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The Permission Granted Podcast brings you to the cutting room floor of the Mothership with behind-the-scenes interviews with DA and commentary from the staff and some of the best names in sports and entertainment.






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PGP #155: Newsroom Moving Day, More Eclipse Questions

The CBS Sports Radio newsroom is moving over 5 feet and the entire staff is melting down. Mraz and "The Body," have more questions as to why the upcoming elipse is a big deal.

Duration: 00:31:37

PGP #154: Web stream Promotions Take a Turn, The Body Bellotti Makes a Name for Himself

DA and Mraz discuss a recent turn of events after the WFAN promotions finally get the bosses attention. Pete "The Body" Bellotti has made a new impact on The Mothership.

Duration: 00:34:20

PGP #153 Chocolate Chip Identity Crisis, Warwick Botches Celebration

Mraz made a mistake no human being should ever admit, and we go indepth on how DA's hometown excluded him from their big celebration.

Duration: 00:34:11

PGP #152 A Funny Squeaky Sound, Side B Lost Tapes

DA and Mraz explain why a 1st ever PGP was missed, only to be interuppted by a never heard before sound. James ward and Mraz in a Side B that was 2 weeks in the making.

Duration: 00:31:22

PGP #151: DA speaks out on Chris Christie Hosting at WFAN, Bad John Sterling Impersonation Ruined Week

DA and Mraz debate the pros and cons of Govenor Chris Chrsitie becoming a sports radio host, The Body and Mraz discuss the worst impersonation by a caller in show history

Duration: 00:36:07

PGP #150: DA's Dog Peace Treaty, Berman Finds out he is a Creep

DA gives in to the dog picture world of social media, Jay Berman is delievered gut wrenching news by Mraz on Side B.

Duration: 00:27:28

PGP #149: Creepy Guest at the Birth-DA, Proper Beach Etiquette

DA reveals one DA Show legend has rubbed some party guests the wrong way, The Body and Mraz discuss the do's and do not's at the beach this summer.

Duration: 00:33:52

PGP #148 DA Tastes The Non Bobby V Ribs, Bitter Berman Stiffs Mraz on his Birthday

Now that reports surfaced that Bobby V did not supply the Ribs sent to the station DA feels inclined to give them a taste test. A rare 3-way side B with the most bitter of Jay Berman's returning and up to his same old antics.

Duration: 00:34:51

PGP #147: Mr.Six to the Young Guns Rumors Swirl, The Body and Mraz discuss The Summer Months on The Mothership

After the Small Blocks elimination on Sunday a potential Flag Football "Super Team" could be forming. Eating contest ideas are thrown around by The Body and Mraz as they discuss what is next for The DA Show post NBA Finals.

Duration: 00:32:28

PGP #146: Small Blocks-Young Guns Rematch gets Broadcast Rights, Side B Bogusch Bashing

DA and Mraz discuss the upcoming LIFFL rematch that has everyone talking, Bellotti and Mraz discuss Bogusch bagging out of Trash Tuesday and rip his updates in the process

Duration: 00:34:25

PGP #145: Mr.Six is Coming to Tell the Truth, Joe D Crashes Side B

DA and Mraz prepare for an upcoming in studio visit from LIFFL's bad boy Mr.Six, Joe D returns to Side B and tells Mraz exactly how he feels about the PGP without him

Duration: 00:34:12

PGP #144: DA Reacts to Show Criticism, James Ward Is a Jealous Ex

DA and Mraz respond to a series of Tweets DA recieved during Tuesday's show, Mraz calls James Ward out for his recent hatred and jealousy over the Permission Granted Podcast

Duration: 00:34:11

PGP #143: Panic as The Mothership Crashed Last Week, Mraz helps with a "short" problem

DA and Mraz discuss the panic from Florida to New York as The Mothership connection went south last Friday, Mraz becomes Dr.Phil to part time employees in need of terrible advice

Duration: 00:29:55

PGP #142: A DA Common Practice Causes Nervousness, Roadkill Ruins Pete's Week

"The Body Bellotti" is a nervous nelly over DA returning to the studio at the last possible second for segments, Mraz and Pete discuss the death of an animal at the hands of "The Body"

Duration: 00:27:01

PGP #141: What Will the Consultants Say About the Show? Plus Mraz Weight Issues Take a Hit

DA and Mraz prepare for a meeting with a top consultant, James Ward returns to the PGP and has some advice as Mraz' diet has lost control in the new hours

Duration: 00:28:46

PGP #140: Duchovny Interview Reaction, Studio Chaos

DA and Mraz discuss the early boss feedback of the show plus reaction to an awkward moment in the David Duchovny interview. The Body Bellotti stays calm under a panic start to the week.

Duration: 00:23:44

PGP #139: First Week in the Morning Surprises, Pete 'The Body' Bellotti is Unveiled

DA and Mraz discuss their surprisingly positive reviews from upper management in their 1st week in the new time slot. Pete Belloti makes his PGP debut with Mraz on Side B

Duration: 00:30:06

PGP #138: Preparing For a New Time Slot, Producer Shep Alive But Barely

DA & Mraz discuss gearing up for the move to the morning time slot. Producer Shep, formerly of Ferrall on the Bench, joins Mraz to talk about his current lifestyle.

Duration: 00:39:12

PGP #137: Phoenix Trip Recap, Aaron Rodgers vs Mraz Fallout

The Mothership returns home from a succesful trip to the Final Four, James Ward discusses his future on The DA Show

Duration: 00:42:46

PGP #136: New Time Slot Scouting Report / Jay Berman Hates Other's Happiness

DA and Mraz discuss the move to mid days and what will change on the show, Jay Berman opens up in a never before seen way on Side B

Duration: 00:37:13

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