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iai Podcast: Philosophy for our times Introducing the IAI’s new podcast, Philosophy for our times; allowing you to get your daily dose of philosophy wherever you are. Gathering together the world’s leading thinkers from philosophy, science, politics and the arts, our podcast offers illuminating and lively debates on the big issues affecting your world.

iai Podcast: Philosophy for our times Introducing the IAI’s new podcast, Philosophy for our times; allowing you to get your daily dose of philosophy wherever you are. Gathering together the world’s leading thinkers from philosophy, science, politics and the arts, our podcast offers illuminating and lively debates on the big issues affecting your world.
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iai Podcast: Philosophy for our times Introducing the IAI’s new podcast, Philosophy for our times; allowing you to get your daily dose of philosophy wherever you are. Gathering together the world’s leading thinkers from philosophy, science, politics and the arts, our podcast offers illuminating and lively debates on the big issues affecting your world.








Bonus Episode: The Story of I | John Cottingham, Richard Morgan, Mark Salter

We rely on a narrative about who we are and what we are up to in order to make the everyday and the big decisions in our lives. But who is the I that writes the story of ourselves and how do we choose the narrative of our life? Are our choices more like reflexes and decisions an illusion? Or do we create both who we are and what we want to do? Philosopher and author of Western Philosophy John Cottingham, East End psychiatrist Mark Salter and Altered Carbon author Richard Morgan seek out the...


Changing the Love Narrative | Martha Fiennes, Chris Sherwood, Shahida Bari

From love at first sight to falling head over heels, it seems love isn’t something we do but something that happens to us. Yet relationship experts say successful relationships are built on hard work. Can we construct the romantic narrative? Would power over love’s story improve the experience? Or is love a wild adventure best left untamed? Award-winning director and artist Martha Fiennes joins Relate CEO Chris Sherwood and Senior Lecturer in Romanticism at QMUL Shahidha Bari to imagine new...


E80 | What is love? | Nicholas Humphrey, Brooke Magnanti, Neil Strauss

Evolutionary psychologists say that love is a method for raising children. Yet love seems so much more than this in our lives. Is this inexplicable force just an evolutionary trick of sexual longing, or a more radical adventure that takes us beyond practical and human goals? Cambridge evolutionary psychologist Nicholas Humphrey, Belle de Jour blogger Brooke Magnanti and journalist and author of The Game Neil Strauss explore true romance.


E79 | Is Science The Only Way To Truth? | Rosie Harper, Peter Atkins, Steve Fuller

In this podcast we’re going to be uncovering the unknown by pitting science against religion in the ultimate quest for truth. Theologian Rosie Harper, chemist Peter Atkins and philosopher Steve Fuller debate whether science is the only way to truth?


E78 | How To Live In The Moment | Robert Eaglestone, Sam Roddick, Peter York

Socrates famously claimed 'the unexamined life is not worth living'. Yet from surfing to sex, playing an instrument to riding a bike, our most joyous moments are not when we are lost in thought but when we are lost in experience. Do we reflect too much and should we explore just being more, or is this a hippie illusion?


E77 | Newton's Fall | Erik Verlinde

Do dark energy and dark matter hint at a strange uncovered reality? Theoretical physicist Erik Verlinde outlines his new theory where spacetime and gravity dissolve.


E76 | Knowing Others And Knowing Oneself | Robert Eaglestone, Anita Avramides, Nicholas Humphrey

Can you ever really know yourself? And if you can’t know yourself, how can you ever know the people around you, even those closest to you? Professor of Contemporary Literature Robert Eaglestone, theoretical psychologist and author of 'Soul Dust' Nicholas Humphrey and Oxford philosopher Anita Avramides investigate knowing ourselves and others.


Bonus Episode: In Search Of Safety | Finn Mackay, Brendan O'Neill, Chris Bryant

Visions of a violent and lawless future are a commonplace, yet strangely crime has fallen 66% in the UK in the last two decades. Do we want to imagine the world is dangerous because our lives have become too safe? Or is the world scarier than the figures suggest? Former Anglican Priest Chris Bryant, feminist Finn Mackay and outspoken libertarian and editor of Spiked Online Brendan O'Neill examine risk.


E75 | What Is The Meaning Of Life? | Mark Rowlands

We keep searching for life's meaning, but we still have no answer. Philosopher and author of 'Wolf' Mark Rowlands shows us where we might look.


E74 | Are Hospitals Bad For Us? | Diane Abbott, Natalie Bennett, David Healy, Mark Salter

A third of all deaths are due to medical intervention and some argue that eradicating poverty, not pathogens, makes the biggest difference. Is it a fantasy to believe that medical technology can solve health? Should we spend more on social justice and less on hospital medicine? Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, psychiatrist Mark Salter, Labour politician Diane Abbott and author of Pharmaggedon David Healy get real about health, the NHS and the dangers of modern medicine.


