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A series of special shows dedicated to playing you music in the Phantasy Star series, from the Master System onwards, including some spin-offs, and also remixes.




E10 - Finale: Listener's Time Capsule (12 Apr 2015)

The second and final Time Capsule sends off the special's last episode, once again assembling the listeners' memories into a little bundle to enjoy for those that stumble upon it later. Due to the nature of the last few episodes, there were slots for spur of the moment requests, too!

E09 - Partner Card Special: A & R (05 Apr 2015)

The fighting's over for now, but leave it to composers and fans to put their own spin on the adventure via arrangements and remixes, allowing a fresh outlook to be enjoyed by the generations to come. With a particularly special playlist pool, some reinforcements needed to be called in. As such, RadioSEGA's own Rexy from SEGA Mixer Drive co-hosts for this episode!

E08 - Closing and Credit Roll (22 Mar 2015)

All adventures eventually come to an end, but they're not without their fair share of impressions left when experiencing closure, for better or for worse. For this episode, tissue boxes are advised for any possible tears that may be shed when listening to these closing themes.

E07 - Characters and Events (08 Mar 2015)

Triumph is not complete in this series without a merry band of characters at your side, all from different walks of life. This episode is tribute to them as even themes and events that come to pass can reflect their origins and reasons for joining in the fight to thwart Dark Force's hold for another thousand years.

E06 - Boss Themes (22 Feb 2015)

The Big Bad. The Mastermind. The Puppet Master. Dark Force. Whatever lies at the end of our heroes' adventure, we're going to have to face it. This episode packs as much reinforcements as possible with tunes sure to remind us of what's at stake: the universe, and existence as we know it.

E05 - Time Capsule I (08 Feb 2015)

There isn't much to this show, at least at first glance. The halfway point of the special, it serves as a recap of memories shared by listeners through questions and topics they answered. Even heroes need a break before a big battle!

E04 - Battle Themes (01 Feb 2015)

No battle is quite complete anymore without a good theme to set the tone and get the adrenaline going! Whether the heroes are going against a small group or an entire horde of baddies, the following tunes are sure to remind players of the victories and defeats they endured.

E03 - Dungeon Themes (25 Jan 2015)

Hope Flashes and Magic Lamps are included in your inventory because this episode highlights music from dungeons and quest areas that could leave the unprepared in the dark, causing lost time for our heroes, and ground gained by the enemy.

E02 - Towns and Fields (18 Jan 2015)

As the heroes traverse to defeat the evil Dark Force (or Dark Falz, or Dulk Fakis), from spaceship colonies and fledgling settlements, to entire planets with sprawling overworlds and online hubs, they'll come across many towns and fields on their journey.

E01 - Opening Themes and Title Screens (11 Jan 2015)

The true first episode! For the next ten episodes, Phantasy Star Beats will bring original and arranged pieces from the Phantasy Star series following themes to you for your listening pleasure. Each show will have a couple of questions to answer as well as The Hunter's Lounge, featuring a topic to chat about in line with the theme. For this episode, as any game starts, it showcases opening and title screen themes available from the series to get the player started for an amazing adventure...