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Fresh, funny, bourbon-infused comic reviews imported from Detroit! The Pencil and Ink Review crew brings you the best and most entertaining comic reviews and news each week! Join Tom, Joe, and Bruske as they discuss the latest and greatest comic releases from Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant and many more! Brush up on your vintage nerd wisdom and go back in time during our monthly Retro Reviews show, where the guys discuss their favorite old school comic classics. Finally, we infused a bit of estrogen into our Indy Review crew, where Ashley joins the guys in discussing all of the current must-read independent comic titles you can’t stop talking about. You can find us at or shoot us an email at . Cheers!




Random Episode 8

John talks Tom into do another random episode on Wizard Con attendance, the potential for a pop culture bubble to collapse, and once again we dive into the insanity that is the comic book industry business model currently due to a strange email Tom received from his local comic book shop. All that and much more in Random Episode 8!

Duration: 01:17:00

Random Episode 7

We apologize for the bad audio quality in this episode. Joe's microphone was having issues and we had some echo going on. The original 3 host's get back together to review Spider Man Homecomming, Wonder Woman, and Gaurdians of the Galaxy Volume 2! Also Joe talks about his wedding.

Duration: 01:56:14

DC Through The Ages Episode 1

Tom and Howler Dive into some DC Retro classics and then cover DC Rebirth #1, Rebirth Super Man #1, Rebirth Batman #1!

Duration: 02:32:36

Random Episode 6

Tom and John sit down to do an episode on WayWard volume 2 but end up talking about their personal pull list and what they have been reading the past few months. They discuss titles they are thinking about dropping and what new interesting titles Image has been putting out this year. They also take some time to give much deserve praise to D.C. Comics and to complain about Marvel Comics current writing staff and editorial.

Duration: 01:16:52

Indy Comic Reviews Episode 14

Tom and John do an in depth review of WayWard Volume 1 from Image Comics and the team of Jim Zub and Steven Cummings. They also talk about history repeating itself for Marvel Comics and the self destructive corporate business practices they can't seem to get away from. All this and more in another episode of Image Indy Comic Book Reviews!

Duration: 01:22:39

Random Episode 5

Tom invited long time comic book reader and collector Howler Mouse onto Random Episode 5 to talk about the comic book industry and how younger readers are attacking the orignial creators of these characters with out fully understanding the time period and the condition of the work environment they dealt with. They also chat about the direction of where consumer interest is going and what is causing the drop in sales for Marvel and DC.

Duration: 01:43:16

Random Episode 4

Tom and John have a long discussion about the current state of the comic book industry and if the business model is broken.

Duration: 01:49:12

Retro Comic Reviews Episode 13

In This Retro review show Tom, John, and Jay cover Nick Fury and his Howling Comando's Issue number 2, 3, and 4!

Duration: 00:51:02

Random Episode 3

Joe, Tom, and John WTF you been at?

Duration: 01:26:32

Wednesday Comic Reviews Episode 31

Tom and John cover the complete Marvel Comics Axis event from 2014 on the long road to Secret Wars. They also talk a little bit about X-Men Apocalypse before it hit theaters, they talk about the DeadPool movie, and Tom vents a little about his brother and tells a funny Pete story in the process.

Duration: 01:59:40

Wednesday Comic Reviews Episode 30

Pencil and Ink Reviews apologizes for how late this show was released. The show was recorded a few months ago but due to John having a new baby, Tom moving to a new city, and Joe busy recording his audio book deal and getting engaged things have been a little crazy for the Pen and Ink Crew. However we have a great show for you our listners. John and Tom tackle Magneto and Uncanny Avengers leading up to the fantastic Marvel event Axis from 2014. Magneto 1 - 10 and Uncanny Avengers 6 - 23....

Duration: 02:17:07

Wednesday Comic Reviews Episode 29

The team crashes through Captain America 2-25 by Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. on the March to Axis Marvels next big chornological event on the Pencil and Ink reading pull list.

Duration: 01:29:08

Indy Comic Reviews Episode 13

Tom and Jay tackle a number of underground comic book submissions sent to Pencil and Ink reviews from comic book creators looking for feedback. In this episode they cover Blue Hand Mojo Dust to Dust by John Jennings and Rosarium Publishing, Life through a Lens by Kent Olsen and Sabine Ten Lohuis, Chadhiyana 1-3 by J.M DeSantis and Rosarium Publishing, Corporatica by William Bryant, Pedro Elefante, and Rosarium Publishing, Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman by Sam Johnson and published by...

Duration: 02:09:20

New 52 Episode 4

Tom and John cover DC Convergence Event and also talk Season 2 of Gotham.

Duration: 01:09:12

Wednesday Comic Reviews Episode 28

Our weary podcasters finally make it to the finish line and bring you Infinity Saga part 3 crafted by Jonathan Hickman. A pivitol moment in the Marvel Universe on the long road to the Universe changing event Secret Wars!

Duration: 02:19:36

Random Episode 2

Joe, Tom, and John try to record Infinity Episode part 3 and it goes up in flames due to them talking about the new Star Wars film, Jessica Jones, The new Batman V Superman trailer, and Making of a Murder, and MCU news. So we turned this into our second random episode for out podcast. Check it out!

Duration: 01:25:34

Indy Comic Reviews Episode 12

Tom and John get an amazing oportunity to interview writer Jim Zub, cocreater of the ongoing Image comic book series Wayward. Jim answers questions concerning the inspirartion for the book, the thought behind the character designs, and what the process behind pitching an idea to Image publishing is entails. The group is also joined by Ashley's sister Michelle who currently lives in Japan and is a huge WayWard fan.

Duration: 01:15:24

Wednesday Comic Reviews Episode 27

Hello Pen and Ink fans! We are back with part 2 of our Marvel Comics Infinity Saga reviews on our long road to Secret Wars.

Duration: 02:08:56

New 52 Episode 3

Tom and John get together to discuss the first episode of the second season of Gotham and what they predict will happen. We will be coming at you with a follow to this show once this season wraps up. They also talk a little about Convergence as they gear up to tackle the DC event in the next episode of DC Comic Reviews.

Duration: 00:44:30

Wednesday Comic Reviews Episode 26

The terrible trio are back! The long awaited wait is now over! Ifinity and the road to Secret Wars starts here! Check out our first of three episodes covering the mega Marvel cross over event!

Duration: 01:57:09

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