E73 | The Swindle Of The New | Terry Eagleton

In our topsy turvy post-modern world, we're held captive by the promise of the new. One of Britain's most influential cultural critics, Terry Eagleton, examines novelty's strange perils. Supported by Routledge - Associate Academic Partner of the IAI. To learn more, and for exclusive discounts and prizes visit:


E72 | Beware Bankers Bearing Gifts: Is Debt Good? | Anatole Kaletsky, Stephen King, Laura Bear

The world is awash with debt. Economists argue it is essential to growth and that repayment is a legal and moral obligation. Yet from Payday lending to the debts of Greece and the Third World many see debt as unfair and unjust. Should we be less dependent on debt? Is it a trap that maintains wealth and poverty, or a gift that enables growth? Capitalism 4.0 author Anatole Kaletsky, Senior Economic Adviser at HSBC Stephen King and LSE anthropologist Laura Bear dispute morality and money.


E71 | Could Sex Robots Be Good For Us? | Kate Devlin

With technological advancements in the world of computer science and robotics, sci-fi sex robots such as Ava from Ex Machina, and Joi from Blade Runner 2049, are coming closer and closer to becoming real. Would sex robots be a disaster for healthy sexual relationships? Or might they actually help us? In this episode, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths Kate Devlin explores the possibilities of sex robots.


E70 | The Fantasy Of Money | Nigel Dodd, Sarah Bird, Izabella Kaminska

There was a time when gold money had real value. Yet now it floats free, a fantasy made real by our belief. Are there alternative fantasies that we could create to generate different and perhaps better realities? Or is there something special about the fantasy of money that makes it irreplaceable? Guardian columnist Stephen Hewlitt asks CEO of Timebanking UK Sarah Bird, reporter for the Financial Times Izabella Kaminska and The Social Life of Money author Nigel Dodd to explore the...


E69 | Understanding String Theory | James Ladyman

Over 40 years have passed since string theory was first developed: what questions have been answered? Philosopher James Ladyman examines one of our strangest endeavours. "Challenging and provocative" TLS


E68 | Can lying ever be justified? | Helen Lederer, James Mahon, Mark Salter

Weapons of mass destruction, the NSA, and Watergate: many have felt cheated by the lies of the powerful. Yet we all twist the truth to keep people happy and deceive in order to protect. Is lying oddly essential? Should we accept lying as part of personal and public life? Or is there always more beauty in truth? New York philosopher and author of Lying for the Sake of Truth James Mahon, Absolutely Fabulous star Helen Lederer, and psychiatrist Mark Salter dissect the ethics of deceit.


E67 | Power, Status And Sexuality | Catherine Hakim, Doon Mackichan, Peter Tatchell

The goal of feminism seemed simple: equal rights for both sexes. Yet tabloid controversy is raging now Beyonce, GaGa and Sandberg have claimed the label. Can female sexuality be a vehicle for female power? And is feminism recast as female power a desirable goal or a threat to the original ideals? Sociologist and author of Erotic Capital Catherine Hakim, Smack The Pony star Doon Mackichan, and activist Peter Tatchell confront sexuality.


E66 | Should you trust your doctor? | David Healy

We trust our doctors to do what’s best for us when we’re sick, and that their knowledge comes from the cutting edge of medical science. But what if our doctors are being led astray by medical insurance companies, and even the NHS, to create a world where patients depend on medication which might be doing them more harm than good? In today’s episode we join psychiatrist David Healy as he questions the power that the market forces have over our health. Music: Apache Force by Little Glass Men...


E65 | Real Men | Julie Bindel, Diane Abbott, Rowan Pelling, Serena Kutchinsky

Being a real man used to be about courage, grit, and determination. But in an age of increased empathy and softness the story is getting blurred. Is the 'real man' a fantasy we should be pleased to see relegated to history along with Marlboro ads, or are these qualities that women still want and society needs? Jamie Whyte chairs this debate between Dianne Abott and Julie Bindel, who both argue that male stereotypes should be relegated to history, and Rowan Pelling and Serena Kutchinsky;...


E64 | Why Are Humans Monogamous? | Kit Opie

Only 3 percent of mammals are monogamous. The faithful few include beavers, wolves, bats, and, of course, humans. Why is monogamy so rare? And how did we come to practise it? UCL anthropologist Kit Opie takes you on journey back to the beginning of human relationships. Music: Apache Force by Little Glass Men available under an Attribution Creative Commons License


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