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Are You Using Your Dental Materials for Children Correctly? - Ep.005

This program talks with expert practitioner Dr. Jed Best. Over several decades of practice and via connection with dental industry scientists, Dr. Best has honed his skills in providing restorative dentistry for children. In this podcast, Jed talks about glass ionomer materials, resin-modified glass ionomer materials, and their indications and proper use in children. He also talks about composites and the relative advantages glass ionomer materials have in primary teeth. Light curing is...


Resin Infiltration: Using ICON to Halt Caries Lesion Progression - Ep.004

This program interviews Dr. Richard Chaet, who has performed hundreds of ICON resin infiltration procedures in permanent teeth. Rick talks about indications, methods of use and benefits of using ICON as opposed to waiting and “watching”. He describes everything from how to describe and discuss with parents, how to bill for the procedure and follow up methods and documentation. This podcast will tell you why will want to learn and do more with resin infiltration as part of your non-surgical...


Practice Management: They Didn’t Teach Me That in Dental School - Ep.003

This episode provides a thought-provoking look at running a successful pediatric dental practice. Drs. Joel Berg and Rob Delarosa have an interesting discussion about the ‘why’ you need to have a vision and also the ‘how’ to start creating a practice. A number of paths are discussed to help guide you in being a successful business owner in terms of caring for your patients, your team and the community you serve.


Pulp Fiction: Can We Regenerate a Pulp Following Dental Trauma? - Ep.002

Numerous pulp revascularization/regeneration case reports have shown successful clinical and radiographic outcomes which include continued root development, thickening of the dental walls and return of pulp vitality. All indicating that it is possible to regeneration a pulp following a traumatic injury where the neurovascular bundle is severed in young children. Upon clinical and radiographic exam the regenerate cell seems to act like the pulp. But absent exact signaling mechanism by which...


SDF: Game Changer? If So, How Do I Change My Game? - Ep.001

This podcast provides an interactive discussion about the newest phenomenon in pediatric dentistry known as medical management of caries, specifically the use of silver diamine fluoride. Drs. Horst and Berg review the indications, use and follow up requirements for the product. Also discussed are limitations, future directions and the science behind this game changing phenomenon.


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