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Patty Schemel (Hole) Episode 62 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 62! This show just keeps gaining momentum and steam as we charge forth with another great guest and one of the most recognizable drummers of our day, Patty Schemel from Hole. Patty and I sat down at Powell's City of Books in Downtown Portland Oregon to discuss her new book, "Hit So Hard" as well as her days spent living with Kurt Cobain, the death of both Kurt and Kristen the original bassist of Hole to Suicide and her journey from the stage to the...

Duration: 00:55:23

Randy Frobel (We Were Sharks) Episode 61 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

What's up one and all and welcome to another beautiful December Saturday and another beautifully crafted episode of Peer Pleasure to lighten your load and change your life again for the better. Randy Frobel from the band We Were Sharks joins me from the deep Dungeon below the bunk in the van on tour driving through Virginia to talk about the band, the new record and the happy accidents in the studio. These Canadian rockers know how to bring the goods and you will love Randy and his...

Duration: 00:57:35

Ben Harwood (Hobosexual) Episode 60 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

What's up everyone and welcome to Episode 60! This week we have the man behind the new theme song of the show and the front man for Seattle based genre-bending band Hobosexual. Ben Harwood is my amazing and inspiring guest this week and I know you will enjoy his story and pick up some motivation and laughs along the way. What an awesome dude and an amazing musician. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope this episode makes your travels a bit more bearable. Love you all! Support the...

Duration: 01:06:36

Inge Johansson (Against Me!/The (International) Noise Conspiracy) Episode 59 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

What's Up everyone and welcome to another great episode of Peer Pleasure and boy do we have a treat for you this week! Inge Johansson from Against Me joins me from El Paso Texas to have a chat about growing up in Sweden and his journey to find his calling as one of the most entertaining Bass Players out there today. What a gem of a person and a hilarious dude as well! Big thanks to Inge for coming on the show and being so honest about his story. You will love this one guys! Support the...

Duration: 01:08:54

Jess Margera (CKY) Episode 58 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello one and all and welcome to episode 58! Jess Margera from CKY joins me to talk about what it was like growing up in the Margera household, the antics and stress as well as the good things. We chat about music and his decision to steer away from the spotlight the rest of the family has to live with in the wake of Jackass and all it's success. I know you will love this episode and I look forward to you getting to hear it. Don't forget to rate and subscribe to the show wherever you get...

Duration: 00:52:57

Johnny Whitney (The Blood Brothers) Episode 57 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Good Afternoon! I hope you are all having a great week and I also hope my chat with Johnny Whitney brings you even more joy! Johnny is a super interesting and charismatic dude with a great story to tell. Listen in as we talk about his childhood and growth into music and the rise and fall of The Blood Brothers. Johnny is a family man now and has his hands full with 4 children and is in a great place in his life. Tune in and join us for a great ride. Rate and Subscribe now on iTunes! Join...

Duration: 01:25:34

Daniel Weyandt (Zao) Episode 56 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Good afternoon one and all and welcome to episode 56 with the amazing Daniel Weyandt, vocalist for Zao, Tattoo Artist and Family man. Dan was a blast to chat with and we went to a lot of dark places as Dan has a knack for writing from the darkest and most vulnerable spots in his mind for our listening enjoyment and as his therapy takes place on the stage presenting those thoughts to us. I think everyone will have something to take from this episode and I hope you all enjoy! Join the...

Duration: 01:30:09

Scott Mellinger (Zao) Episode 55 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Happy Saturday ya'll and welcome to Episode 55 with the one and only Scott Mellinger from the mighty Zao. We were so stoked to talk with Scott about the new ZAO EP! The next two weeks will be focused on Zao! What a fun conversation with something for everyone to enjoy! Check out the conversation right here and don't forget to rate and subscribe on iTunes and join the Pleasure Seekers Club at

Duration: 01:36:43

Josh Johnson (Comedian) Episode 54 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to episode 54 with the hilarious Josh Johnson. I was so excited to get introduced to Josh and his comedy and now I get to bring it to you as well. What a fun conversation and very insightful dude! Josh was a writer on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and now has his own comedy album out now called "I Like You!" Check it out today and don't forget to rate and subscribe! Join the Pleasure Seekers Club Patreon!

Duration: 01:12:30

Spotlights Episode 53 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Good Saturday to you my friends as we roll into episode 53 of Peer Pleasure and we bring you the amazing Spotlights! This husband and wife team generate some of the heaviest and beautiful music I have heard in years and I was so excited to sit with them in the green room on their tour with The Melvins to hear their story and bring them to you as well. Mario and Sarah are some of the best people and deserve all the success in the world. I know you will love this episode and hear a few songs...

