dachshunds. Paws for the News about a hero Boxer who saved his family from snow;… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Special Dogs in Our Lives and How B.F. Skinner Invented Cli

This week, two pet owners talk about adopting the special dogs in their lives, and a researcher takes us back to the days when the famous psychologist B.F. Skinner invented positive reinforcement training, and trained a Dalmatian in 20 minutes to prove it would work. Paws for the News about archeological research into Stone Age man and their… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Seizure Alert Dog Helps a Boy with Seizures and the Greates

How a German Shepherd service dog helps her 12 year old partner, a boy who suffers from seizures. Champion Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, the dog who holds the title of Greatest American Boxer. In Paws for the News, President Obama’s dog trainer dies; Martha Stewart’s French Bulldog gives her a split lip; a mutt saves his owner’s… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Training Collars, Therapy Dogs, Potbellied Pigs and Organic

This week, the art and science some trainers employ in using electronic training collars, how one woman’s small pack of dogs became her therapy dog lifesavers after a debilitating stroke, why some very ill patients smile when they see a potbellied pig, and how to have a beautiful organic lawn and beautiful organic dogs all at… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Inside of a Dog

Scientist Alexandra Horowitz talks about the research in her book, Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know. It is absolutely fascinating. Should you buy pet insurance? Chris Middleton of Pets Best Insurance answers some of our questions. Snoopy Goes Shopping for Tagnabbits. In the news, a Marine K9 handler and his dog die… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Cairn Terriers, Raw Diets, Stuff for Big Dogs and Art

This week, find out about one of the most adorable terrier breeds, the Cairn. Learn why Victoria of Victory Dog Food thinks a raw diet is the best one and hear about a special website that’s only for big tall dogs. One of my favorite canine artists, Jodi Whitsell, explains why her art is… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Spotlight on Big Breed Rescue & Charlie the Chihuahua

This week, interviews about two beautiful big breeds from rescue coordinators, Delaware Valley Doberman Pinscher Assistance and Cane Corso Rescue. The Cane Corso is also known as the Italian Mastiff. The story of Charlie, the jilted Chihuahua. Snoopy Goes Shopping for Martingale Collars from Northwind. In the news, Marine K9s protect patrols in Afghanistan, a Manchester Terrier bites two people… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – How to Rescue a Brussels Griffon & a Trip to a Rare Breeds

This week, you’ll hear the story of Firefly, the Brussels Griffon I rescued from a backyard breeder. And a trip to the North American Kennel Club Dog Show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We meet the Karelian Bear Dog and four kinds of Water Dogs, Spanish Water Dogs, Portugese Water Dogs, French Barbet, and from Italy, the Lagotto Romagnolo… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – K9 Emergency Medical Technicians to the Rescue!

This week we talk to Karen Staudt Cartabona about the adorable mutt who guards her famous purebred Russian Wolfhounds. Next, there are Airedales and Golden Retrievers working every day to help the sick and injured as part of Jim and Joy Wheeler’s EMT team In New England. And did you know that pumpkin is a phenomenal food for… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Big Dreams Come True for an Irish Setter — Clooney Wins Bes

This is the story of the new kid on the block who nobody thought had a chance at a big win — yet he came from behind to suddenly triumph over 2,000 dogs at the National Dog Show! Clooney the Irish Setter lets his handler, Peter Kubacz, tell the story of how hard work resulted in sweet success.… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Stories of Lost Dogs with Happy Endings & the English Toy K

It’s heartbreaking when dogs go missing. Some are rescued, some are never found, and some are adopted to new homes. Microchips are a big help in reuniting owners and dogs. On this show, you’ll hear stories of dogs lost and found, learn about the English way of dogs from King Charles Spaniel breeder Marilyn Tuesley, and learn the intricacies of… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Happy, Ecstatic, Jealous, Resentful — Is Your Dog Emotional

Scientist and author Dr. Patricia McConnell wrote The Other End of the Leash, a classic book for dog trainers. She talks about the emotional and cognitive abilities of dogs — do they think and feel just like us? There’s a lesson on How to Pet A Dog. Snoopy Goes Shopping for Lubrisyn, a product that relieves canine and human arthritis… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Jennifer Arnold & Canine Assistants Open New Horizons in Do

Canine Assistants is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing service dogs for people with disabilities. The founder, Jennifer Arnold, is also dedicated to exploring and expanding the canine mind. She shares her discoveries and techniques in a new book, Through a Dog’s Eyes. Snoopy Goes Shopping for an Easy Walk Harness, which Arnold feels is a tremendous aid to training.… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Meet the Breeds — Beagles, Foxhounds, Bull Terriers and Ent

If you could design the perfect paradise for a dog lover, it would be AKC’s Meet the Breeds. During a day in New York, we hear about the Beagle puppy who was born blind but grew up to live a productive life. We meet Foxhounds, Bull Terriers and Entlebucher Mountain Dogs. The latest item in Snoopy Goes Shopping is the… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – The Wonderful World of Terriers at the Montgomery County Do

Explore the happy, high energy world of terriers at the Montgomery County Dog Show — with 3,000 terriers including Westies, Norwich, Skye, Welsh, Jack Russell and Cesky Terriers. And learn how to walk two dogs at the same time with a newly invented product called The Freedom Leash. Also, news of cancer studies for dogs and legislation to close puppy… Read more about this episode...

Paws & Effect – Filling the Holes in Your Dog’s Immune System & Why Pit Bul

Are there holes in your dog’s immune system? The show visits the Natural Pet Expo in Philadelphia to learn the healthiest way to care for your dog, about a program for shelter dogs to meet people on the street, and why a gorgeous group of fashion models and Burlesque stars united for Pit Bulls.
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