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Periodic Effects: Cannabis Business Podcast

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E025 Evolving Cannabis Brands & Business Culture

Great talk with Laura Rivero, Operations Manager at Yerba Buena, an Oregon Producer. We talk branding a cannabis grow, new ways of doing business and developing a resilient team culture. REGISTER for our Live Q&A Podcast on January 26th in Portland, Oregon


E024 Science of Cannabis Series 04

Back for Round 4 in our Science of Cannabis Series with Emma Chasen from Sativa Science Club. We revisit the dichotomy of Sativa and Indica classifications, why education is so critical and what we can all do to empower ourselves and others. REGISTER for our Live Q&A Podcast on January 26th in Portland, Oregon


E023 Oregon’s Future, Jeff Sessions & Cole Memo

Insightful talk with Adam Smith, Founder of Craft Cannabis Alliance. Discussing the future of Oregon’s craft cannabis industry, keeping it locally owned, the Oregon Brand, what federal legalization might look like and how to market by movement building. OPPORTUNITY: CCA is looking for volunteer work, discussed in episode. LINK to our eBook “8 KEYS How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edible Business”


E022 College Advice to become Lead Grower

Great questions asked from a University of Arizona Student wanting to enter the cannabis industry. Interviewed 4 different Grow Owners and CEOs on what degrees to focus on, other course work to take and what to do now to be best prepared at graduation. Interviewed / Jathan Stitch, Owner of Oregon Roots / Jesse Peters, CEO of Eco Firma Farms / Danny Sloat, Owner of Alpin Stash / Mason Walker, CEO of East Fork Cultivars LINK to our eBook “8 KEYS How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edible...


E021 Neuroscientist Develops Cannabis App

Loved this talk with Dr. Adie Poe, Neuroscientist and Co-Founder of Habu Health. We discuss her knowledge of drug pharmacology, clinical trials, pain biology, the brain’s mechanisms of addiction and how her new business will transform the selection and consumption of cannabis.


E020 Oregon Producer’s Advice to Thrive

Inspiring talk with Jesse Peters, CEO and Co-Founder of Eco Firma Farms, an Oregon rec producer. Discussing what it takes to not only survive, but thrive, in the cannabis industry with advice to differentiate your business and stand out in a crowded market. JOB OPPORTUNITY: Eco Firma Farms is hiring, discussed in the episode. Connect with Phylos Bioscience. LINK to our eBook “8 KEYS How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edible Business”


E019 Science of Cannabis Series 03

Another great talk with Emma Chasen from Sativa Science Club. Why does lower THC flower with a good terpene profile win first place at competitions but struggle to sell in stores? We cover craft growing practices, terpene concentrations, the entourage effect and why high THC isn’t everything. CHECK OUT upcoming Sativa Science Club events LINK to our eBook “8 KEYS How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edible Business”


E018 Craft Cannabis in a Matured Market

Loved this talk with Danny Sloat, Owner and Lead Grower at AlpinStash, a producer operating in the Colorado rec market. Great insights on how markets develop and change post rec legalization. How to prepare your business for the long term, pulling from experiences in the Colorado market, which was the first and longest running rec market in the country. LINK to “Know Your Grow” a YouTube channel hosted by Danny providing insights and how to guides for craft cannabis growers. LINK to our...


E017 The Groupon of Cannabis

Talk with Stephen Gold, Co-Founder of The Daily Leaf, a cannabis deals platform similar to Groupon. Discussing how the business went from side hustle to full time and strategies for cannabis marketing, advertising and scaling a tech company into multiple states.


E016 Tips to Scale Cannabis into Multiple States

Talk with Pete Kadens, CEO of Green Thumb Industries. Discussing what it takes to scale a vertically integrated cannabis business across multiple states that are high barrier to entry with license caps.


E015 Donald Trump, Cannabis & Federal Legalization

Talk with Kenneth Walsh, Chief White House Correspondent. Discussing the current administration’s position on cannabis and Donald Trump’s influence. What Federal legalization might look like and when it could happen.


E014 Topical Company adds Hemp CBD Products & Crosses State Lines

Talk with Trista Okel, CEO & Founder of Empower BodyCare. Wayne and Trista discuss how her arrest for growing three cannabis plants in 2003 led to her activism and eventually launching her company. It’s been nothing but growth and expansion since starting the business in 2013. Learn how Trista views the current cannabis climate and what she is planning for the future. JOB OPPORTUNITY: Empower is looking for Brand Ambassadors, discussed in episode. LINK to our website for Newsletter...


E013 Cannabis Marketing for NEW Demographics

Conversation with Celia Behar, President and Co-Founder of The Lil Mamas. Wayne and Celia talk cannabis consumer demographics and new opportunities for businesses. As the market matures, new consumers will be experimenting with cannabis for the first time. Their experience will significantly impact the growth of the cannabis industry. Who are these new consumers? What are they looking for? How can you position your business to meet their needs? USE this Link to help support Celia’s sister...


E012 Live Q&A Science of Cannabis Series 02

Topic: The Science of Cannabis Consumption Methods. Wayne, Mary and Emma have an audience Q&A session after discussing the reasons behind different consumption methods and what consumers should look for and avoid when using cannabis. Brought to you by Sativa Science Club and Periodic Effects: Cannabis Business Podcast


E011 Hydroponic Automation for Commercial & Consumer Growers

Interview with Nico and Pepijn, Co-Founders of Cloudponics, an ancillary manufacturing business offering a smart hydroponic cannabis growing solution. They discuss contract manufacturing in San Diego while being based in Chile with an office in San Francisco. Along with new opportunities that their hydroponic growing solution offers for increased yields with decreased stress. INVESTOR OPPORTUNITY: Cloudponics is still raising capital giving private investors a chance to get involved,...


E010 Focusing on CBD Strains in the Oregon Recreational Market

Discussion with Mason Walker, CEO of East Fork Cultivars, a cannabis producer operating in the Oregon recreational market focusing on CBD specific strains. Wayne and Mason discuss the rewards and challenges of running a cannabis grow operation in a rec market, the marketing efforts East Fork is pursuing to establish education around CBD and what consumer trends are on the horizon to start preparing for now. LINK to our website for Newsletter signup and our new eBook “8 KEYS to Launch a...


E009 Payment & Banking Solutions for Cannabis Businesses

Bonus Episode. Wayne talks with Roger Kinney, Co-Founder of Synergy Pay Solutions. They discuss financial services around the cannabis industry, banking options, merchant accounts and a little bit on Bitcoin.


E008 Keeping Up with Cannabis Laws State by State

Conversation with Morgan Fox, Director of Communications from the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). The MPP supports multiple legalization efforts and lobbying across different states. Wayne and Morgan discuss what new states are coming online, where they are at in the process, what states are changing their marijuana program and what legalization efforts look promising on the horizon. Full of useful information and insights you can use to align your business to make the most of the new...


E007 Growing a Portfolio of Profitable Cannabis Retail Locations

Talk with John Widmer, COO and Co-Founder of Kaleafa Cannabis Company. Kaleafa has multiple retail locations throughout Oregon and Washington. Wayne and John discuss what it takes to run a successful cannabis retail store, how critical your location is, putting customers first as a marketing approach and how Kaleafa has managed to profitably run multiple stores with more on the way. LINK to our website for Newsletter signup and our new eBook “8 KEYS to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edible...


E006 Live Q&A Cannabis Podcast Series 01

“Why is Education Critical to the Cannabis Industry?” Wayne, Mary and Emma have an audience Q&A session after discussing the industry’s approach to education and what it means for consumers. Brought to you by Sativa Science Club and Periodic Effects: Cannabis Business Podcast


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