Duration: 00:43:20

Brendan Canty (Fugazi) Episode 52 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Good afternoon and welcome to episode 52 with another living legend, Brendan Canty from the mighty Fugazi joins me to talk about the writing process and ethics behind one of the most influential bands of our day and what he has been up to since. Brendan is a hilarious and very though provoking guest with a lot to talk about so lets get into it! Enjoy and don't forget..... Rate and Subscribe on iTunes!! Join the Pleasure Seekers Patreon at

Duration: 01:04:25

Dessa (Doomtree) Episode 51 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello my people and welcome to the final episode of our first year as a podcast and we have the amazing Dessa joining us from the mighty Doomtree. This is the final episode of the first year of our podcast and we are only picking up steam! This episode also includes some best of clips at the end as well as the Peer Pleasure story and recap of year one. Enjoy one and all and don't forget to join the Patreon at

Duration: 00:56:08

Anthony DeVito (Comedian) Episode 50 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello my Pleasure Seekers and Episode 50 is finally here for all of your listening enjoyment! My guest this week is a hilarious comedian who just appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert as well as released a brand new record called "Dream Occupation", Mr. Anthony DeVito! We were so stoked to chat with Anthony about Comedy, Life, Love and Podcasting. Enjoy my friends and as always, support the Patreon at

Duration: 00:59:32

Rachael Madori (Ex-Pornstar/Social Activist) Episode 49 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Welcome to Episode 49 my friends and we welcome this week Rachael Madori to our family of guests. What a fascinating, honest and true human being she is and you will all love this episode. We do go into some darkness in the episode so this one is not for children, but if you feel like you need help or are struggling with depression, reach out!

Duration: 01:28:10

John Clardy (Tera Melos) Episode 48 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Episode 48 is with a great friend of mine and an amazing drummer! John Clardy is the heartbeat of Tera Melos and in this episode we touch on a lot of things from his life before Tera Melos to his international touring lifestyle. There is something in this banger of an episode for everyone! Enjoy, Rate, Subscribe and go join the Pleasure Seekers Club at See you all next week!

Duration: 01:34:43

*Bonus Episode* Patreon Club Announcement - Pleasure Seekers Club!

Pleasure Seekers the official Peer Pleasure Podcast Patreon Club is live and open NOW!!!! Go check it out HERE at and help support the show and join the best club around, The Pleasure Seekers Club now! We have worked so hard to get this up and open to you and it's finally here. Listen to this preview we did to explain it all and give you a look inside the madness! See you soon in our Patreon only feed!

Duration: 00:20:30

Kurt Ballou (Converge/Godcity Studios) Episode 47 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Whats up Pleasure seekers and welcome to episode 47 with Kurt Ballou from Converge! We were so happy to get Kurt on the show to talk about his life, his tones, his philosophy and the new Converge record coming out! I hope you all enjoy as much as I did.

Duration: 00:53:56

Brian Cook (Russian Circles/SUMAC/These Arms are Snakes/Botch) Episode 46 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Pleasure Seekers welcome to Episode 46 with the mighty Brian Cook from Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, SUMAC and Russian Circles and one of the best dudes around. Brian was a massive guest request and I am so glad to get him on to talk about so many things from music to his book to his life story. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Brian Cook and as always, rate and subscribe on iTunes and keep your eyes peeled for the Pleasure Seekers Club Patreon launching Aug 28th!!!!

Duration: 01:15:56

Ed Breckenridge and Riley Breckenridge (Less Art/Thrice) Episode 45 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello good people in of the Pleasure Seeker Nation and welcome to Episode 45! My boys from Thrice and Less Art join me for a great discussion about the new Less Art album "Strangled Light" as well as some insight into the new Thrice record writing process and progress. I love these boys and I know you do too. Check it out and like always, rate and subscribe on iTunes!

Duration: 00:56:34

Dana Gould (Comedian/Writer/Actor) Episode 44 - Peer Pleasure Podcast

What's up Pleasure Seekers! This week we have the FANTASTIC Dana Gould joining me to talk about the second season of his show Stan Against Evil on the IFC Network, his new comedy album Mr. Funny Man and life as he knows it in Los Angeles. I was super excited to have Dana on the show and this is an absolutely hilarious conversation! As always don't forget to rate and subscribe on iTunes here Visit the website...

Duration: 01:03:48

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